Barefoot Blonde Amber wearing Vince at Christmas^^I am a sucker for all the homemade knick knacks at the corner markets!Barefoot Blonde Amber wearing Vince at Christmas at Bryant Park^^He LOVED this tree!Barefoot Blonde Amber wearing Vince at Christmas with BugabooBarefoot Blonde Atticus at Bryant ParkBarefoot Blonde Amber wearing Vince at ChristmasBarefoot Blonde Atticus at Bryant ParkBarefoot Blonde Amber wearing Vince at Christmas^^The “I am trying not to get lipstick on the fork and/or not mess up my lipstick” bite. But this mac n cheese was sooo goodBarefoot Blonde Amber Grand Central Station^^I spy usBarefoot Blonde Atticus at Train Exhibit^^He was FLIPPING out over the trains and my heart grew 90 sizes watching itBarefoot Blonde Amber wearing Vince at Christmas^^Nursing Rosie and spotting cool ornaments with ABarefoot Blonde Amber wearing Vince at ChristmasBarefoot Blonde Amber wearing Vince at ChristmasBarefoot Blonde Atticus and David at ChristmasBarefoot Blonde Train ExhibitBarefoot Blonde Amber wearing Vince at ChristmasBarefoot Blonde Amber wearing Vince at ChristmasBarefoot Blonde Macaroni and CheeseBarefoot Blonde Atticus at Train ExhibitBarefoot Blonde David Atticus and RosieBarefoot Blonde Atticus and TrainsBarefoot Blonde Amber wearing Vince at ChristmasBarefoot Blonde TrainsBarefoot Blonde David and KidsBarefoot Blonde Atticus and Trains

COAT: Vince // DRESS: Again // TIGHTS: Hue (also love these on sale)// FLATS: J Crew (%30 off) // SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker // BEANIE: Anthropologie (sold out similar here) // Atticus – JACKET: Nordstrom // SWEATER: Gap // Rosie – BUNTING: Mini Boden

Last week we headed out to Grand Central Station to take Atticus to the train exhibit there and we stopped at Bryant Park along the way for a lil nursing/food/let Atticus run around break. I seriously want Christmas trees all over the city year round. PLEASE!!! It is the best and most magical thing. When we got to the train exhibit Atticus flew out of the stroller so fast and started shrieking with excitement when he saw the train! I heard noises I had never heard before come from him haha. I seriously was in heaven watching him be so excited. We left and both looked at each other and said, CLEARLY we have to get him a train for Christmas.

I have always loved color but in winter more than anything I love wearing colorful accessories. I bought a TON of tights in every color for the winter season (they were all on sale and I couldn’t resist) and I loved these pink ones, they made me and my uncoordinated self feel like a ballerina haha. I secretly wish I could have been a dancer but if you saw home videos of me dancing you would squirm out of secondhand embarrassment .. its like, really really bad. I love having lots of tights, beanies, and scarves in all different colors because they make a really simple outfit look so cozy and layered. I am currenlty loving this scarf, this beanie, and these tights.

PS Can you tell I cut a few inches off my hair?!


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  1. Hi Amber! I love the baby stroller. What is the brand? Thanks in advance. Amanda

  2. Love your photos! Do you edit them by yourself?
    Loooove your blog and family! Happy Christmast

    1. Thanks so much!! And yes, I do. I use a program called Lightroom to edit them 🙂

  3. Hello Amber , you have beautiful children and your hair are fantastic , I’d love to have them as your .. I tried to send an email but I can not since blog..potresti me an email where I can write to you ?

    1. Hi!! I am sorry the email feature on my blog isn’t working but I am trying to get that fixed 🙂 I will let you know once it is!! xo

  4. Seriously, you guys have so much fun! Favorite snapchat of all time? Watching Atticus freak out over those trains. I almost died 🙂 You look so cute in those pink tights! I’m always impressed with how well you do color. I’m not the biggest color person, but I love it on you!! Such a beautiful mommy 🙂 xoxo

    1. Oh my gosh he loved the trains it was so funny!! I am so glad you liked it too 😉 And thank you!! You are way too nice!! And oh please I bet you could pull off any color!!! xoxo

  5. I´ve loved your post! By the way, I´m starting a makeup blog that will be full of tips, reviews looks…just in case you want to check it out and give me your opinion about it is:

    1. Thank you so much!! I am so glad you follow along 🙂 And congrats on starting a blog! I will definitely check it out!! xo

  6. This is gonna sound weird, but I love that you nurse in public. You are a natural. I haven’t had the guts to feed openly in public yet, but someday I hope to!

    1. Not weird at all! That is actually so sweet of you. Thank you so much!!! And I know it’s not for everyone, do it at your own pace 🙂

  7. There is nothing better than NYC during Christmastime! I love your blog posts — you and your family are absolutely adorable.

