Barefoot Blonde Crossing Street in Clover CanyonBarefoot Blonde wearing Clover CanyonBarefoot Blonde on Stoop wearing Clover CanyonBarefoot Blonde wearing ValentinoBarefoot Blonde and FlowersBarefoot Blonde pregnancy bump in Clover CanyonBarefoot Blonde Flower Shop in NYCBarefoot Blonde on Stoop in NYCBarefoot Blonde with flowersBarefoot Blonde rosesBarefoot Blonde wearing Valentinos and Clover CanyonBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde with RosesAmber of Barefoot Blonde

DRESS: Clover Canyon // FLATS: Valentino // SUNGLASSES: Gentle Monster // BAG: Chanel via Fashionphile // NECKLACE: Capwell & Co // RING: Lord & Taylor // LIPSTICK: Bite Beauty ‘Jewel Red’

My options for outfits are getting more and more limited as my belly gets bigger so I get crazy excited when I find cute dresses that go with the bump! I wore this dress last week for a double date night with our cute friends and then again the next day just because I loved it so much. I have had some serious pregnancy brain moments this week .. one was when we were all at home hanging out and I made everyone get ready and head out the door with me to an event across town.. not realizing I totally had the day wrong! Then the next day I missed one of my favorite presentations (Alice + Olivia) because I was looking at the wrong time! HOWWWWWW?????? My brain does NOT work this week. At all. I was so embarrassed.. like happening once, yeah yeah fine. Twice in a week?!!??! No.

I am feeling SO good this week though because of that dang spa day.. I feel like a new person after my facial. My skin has been really bad this last month.. i dont know what it is but it feels really tight and dry no matter how much I moisturize and I have been really lazy about exfoliating. I walked in and she looked at my skin and said “oh yeah we can help you out” ha! But that is the kind of person who needs to be doing facials – I love honest people when it comes to that stuff – just tell me how it is and what I need!!!! She emptied all my pores and gave me the best facial I have ever had… I literally gave her a hug after because it was night and day difference. I am so happy I found her. (her name is Greta at Red Door Spa on 5th Ave. for anyone wondering, you wont regret it!)

And thanks for all your comments yesterday!!! You guys are so sweet. I promise I wasn’t trying to do a “wo is me” post – mainly just word vomit ha! I really think people who say those kinds of things have some excuse in their mind for why its okay to say rude things or some justification … weird people. But you guys all made my day and I loved reading all of them.

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  1. People can say shocking things!! I was big all round with my last two pregnancies (both are girls) this time im growing a lil boy and im all tiny and neat so i guess theres some truth in the fact you get bigger with girls! I’d love to look as amazing as you though… im struggling to find things that fit yet look stylish and spend all day looking forward to changing into leggings/leisure wear when i get home 😉 i’m also sooooooo tired that my skincare regime is slacking and my hair is a mess!!! Huge credit to you for having the will power snd enthusiasm! Xxxx

    1. I agree!! It amazes me what people say!! And oh good! I am glad I am not the only one that believes that to be true!! I am definitely bigger this time around because of baby girl 🙂 And you are too sweet!! When I am at home I am all about comfy clothes and I slack too 😉 Thank you for the nice compliments!! xoxo

  2. These flowers are beautiful. I am insance about flowers and of course floral dresses. You are stunning Amber!
    Can I ask what kind of camera do you use cause the colour is sooooo nice!
    Love you,

    1. Thanks so much!! That is so nice of you!! And I use a canon 5d mark iii 🙂 Love ya too!! xo

  3. Just read your pregnancy update now and feel so mad for you that people say that! You look amazing!! Our little boy Kael is almost 5 months and we are itching for baby no.2 already haha so looking forward to seeing how you manage with 2- I’m wondering how I’m going to get two babies up to our apartment with groceries and stuff. I got a few stretch marks with my first pregnancy so now I’m super nervous that they get bad with my second. I also got SUCH bad restless leg with my pregnancy it drove me mad!

