Can you believe it’s almost time to start sending out Christmas cards? Every year we take our Christmas card photos with plenty of time to get them printed, but then every year I put off printing them until two days before Christmas. Then those same cards I planned to have as Christmas cards end up becoming New Year’s Eve cards, it is a yearly struggle. So, this year I teamed up with Shutterfly and got my Christmas cards ready with plenty of time to spare.

Shutterfly offers plenty of options to help you design a special and unique card that you will want to share with all your friends and family. When creating your card, you can select from hundreds of different designs and customize it by selecting your preferred color, paper type and what kind of trim you would like. You can even customize your envelopes. They offer envelope color and design options and they also offer patterned and solid color envelope liners. I went with a solid cream liner for my envelopes. For my cards, I decided to go with gold foil stamping and round and ticket edges. After scrolling through all the beautiful card designs they offer, I selected three separate designs: Simple Rustic FlurriesMerry Gilded Foliage and the Gilded Statement Christmas Card.

I absolutely love how they all turned out! I had to hold myself back from running straight to the post office to send them out. The only problem is now I can’t decide which one I should send. So, I need your help to decide. I labeled each card option with a number, so you can vote in the comments on which card you think is best. You can also go vote over on my Instagram.

After I used Shutterfly to design my Christmas cards, I learned that they also offer lots of really awesome personalized gifts for your loved ones. This year my dad, brother, brothers in law and David went on a fishing trip to Alaska. It was a really special trip for my dad because he rarely goes on vacations and Alaska is his happy place. So, getting to spend quality time with the boys in Alaska was really special for him. I ordered a big canvas printed with a photo they took while in Alaska, so he can hang it in his office at work and remember all the wonderful memories from his trip. I really think he is going to love it.

Whether you want to send out beautiful family Christmas cards or personalized gifts, the options are endless. Visit the Shutterfly website here to design your own Christmas card and to shop for gifts. I am so very excited to send my cards out this Christmas season, don’t forget to vote for which one I should send in the comments.

Thank you Shutterfly for sponsoring this post.

*Update : Thank you so much for voting in the comments. It was a difficult decision, but we ended up going with card #1.


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  1. Oh my gosh girl! First off, you are so beautiful! Second, thank you for this post! I’ve been looking for an easy way to make Christmas cards for me & my pups Christmas pics, haha! You have a new fan of your posts!

    xx Megan 🙂

  2. Nix the romantic photos of you and your husband. When you have kids, people want to see the kids and not you two gushing at eachother. They are fantastic photos, but the kids are who is growing and changing. Just a thought.

  3. Hello,

    Love the cards. Everyone seems to be asking about the dress, but what I would love to know is where the gorgeous white top you’re wearing in the pictures on the card is from?

  4. They also have really cute books you can make. I make one for each of my granddaughters for their birthday. This helps them look back on their year and remember all the wonderful times they’ve had!! They love them!!

  5. number 2! I love the design and you can see the whole family really well (including your dog).

  6. Definitely #1 because you can see Chauncey clearly there! But all of them are great! Merry Christmas to your family from ours! Lots of love from Greece!

  7. #1! HAPPINESS!! And y’all look very happy 🙂 #2 is pretty also, but #3 is no good 🙁 chauncey is blocked out 🙁

    The style of #1 fits yall’s photograph

  8. I absolutely adore #3, it is soooooo freakin cute & different from other Christmas cards I’ve seen in the past! xo

    1. Amber – it’s a lovely place for kids to visit in the summer, too. Oh, and I can just imagine the gorgeous photos you’d create under the midnight sun:)

  9. First of, #1, and second – I desperately need to find someone who will be snowing snowflakes on us while we’re taking our Christmas photo picture this year! 😉

  10. I love the layout of number 3, but the picture is so much better when you can see Chauncey! So I vote #2 🙂

  11. In number 3 Chauncey is covered and his name doesn’t appear in the description… all are so cute, so any of the other two to show the whole family! 😉

  12. I love # 1 because it exemplifies inclusion for all holidays! I guess it’s the preschool teacher in me to want to teach others to include rather than exclude. Btw, I love getting cards rather than an e card. It’s more personal. You have a beautiful blog Instagram!

  13. Obsessed with all of these because your family is so stinken’ gorgeous, but I think #2 is my fav!! <3

  14. I’m just here for the dres!!! It’s so cute Amber! Could you possibly link this one?

  15. 3!!!! Or any! So beautiful and sweet – ah! Also, does anyone know is this taken in her new house???

  16. #2 for sure !!!!! I love reading your blogs, you’re so creative! I can still remember blogs back to when Atticus was smaller than Rosie! Crazy how time flies!

  17. Hey Amber, these are really nice cards. Love all the pictures!
    But I am wondering overall whether it’s still necessary in year 2017 to print the cards instead of sending them via phone, social media, etc.? To be honest, they always end up in the bin anyway at some point, right? Don’t get me wrong, this is not to attack you … it’s just to provoke thinking. I believe we all can make a difference in order to save our planet (even if it’s just with babysteps … like not wasting paper). I just mention this because you have previously said a few times that you are willing/trying to live a little bit more sustainable (buying less clothes, etc.). I learned a lot a about this topic in a short time and it’s unbelievable how many easy ways there are to help protect the earth (once you are aware of them). You have so many followers that adore you (including me) so I think you could be a good role model and stimulate others as well to save our planet!
    Would love to hear back from you! All the best!

    1. We keep all our cards!! And I think it is such a fun and personal tradition. Just be sure not to send them to people who don’t care cause then they will end up in the trash, and always appreciate those who send it to you:)

      1. It’s so nice and exciting and fun to receive mail 🙂 it’s personal and let’s you know the sender is really thinking about you!! It’s wonderully sweet that Amber is sending out family photo cards to all their loved ones💖👍👍

    2. I love to see the cards we receive, and my family who visits love to see them! I am very conscious of recycling and saving paper where possible, but Christmas/Holiday cardsis are not one of them. It is so much more personal to revive a card. When I receive an e card it is viewed once and my extended family doesn’t see them either. I say send the beautiful cards, everyone loves a personal greeting!

  18. Ah they’re all so cute! (You have an adorable family, Amber!) But I think I’d go with No. 1 🙂

  19. #2! I get our Christmas cards through Shutterfly each year as well as designing a personalized calendar for family!

  20. Number 2 if you’re going more classic and number 3 if you want it to be more modern <3

  21. Where is that velvet dress from?! I’ve been looking for a holiday dress and I need to snag me one, before everyone else does!

  22. I love Shutterfly’s Christmas Cards. I already ordered mine and got them yesterday- LOVE THEM!