IMG_4891IMG_4918IMG_4900IMG_4907IMG_4905IMG_4955IMG_4912IMG_4883 PANTS: Helmut Lang

COAT: Sheinside



BAG: Merci-Fortune c/o

**All photos by Jessica Janae Photography

This is one of my new favorite coats! And the best part is that it is only $50. I also am loving this bag and love how it goes with everything! It is made from American leather and it is so pretty in person, I absolutely love it! Plus is hold anything and everything, my favorite.

Hope you guys all had a good weekend! Loved seeing some of your pretty faces this weekend in AZ at the Habit Salon opening! If haven’t already you should make an appt to get your hair braided at their braid bar!

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  1. I Want your hair color!!!your hair is gorgeous…do you highlight or color whole hair??

  2. You look stunning as always Amber! I absolutely love that lip color. What is it?

    1. Thanks girl!! It is actually a random one that my photographer had haha not sure what color it was!

  3. Hi..quick question about your highlights/lowlights and extensions. With adding the (may I say superb) low lights to your sunny blonde do you also color your natural hair with the extensions? Or do you use new extensions with low lights? One last question, are you still using the EuroNext extensions or is there a new product /wafts that you are using?
    Thanks…oh and great coat too?

    1. Hi Leslie!! Okay so with the lowlights (and thanks by the way!) I already had my blonde ones so I did go ahead and add some low lights to them! One warning if you are going to color extensions- color on hair (attached to the head haha) usually takes 30-40 min to process but with extensions its like 5-10 minutes! If you let it sit too long it will be way way too dark! You could also just buy a darker shade of extensions though if that is easier!

      I am not using Euronext anymore although they are great extensions! I am using Bombshell Extensions now!! xx

  4. Hi Amber! I see that you said to size up so did you order a Medium? I am usually a small..thanks!

  5. I’m 5’9″, 120 pounds, and I have a small chest, what size would you recommend getting from SheInside? I have been wanting to order from them for forever but I have heard weird things about their sizing.

    Btw, you are gorgeous! Love your blog! 🙂

  6. LOVE LOVE this coat! I just love classic pieces in general. Funny thing, I actually used to go to Habit all the time and it is the cutest salon inside! Hope you are doing well 🙂

  7. Perhaps you could update us in a month or so after you’ve worn the coat. My experience, unfortunately, with sheinside, is that the product is inferior and doesn’t hold up at all! I haven’t ordered from them for a while, so maybe the quality has improved, but at those prices, I doubt it. I’d say better to buy one coat that’s well-made than 3 or 4 that will far apart and look terrible after a few wears. But then again, if you’re only wearing the coat for photo shoots….
    It is a cute coat though. I get the allure of the site!

    1. I am wearing the coat in these photos and wore it that entire day as well as two other days this week. I personally love the coat. I mean obviously, it was $50 so it is Forever 21 quality but that is to be expected obviously. If I wanted really good quality I would invest in a well made coat and I do have a couple really nice coats, but sometimes it is fun to get a few cheap ones to mix things up. Will they last for years? No. But it is fun for a winter to be able to mix things up instead of wearing the same, expensive coat everywhere I go! That is my personal opinion though.

  8. You look gorgeous girlie!!!! I love that coat!!! Thanks for the ideas on all the other coats as well!


  9. Cute coats! I have ordered from this website before and just to warn you the sizes are no way close to actual so def order up and the return process is a joke. They make you email them a million times to get the address to return and then you forfeit your shipping and handling charges no matter what on a return and you only have 30 days to get the merchandise back before they will issue a partial refund (minus the s&h). It took them 7 days to even get back to me. Buy with caution from this sheinside website!

    1. Thanks! And yes, I don’t know if you read the text under the pics but I did tell everyone to size up! And I agree, returns with these kind of companies are a joke and pretty much impossible. I learned that from shopping at ! Thanks for sharing that is good for people to know! xx

    1. Since it is a store from overseas, how long does it take to get the items in?

      1. It took about eight days to get to me, although I have heard for some it takes up to 12 but that is to be expected when the prices are so cheap and shipping is free and its overseas! 🙂

  10. OKAY. I am so glad you did this post. I have seen these coats on pinterest but felt nervous ordering because they honestly seem toooo good to be true! Thanks for the heads up!

    1. I know right?! But yeah I loved mine!! I will say that I have ordered from before and its a similar site but not as nice and returns are nearly impossible but other than that I love it!! The quality is Forever 21 quality but I think that is to be expected when its so cheap 🙂 I say order though because I have worn mine almost every day this week and love them!

  11. This coat is AMAZING – you look gorgeous! Great picks for under $100 – I want all of them 🙂

    x abigail, the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  12. I love that coat, goodness! Your hair looks amazing with it as well. Im going to check out the website now and see all the goodies you mentioned because I am in need of a few great winter coats! You look gorgeous as always. xoxo

    Hope you enjoy my blog as well!

    1. Thanks Cortne!! And yes definitely check them out!! They are Forever 21 quality but I think that is to be expected with the prices so low right?! But I think its fun to have variety during winter without spending hundreds on each one!! 🙂 xx