    1. Thanks so much Carey!! You are too sweet!! And yes! Having two babies in our apartment will be an adjustment for sure 🙂 More love to go around haha! And no way?? It is the worst!! There’s like no way to describe it to people either:( Anyway, thank you for reading and I appreciate the support!! xoxo

  4. Hey Amber, Loving the dress! you look so comfortable here and the Valentino flats, well just perfect.

    I have a pregnancy skin related question for you also, i am 8 weeks (early days i know) and my skin has just erupted like i have reverted back to my 13 yr old self! Its horrendous and make up has been my savior, but are there any pregnancy friendly spot zapping products that you know of that you could recommend?

    Your pizza faced fan,


  5. I am so In love with your life. I am a junior in high school and my friends and I always bring up your pictures and posts when we see each other, they are just too perfect. I am inspired to start my own blog and I was wondering what did you go through to create such a beautiful blog? Otherwise is there any other blog creating websites out there that are nice to use? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Can’t wait for the arrival of your baby girl. Yay for November Birthdays! Such a beautiful Family, best wishes!

    1. Hi Beta!! Aww thank you so much!! That is so nice to hear!! I am so so glad you follow along 🙂 And congrats on starting a blog, that’s so exciting!! I use WordPress as my host and hired a few web designers over the years but my latest update is with Gadabout Creative. Feel free to email me for more advice though!! 🙂 You are the sweetest!!! xo

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress. You wear pregnancy so well, and your posts always make me smile. I always say I am going to come on your blog to read one post and end reading ten! lol. thanks for being awesome.


    1. Thank you so much love!! You are too nice 🙂 Thanks for following along!! I appreciate the support! xoxo

  7. Amber,
    I absolutely love your blog; it is such a nice read whenever I get a break from all my schoolwork/college life! You look so beautiful in all your photos. I cannot wait to hear about your coming adventures!

    1. Thank you so much Paulina!! That makes me so so happy to hear 🙂 Thanks for reading love!! xo

  8. In regards to your last post, who was telling you that you look fat at fashion week? Was it the girls you were sitting with? Because that is what it sounds like in your post. And I noticed people were commenting that they don’t like those girls anymore, they don’t have any substance etc. If the girls you were sitting next to were telling you that you look fat or saying it to other people, wow. But if not, you really should clarify because that is a terrible accusation.

    1. I think what she meant was that people were comparing her to the girls she was sitting next to. Not that the girls next to her were saying those things. 🙂

    2. I just clarified on the post, but for the record it was other girls on social media.. NOT the girls I was sitting next to. They were all amazing and so sweet. Really amazing and inspiring women.

      1. Totally knew what you meant! Wanted to help clarify, since I know you get a ton of comments! 🙂

    1. Okay good!! I am glad to hear that! It’s the worst 🙁 And thanks so much!! I am glad you like it! Haha now I am totally laughing at that pic!

  9. I love reading your blog,especially the personal episodes of your everyday life. Atticus reminds of my little one, born 4 months ago. Honestly i wish i looked as hot as you during my pregnancy-i also had to deal with stupid comments, but raising a new life in your body is worth all these struggles. I’m really looking forward reading posts about your new life with two wonderful babies.

    xo Silvia from Germany (maybe you should plan a trip to visit our beautiful country 😉 )

    1. Thank you so much love!! That means so much to me!! It is so refreshing to hear from other mamas like yourself!! And I 100% agree!! So worth it for our sweet little babies! I want to come to Germany so bad!! (Hopefully next year ;)) xoxo

  10. First of all, you look gorgeous. This is the perfect preggo and after pregnancy dress. Also, I’m late to the party here but anytime I see your pics I’m jealous (in a good way) of how cute and beautiful and confident you look, especially while being pregnant. I think for us ladies it’s hard to be confident period. And then while pregnant and for you who people of course want to just open their gobs and say rude things. *Slap to the face!* I don’t get it. I know you were saying you weren’t bent out of shape over it, but reading your previous post actually pissed me off. With both of my pregnancy I gained SO much weight (like more than those 22 little lbs you have gained) and after just having my second I’m still working to lose the weight. Like you, I had my babes close together and I’m young so the last time it was easy for me to lose the weight and I’m determined to do it again. But hearing people pregnancy shame you… excuse my French but WTF?! YOU are gorge. And I actually thought you looked the best of all of them and so natural in that Insta pic. Maybe it’s because I almost feel like I know you through your blog.

