Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeJEANS: LOFT // TOP: LOFT // LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Vegas Volt’ // ‘AJC’ BRACELET: Stella and Bow // A’s BEANIE: Slouch Headwear // A’s SHIRT: Gap // A’s SHORTS: Gap

I hope you guys aren’t sick of seeing pics of me and Atticus yet haha – I only have my husband for a little bit during the daylight for pictures so if Atticus is sleeping and hasn’t had a full nap I don’t like to put him in the carseat because he will wake up! Which is what happened the day we took these pictures so I just kept snugglin him and let him sleep 🙂 This is pretty much what we do all day every day and Chauncey always joins in too, its pretty great. I love being in comfy jeans and a soft top – so these are perfect for lazy days. I love to be in sweats at home but I am way more productive if I spruce up a bit and get ready a little!

We are headed to NYC on Tuesday, I have some jobs out there during Fashion Week and so my friend is coming out with me for a few days, she hasn’t seen Atticus yet and was wanting to see him so it worked out perfect for her to come and hang out with us and watch him while I am away a few hours a day (that will be the longest I leave him and I am totally freaking out! I will probably cry haha) and then my sisters are coming out the second half of the trip! My sister Jamie has not gotten to meet A yet since she has been living in India, which I am so so proud of her for being brave and seeing the world and doing humanitarian work, but so excited for her to meet A finally!! It will be so much stinkin fun. I have to say though, as it gets closer I am getting ever so slightly nervous! Which brings me to my whole point in bringing this up, if any of you have any advice for traveling with littles in the city, let me know!! I am mainly nervous for taxis? Maybe its just better to do car services? And what do you do with the base of the car seat when going around the city? I have no idea – but any words of wisdom from you NYC/San Fran/London/big city mammas out there would be appreciated! I feel like any time I ask for advice you guys always give the best advice and I love reading all your comments XOXO

PS I HAVE A TUTORIAL! Yay! These always take me forever to get around to so I always feel slightly accomplished when I do one haha 🙂 but this one is for the braid I am wearing in these photos. Watch it below, or click here. And be sure to subscribe to my channel, here!Barefoot Blonde

Barefoot Blonde


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  1. You make it look so easy, I’m going to try some of these styles. Thank you so much.

  2. How do you avoid flyaways when pulling apart your braid in the French fishtail part? Love your braids but I run into this problem all the time! Mine ends up really fuzzy looking!

  3. Definitely listen to Rachel S!! Uber for the most part is a great service, but do a simple google search on them and see all the scamming they have been doing lately. I live in LA and have only used them a few times, but the last time I used them there was 4 of us in the car and it was only supposed to be about $30 but when I checked my debit card statement, it was over $150! I called Uber immediately and they said their need for service was 10x higher that night so our charge got quadrupled! How ridiculous right! I don’t even know how that’s legal without notifying passengers but moral of the story is it’s a 50/50 chance you’ll get a headache with Uber.

    I know it’s tempting to want to carry the base of the carseat around because it might seem safer, but it’s really not necessary. If you do what the girl Rachel S. suggested and loop the seatbelt through the part by the baby’s knees you will thank yourself later for making it so much easier on yourself! haha

    You seem like such a great mother and I always love reading your posts! Keep up the great work I’m sure it’s exhausting but don’t forget to stop and smell the roses 🙂 Have a great NYC trip!!

  4. Your braiding skills are freaking me out!!! I have two girls and another on the way so I seriously have to hone my own skills. My eldest has to deal with a amateur “braider” unfortunately for her:(

  5. NYC blogger, living here for 4 years and my 2nd year at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I got hired to be a Fashion Correspondent Backstage at the shows *covers eyes*, its going to be crazy. Uber will def be your best friend, just download the app. As for the shows, it will get a little overwhelming after the first few days so don’t feel bad about “skipping” a show or 2, you def don’t have to go to all. There are so many and they’re ALL day starting from 8am to 8pm, it makes for way too long of a day AND you have your baby? Yeah, def commit yourself to only a few shows. Also, since you’re family and friend will be there, don’t forget to create a good balance in between work and play, you’ll be less stressed that way :-). Good luck, keep it light and don’t forget to have fun! xx
    P.S. Love your blog, your gorgeous family and these braid tutorials? Yasssss!!! 🙂

  6. Like others recommended, Uber does offer cars with car seats, but obviously a little more difficult during fashion week with everyone using the service. But I believe you have the Maxi Cosi car seat, right? You can easily attach that in a cab with the seat belt without the base!

  7. How can I get sick of seeing photos of your beautiful baby? But that side braid is just so stunning too! I just wish my hair would be as long as yours. Kisses sweet doll!

  8. As a mom of 2, I can tell you that you probably don’t need to bring the base of the carseat with you. Most infant carseats (we had the Graco Snugride) can be used without the base by simply securing it with the seatbelt. You should see two notches on the top of your carseat (near baby’s knees), and you thread the seatbelt through those when the carseat is rearfacing. Just make sure you pull the seatbelt all the way out, then let it go back in. This will make the seatbelt “lock” so you can no longer pull it in and out. You can look online or in your user manual to see exactly how to use your specific car seat without the base. It is much much easier than lugging around the entire base and have to install that every time you get into a taxi.

  9. Since you’re worried about a car seat, you might want to try Uber. It’s a car service app for your phone. I haven’t tried it, but I knew tons of people who used it and loved it when I was in the city. Good luck, and have fun at Fashion Week! 🙂

  10. Uber is the way to go! In Nashville I recommend Lyft too, but I don’t think they’re that far north yet… And as for crying… Hang in there!!

    1. I saw on another blog to curl your hair first. I’m not sure if it works, but it couldn’t hurt to try.

  11. When in manhattan, just download the Uber app if you have an iPhone! When you need a taxi, press a button and wait. The app will tell you how far your driver is and provide you with all his contact info. It’s so easy and cheap! Welcome to nyc! 🙂