Bath time with a cup of warm tea for Katelyn Kosinski's tips on how to get out of a cold weather rut.

How to Get Out of A Cold Weather Rut


The end of winter is near, which if you’re anything like me means you’re probably going stir crazy at this point. Feeling very ready for spring and the promise of sunshine summer will bring, yet (especially if you live up north) warmer and lighter days are still weeks away. Growing up in small town Wisconsin I used to get terrible season depression. I’m one of those people whose mood is extremely susceptible to change based on my environment and the time of day. I’ve slowly but surely learned ways to manage this and the following tips are a few things that have really helped me find a sense of calm when I’m anxiously awaiting summertime.

Katelyn Kosinski with a cup for warm tea for her top tips on how to get out of a cold weather rut.

1. Lean into Hygge: Hygge is the Danish word defined as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being,” in other words make your living space and life cozy AF. Things that I like to do that create hygge include taking a bubble bath, baking cookies, doing long relaxing at home facials, and having a candle lit at pretty much all times throughout my day (lighting a candle first thing in the morning is so tranquil)!

2. Move and Meditate: One of my favorite ways to warm up is by movement. Our bodies get so tense and tight during the colder months. Any kind of movement and physical activity feels so amazing to start your day when you have to crawl out of your warm bed in the morning or at night after your fingers and toes have been freezing all day long. Do some light stretching at home or get out and take an intense workout class. Either way, it’ll help beat the blues, warm you up, and get those endorphins going. Don’t forget to wrap up with a meditation. This always helps me keep the good post-workout vibes lasting much longer.

3. Kondo it up: I’m sure you’ve all heard of the ingenious Marie Kondo by now, if not a quick google search will explain her brilliance. The colder months are the perfect time to clean out, organize, de-clutter your entire house…or life? Either way, you can take a look at her method in her best-selling book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. You’ll have a fresh perspective and sunnier disposition when you’re surrounded only by things that are bringing you joy.

A lit candle, warm cookies and a book for Katelyn Kosinski's top tips to get over a cold weather rut.

4. Spend tech-free indoor time: It is so tempting to use the cold as an excuse to binge watch every show on Netflix or Pinterest the day away. While these activities can be fun in the moment, they usually leave us feeling a little groggy and uninspired after too long. I love the idea of taking some intentional tech-free time in the winter. What is something you avoid doing in the summertime because it’s indoors, but forget about when you’re sitting around on a cold evening? For me it’s going to see a show of some sort (comedy, ballet, a play), hitting the bowling alley with friends, or simply pulling out some cards or a board game for the evening.

I find when I do these things throughout the colder months, I actually sometimes feel myself not wanting them to end. I get so much done in my evenings of hygge and feel sense of serenity in my days. I hope you’ve found these ideas helpful and take action on them next time you’re feeling cabin fever!


Katelyn Kosinski relaxing at home for her top tips on how to get over a cold weather rut.

Katelyn is an adventurous girl from the midwest who has a B.S. in Psychology, writes for her own life + style blog at,
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