    1. I agree!! I love this time of year 🙂 And thank you so much for reading!! I appreciate it!! xo

    1. I can’t even remember which one I put on that day but I believe it’s a shade from MAC! Sorry that isn’t much help!! xo

  8. How old was Atticus when you found out you were pregnant with Rosie? Love your blog!!

  9. It is crazy how stylish and perfect you are knowing you have a newborn and a toddler. Superwoman!
    Love the pictures, Christmas is such nice a moment to share with your Family… And how beautiful is New York ! I adore your blog, YouTube Channel and insta. Always happy when I see a new blog post ^^ you are always so generous with all the pictures and a long text to read. It’s my guilty pleasure 🙂 lots of love from France !

    1. Okay stop it!! You are way too nice!! Thank you for making my day!! I hope you have an amazing Christmas and enjoy the holidays!! Thanks for following along! xoxo

  10. Aaww ! I am in love with ur family , sooo adorable , u have perfect family amber ! ???????????? love u all

  11. Do you guys have a photographer that takes the pictures or do you do it yourself cuz they always turn out so good.

    1. Thank you!! David takes our photos and when he is in them we sometimes have someone else snap it or use a tripod 😉

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Such a beautiful family!!! What camera do you guys use when you’re out and about? They always come out gorgeous!

  13. I found you via Instagram and love trying the different braids for myself and oldest daughter (she is 4). Both of us have really long hair and my youngest isn’t far behind (she is 2).
    I wanted to let you know that balancing 2 kids will become natural and one day you will surprise yourself by doing something with one hand and not really having to think about it too much. I have three now and was surprised how quickly it all came back to me. You look like you are doing a great job, enjoy your babies!
    – Amber H

    1. I am so glad you found my blog!! And yay! I am happy you enjoy the tutorials too 🙂 Lucky girls to have their mama braid their hair!! And thank you for the kind words!! I appreciate it so much!! xo

  14. It is such a joy to see someone looking so relaxed with two little ones! And public breastfeeding, oh my, you are my hero! Well done! Have a nice Christmas and Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you so much!! How nice of you to say!! I hope your holidays are amazing!! xo

    1. Aww thank you Quinn!! I am glad you like the look 🙂 Thanks for the kind words too!! xo

  15. omg!! I died when I saw that video of Atticus and the train set on your twitter! Cutest video I have ever seen!!
    I love the pictures and especially the ones of Atticus’ reaction of the train!! Super cute.

    – Cassandra

  16. Your tights match Rosie’s stroller! That’s so adorable!! Ugh you guys are too cute


    1. I agree!! It is so cute to see Atticus get so excited over such a little thing 🙂 And thank you!! I will pass that nice compliment along! xo

  17. So, I think I just posted something that wasn’t for this post. I’m sorry!!!

    Anyways, I just wanted to say I’m freaking out over A’s expression!! I can’t stand it, It’s cute beyond mankind understanding. I can’t even… OMG!! He is the BEST!!! You have to get him a train for christmas and please record the moment when you do.


    1. Aww thank you!! He is so animated so it is so fun to watch him experience new things 🙂 Thanks for reading!!

  18. Amber, let me just say you look fantastic! How do you look like that with a newborn? I was such a mess the first few weeks. Atticus looks soo adorable! I bet is so much fun to go out with him!!!

    So, this is kind of like out of nowhere but, in Chile we are in spring (almost summer) and I was wondering if you had any fashion tips for this kind of weather. I’d be forever grateful. ????


  19. Omg!!!! How stinkin cute Atticus is!!!! ❤️❤️him!!! So obsessed with your blog!!! ????????????it! You look stunning as always!!!! And that beautiful little angel of yours!!!!! Always look forward to your posts!!!! We are heading to NYC this weekend to see the beautiful tree and store front as we always go every year and it is so beautiful!!! And the best part dinner in Little Italy!!! Too bad I would ❤️ to have met you and your gorgeous family!!!! ???????????? U!!!!! XOXO

    1. Thank you so much Lori!! I am so glad you are following along 🙂 Thanks for making my day with your sweet comment 🙂 I loved reading it. And yay!! Have a blast in NYC!! Such a great time to visit!! Love ya!!! Wish I could meet you too! xo

  20. Aww that photo of Atticus holding an ornament almost as big as him! Hehe! So cute. And yeah, eating with lipstick on is always a struggle 😛

  21. You and your family could not look any cuter!! I love NYC during the holidays! My best friend lives there and has been updating me with pictures of all the windows and trees! It looks so magical! I cannot wait till I have my baby soon so we will be a little family of 4 like you guys!


    1. You are the nicest!! Thank you so much Colleen!! And I agree! It is so magical!! And congrats to you!! How exciting 🙂 xo

  22. my son is 7 and looks exactly like your sons face when he saw a train expo like the one you guys went to. It’s amazing to see their eyes light up at something so basic but amazing.