    But anyways, end of my rant. Glad you don’t let those haters get to you because… well, they’re just gonna hate 😉 I was in Brooklyn the other day and took my littles to this park and there was a splash park. It made me picture the photos of A playing in the splash park – it happened to be raining that day and my babe ran through the water and I had my newborn in the carrier. Needless to say, I ended up carrying a wet baby around BK the rest of the day with a 6 week old. It gets crazy with two babies but amidst all that it’s fun!

    Wow, sorry for that super long comment. Won’t happen again.

    Sarah |QueSarahSera

    1. You could not be any sweeter!!! I am serious! Reading this made me so so happy and completely made my day! I cannot thank you enough! It is so amazing to hear from other moms like yourself 🙂 Pregnancy is so so worth it and I need to remember that when I hear negative comments. And hearing positive comments like this is such a breath of fresh air and I love you for it!! Thank you again Sarah!! You sound like an amazing mom! Hopefully I can handle two kiddos with grace like you! xoxo

  11. You look amazing. Ignore those people and their comments. IMO they have insecurities and unhappinesses of their own that they’re trying to project onto others. Take care.

  12. You have a way of making pregnancy fashionable – as in, you make me excited to be preggers some day just so I can (try to) look so dang cute like you! Love the flats paired with this dress. And next to those gorgeous flowers, it’s just picture perfect! Thanks for sharing, xoxo

    1. That is such a sweet compliment!!! Thank you so much!! 🙂 And I am so glad you like the look!! xoxo

  13. Amber don’t worry about what those other people are saying, haters are going to hate. To be quite honest with you, I think you look amazing! You still seem as skinny as ever to me! I hope I look as good as you one day when I have kids! Hang in there. 😉

    1. Wow thank you so much Emily!! Seriously! That means a lot to me 🙂 You are the best!! Love ya!! xo

      1. You are so welcome! I hope Paris is amazing! I’ve loved all the pics on Instagram! ????

  14. the fact that you and rach parcell are friends makes me so so happy!!! def need a spa day for myself with all my stress ha

    1. She is the sweetest!! Love her 🙂 And yes! You need one!! Spa days are a dream!! 😉

  15. You are rocking the dress! And I love that dark red lip color.. so beautiful! So glad you had a great spa day, they can make everything seem so much better! How fun to have a blog where (for the most part) everyone following is so supportive and encouraging! One of my favorite things!

    xo Angela

    1. Thank you so much Angela!! That is so so nice of you!! And I 100% agree!! I get so many comments like yours that make me so so happy each day! xoxo

    1. Oh my goodness thank you so much!! Wow you totally made my day!! Love ya beautiful!! xo

  16. Such a pretty dress! I can tell why you like wearing it! Love flowers! Those are beautiful! Literally flower obsessed! Oh that’s too bad you missed that show. I love Alice + Olivia too! I love after I have been to the spa. It honestly does make you a new person!!! Glad to hear you are feeling well!


    1. Thank you love!! I am totally obsessed with it 🙂 And I know!!! I was so sad about it! And omg I know huh?! I felt so fresh faced it was amazing! Thanks for reading beautiful!! xo

  17. This dress is so cute and your hair is gorgeous! Pregnancy brain is the worst! I was pregnant with my daughter for my last semester of college and oh man did I have to study so much harder to remember stuff for quizzes and tests 🙁 But I guess I survived ha

    Simply Rachel Nicole

    1. Thank you Rachel!! You are too nice! And omg it really is!! I can’t believe how many times I have spaced out things ahhh 🙁 WOW I don’t know how you did that!! GO YOU!! I can’t complain anymore haha!!

