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I know I am always raving about exfoliating but here we go again 🙂 this time talking about the Clarisonic. I got mine forever ago it feels like.. I got it from Nordstrom right when they came out after my friend telling me about it and I thought it sounded like a dream come true (and it is). I will randomly stop using it and when I begin using it again I wonder why I ever stopped. I have the Mia Clarisonic and for mine I use this brush.. it has longer, softer bristles which provide a more subtle exfoliant but still gets off all my make up and leaves my skin super soft and clean.

I always wash my face with my Arcona White Tea Purifying Cleanser and then I use my Arcona toner pads (they are on sale right now!! I always stock up on these during this sale!) and then use the Youth Serum. Yes, I am OBSESSED with Arcona products and have been for years now.

Also right now there are tons of Clarisonic products on sale at Nordstrom, so shop them here! It is still early access so you have to be a card holder to shop these steals.. it opens to the public July 18th.

Oh yeah and here are all of my favorite beauty exclusives on sale at Nordstrom… I cannot get over how many awesome things are on sale.. I love these MAC sets, this Bobbi Brown nude palette, obsessed with the Donna Karan deodorant, AND IF YOU DONT GET THIS MOROCCANOIL SET YOU ARE LITERALLY INSANE. BEST STUFF EVA.

*Photos by Whitney of Jessica Janae Photography

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  1. I use Arcona facial cleanser as well And I LOVE it! I use the tea tree bar soap face wash. It’s truly amazing. Removes all my makeup even without leaving my face feeling dry or tight. <3

  2. Hi Amber! Thanks for the tips. I am definitely going to start a similar skin care routine. Do you use the Arcona white tea purifying extract as your cleanser with the Clarisonic or the gel that they sell it with? Thanks!

  3. I love my Clarisonic!! I’m going to try the cashmere brush head next 🙂


  4. I’m having trouble keep Mac Sweet Experience on my lips and looking full, any tips on how to get a fuller look with it and making it las on my lips longer?

  5. I bought the Donna Karan deodorant on your recommendation last year and love it! The three pack almost lasted the whole year. I feel like since it lasts longer it is probably ultimately the same price or less than drug store deodorant.

  6. I have been debating getting a Clarisonic, and now that they are on Net-a-porter it is even easier.
    I am glad you put in all these tips and product info. will def consider again for my next self-indulgent splurge. I am on the wrong side of 25 so skin care improvement is a big thought on my mind!


  7. so excited for the nordstrom anniversary sale. so happy it’s finally here! thanks for suggesting so many great products and you’ve selected so many great shades above! loving all of the pink.

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  8. I’m dying to get a Clairsonic Mia! 🙂 I have been wanting one for months, but they are pretty spendy and I have no skin routine as of yet and I have horrible combination and acne prone skin… I think I really need one- BADLY! <3 Thanks for the breakdown of products!