IMG_3028tIMG_3013tIMG_3042tIMG_3036tIMG_3046t DRESS: J. Crew (sold out, similar here)
SUNGLASSES: Nordstrom (sold out, similar here and here)

I know you guys are probably getting sick of all of my travel posts but good news is, I will be back to my regular outfit posts so soon and I am pretty excited about it. Since I couldn’t pack a whole lot on this trip, I feel like I have had nothing to wear these last six weeks!!! And it does not help that I am an absolute horrible packer. I am so excited to get home and have my closet back 🙂 Plus, I have been hearing it is chilly in Utah which I am so thrilled about because I have been dying to bust out my fall wardrobe!

Yesterday we rode camels in Africa, it has been on my bucket list for so so long and it felt amazing to check it off! It was the greatest thing ever and totally the cherry on top of the trip for us. (although I am rather sore haha camels are not the most graceful things in the world.) The whole time I kept picturing the camel going, “mike mike mike mike mike, what day is it mike?” Please tell me you guys have seen the Geico commercial???

Hope you guys all have a fabulous day!


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  1. Hey! Okay so my husband and I are planning a trip to Europe – and Italy is definitely on my list (It’s my favorite place in the world!!!). But I’m wondering where you stayed? These pictures are exactly what we want to see in real life! lol, Thank you 🙂

    Kalyn Goff

  2. Love it! I’ll be there this summer. We rented an apartment. I can’t wait. Love the dress you wore.


  3. Hi Amber! I’m about to venture to Italy in about 2 weeks for a study abroad trip (4 weeks long!) and this looks a whole lot like the place we are staying! We will be staying in Levanto, but taking weekend trips to Cinque Terre, Rome, Florence, Parma, and Pisa! I’d love some suggestions on your must-see, must-do’s!


  4. Amber, That is such a beautiful dress I just LOVE it. My husband and I got to go there for our honeymoon last year and its amazing. Your photos are so lovely. I would die to go all the places you and your husband have been recently (one day!)

    I love your blog by the way =)


    1. Kelsey! Thanks so much girl! So fun that you and your husband went there for your honeymoon! It is such a romantic city, I bet that was amazing! xx

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  6. Are you in Cinque Terre? We went to Monterosso many years ago when I was a kid. I have very fond memories of those beautiful seaside villages, and also of the delicious gelato which I may or may not have eaten an ungodly amount of. Have fun!

    1. No this isn’t Cinque Terre, although we did go there and it was beautiful! And I agree the food was too good!! 🙂 This place is about 20 minutes south of Positano.. I am not sure what the name of it is though!

  7. You look so cute, these pictures are gorgeous! I grew up riding horses and loved doing that, but if I rode for too long it definitely felt weird to walk! I don’t think it would be very comfortable to ride a camel ha ha but very cool!

    1. Thanks girl!! And haha thats so funny about the horses, horses definitely make you sore too!

  8. These pictures are so beautiful!!!! You guys are adorable 🙂 what kind of lens have you been using lately for all these travel pics?

  9. I do love these travel posts, but I can’t wait to see the fall wardrobe, too!
    camel riding definitely sounds like something I need to try while I’m still young. I hope you got pictures of it 🙂


  10. Lol that commercial is hilarious and I can see why you thought of that while on the camel! What an experience though, would love to do it at least once!! Love your adorable dress Amber and have a safe trip home 🙂

    Sincerely Miss Ash

    1. Haha yes I just kept picturing the camels talking! Thanks so much Ashley!! xo

  11. OMG hilarious. I totally saw that commercial and crack up everytime.. haha. Love that dress and the scenery is breathtaking. I can’t even imagine. Your pup is going to roll over in circles when he sees you. My dog goes bonkers every time my boyfriend and I come home from even just one night away. Looking forward to seeing your fall outfits Amber!!!! Safe travels home 🙂 xoxo

    1. Haha is it not the most hilarious thing ever?! I love it! And ahhh girl I hope he rolls over in circles! I cannot think about anything but seeing him, I am so freaking excited! Thanks for following along and being so sweet! xo

  12. Cute dress. Your whole trip sounds (and looks) absolutely amazing. Jealous? Me? 😉
    Adela x