    1. It was incredible!! It’s been my favorite place yet! And thanks so much!! I am glad you like it! xo

  18. Gorgeous as always – serious pregnancy glow going on! I have been following you for years and after all this time you are still my favorite blogger on the block! I’m moving to NYC in the Spring to attend high fashion makeup artistry school and I would love love love to do your makeup if you every need a pick me up – or just feel like having a glam squad. Xoxo

    1. I would LOVE that 🙂 SO excited for you!! I can tell you will be successful!! xoxo

  19. Umm you are totally gorgeous as always – serious pregnancy glow going on! I discovered your blog while back (right before you got engaged) and after all this time you’re still my favorite blogger on the block!

    I am moving to NYC to go to High Fashion Makeup Artistry School in the spring – and would love to do your makeup. Hoping I bump into you while I’m attending the Lincoln Square Ward.

    1. Wow thank you so so much!! You are too nice!!! I am so happy you have been following along for so long!! That makes so happy to hear 🙂 And OMG congrats!! That is so exciting!! Message me when you move and we will have to meet up!! xo

  20. I love spa days! Exfoliation is literally the best! When you can feel your face is actually clean you feel so empowered! Haha, or at least I do. This dress is beautiful on you. Your almost there girl, then you won’t have pregnancy brain, but new baby no sleep brain! Haha.

    1. OMG seriously huh?! I felt like a new woman haha! Soo amazing! and aww thank you so much!! You are the sweetest!! Thanks love!! xo

  21. Hi Amber, I love your blog and I think you and your family are just precious!! Thank you for sharing with us! Been wanting to try the pink sugar perfume and I was just wondering if that is what you still use? Thanks so much!!

    1. Hi Bethany!! Aww thank you so much!! I love them 🙂 And omg yesss!!! It is amazing!! Definitely try it out!! xo

  22. I saw this dress on your insta and on your snap chat! I couldn’t stop staring at how pretty it was (and how great it looks on you). After seeing it on your blog I am even more obsessed. I LOVE THIS DRESS!! Unfortunately I am a college student so it isn’t exactly in my budget but i will be looking for something similar! I love your style I attempt to copy it all the time! I love how fun and trendy but modest you are! Love love love your blog!!

    1. Ahh thank you!! I am obsessed with it!!! It is so so comfy! If I find something similar I will let you know 🙂 Thanks for the comment and feedback!! I appreciate it so much!! xoxo

  23. Amber, you still look beautiful! Don’t ever apologize for venting on YOUR blog, it’s your space so write what you feel! It’s refreshing to read someone’s true thoughts and opinions 🙂

    Xx Casey

    1. Thank you so much Casey!! I appreciate that so much!!! It is so nice to hear that 🙂

  24. That dress looks great on you! I love that you and Rachel from PP are buddies. She’s one of my favorite bloggers too!

    Stay Styled,


    IG: stay_styled
    Blog: Hey there Nichole,

    Thank you for reaching out to me, I LOVE Casey’s Cupcakes! I won’t be home on Thursday however, I will be at my office. Would your team mind delivering it there instead? If they’re okay with it my address is 3080 Bristol St, Suite 600, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.

    Thanks again,

    Lindsey Janssen

    IG: stay_styled

    1. Oops! Sorry I didn’t realize another message was attached to my comment :/ soooo Embarrassing !!!!

      1. Aww thank you so much!! And Rachel is the best!! So glad you love her too!! Thanks for reading!! xoxo

        And don’t even worry about the message haha! I even got excited about cupcakes for no reason 😉

    1. I totally agree!! I am glad I am not the only one 😉 Thanks for reading Sarah!! xoxo

  25. Hey Amber, you look beautiful as always… I just wanted to tell you I have fairly dry skin (all the time) and after I wash my face in the shower I have a little bottle of coconut oil (with a little bit of vitimin E oil squirted in) that I rub into my wet face and I absolutely love how it makes my skin feel. 🙂 …you can also rub it on shaven legs in the shower and then not need any lotion.

    1. Aww thank you so much!! And I LOVE that suggestion, thanks!! I am going to try that out 🙂 You’re the best!! xo