  23. That reindeer ornament is so cute! Every year I buy my mom a new one for the Christmas tree.. She would love that one. It’s so unique! Hope all is well with you and your family. Merry Christmas 🙂

    1. Thanks so much!! I am glad you like it! And how sweet! I love that tradition 🙂 Happy holidays to you too!! xo

  24. His face of excitement! It’s so cute, I can’t handle it. I guess all little boys are obsessed with trucks and trains.

  25. This place looks absolutely amazing! I love the pictures with Atticus’ face when he sees the train! So precious! And that mac n’ cheese. Holy yum! Oh and your hair looks amazing! I didn’t even notice that you had cut it at first. 🙂

    Simply Rachel Nicole

    1. It was a blast!! Mainly because loved it so much haha 😉 Thanks for reading love!!

  26. You should take your train lover to the Brooklyn MTA Transit Museum. It’s great!

  27. It makes me happy to moms out and about with their kids, but you are amazing! Not only do you have a newborn, but we are nearing winter ( not like it’s noticeable with this weather 😉 ) and you look outstanding when doing so!

  28. Oh Lord are those pictures of Atticus with the train ever cute!!! I have no idea what it is about little boys and trains but I swear it’s like genetic because every boy I’ve met LOVES them! So cute! I totally agree with the Christmas trees all year long thing. It’s just so magical looking at them! Loving the pics as always! xo


    1. He is obsessed!!! Haha it is so adorable!! And I agree!! Boys totally love trains! We are totally getting him some for Christmas 🙂 Thanks for reading!! And Happy Holidays!! xo

  29. okay I am dying over A’s face, so stinkin cute!!! I love this post haha I am a huge sucker for mac and cheese anything soooooo thanks now you have me craving it! LOL there is nothing i love more than dancing… only when no one is watching haha i am probably more embarrassing than you! My husband is a bomb dancer, i’m talking step up status so he gets so embarrassed of me when I start dancing!!!

    1. Aww thank you!! He was a little train crazy 😉 it was adorable!! And mmmm me too! Love mac n cheese!! And wow!! That’s impressive! He probably wants you to leave the dance moves to him hehe

  30. New York City looks so gorgeous at this time of the year! I love all of the decorated trees and that ornament is so cute!
    I never thought of wearing colored tights, just because I thought they wouldn’t look good on me, but now I want to give them another shot because those look so cute on you.
    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

  31. i got to go to the train exhibit. it was so intriguing! i cant believe that everything was hand made like that with such detail! my dad came with me to it and his reaction was practically the same as A’s lol!! boys and their trains!

    1. Seriously!! SO much detail. I think any train lover would be excited 😉 Glad you all liked it too! Thanks for reading Dana!!

  32. I always love seeing your posts of you all out and about…I would also love an NYC recommendations post!?!

  33. PRECIOUS! The photos of Atticus “in the Christmas tree” are just awesome. He looks so happy and excited, you can just see in his eyes how loved he is! Rosie’s bunting…melt…such a cute little holiday bundle! Thank you so much for sharing these photos! What an awesome little family you have, you are making so many precious memories.

    1. Thank you so much Lisa!! I am so glad you like them 🙂 You are too sweet!! Happy holidays!! Have a great day!! xo

  34. Love those tiny humans you have! You are so blessed! When will “arrive” baby number #3? ????????????

    1. Thank you!! I thought it was fun 🙂 And Christmas trees are a lot of work! I don’t blame you 😉

    1. I definitely will!!! And he is totally getting some 😉 Thanks for reading!! xo

  35. You are such a great mom, you are truly inspiring for us moms-to-be. I love looking at your family pictures!
    And Atticus’ face with the trains is PRICELESS!! haha

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words!! It means so much to me!! Thanks for reading!! xo

  36. You are such a great mom! You can see the love you have for your kids simply by looking at these pictures!!
    Atticus’ face with the trains is priceless haha.

  37. That last picture of Atticus is to die for!!! He is going to be SO excited to have a little train of his own! 🙂 I didn’t notice the change in your hair length-wise, but looking back the ends look very clean and straight– definitely the sign of a new haircut!

    1. Thank you so much Laura!! And I think Santa may be bringing him some 😉 And thanks!! It was so nice to freshen my ends! xo

  38. So nice! Dear Amber, could you please tell about the devices you take photos on?

  39. Omg your snapchats of A and the train were probably the cutest thing ever. Those pictures are great too. I’m in Chicago which I love but I was in NYC for work last year in December and it really is magical there around Christmas time and I find myself wishing I could spend a few days there right now.. and the weather makes it so perfect and extra enjoyable! Beautiful Christmas-ready city and its warm enough to walk around for hours on end enjoying it?! sign me up!

    1. Awww thank you!!! He is so fun to be around 🙂 And how fun!! I love Chicago!! Enjoy it! And I know!! NYC has been so warm, I am not complaining one bit 😉 Merry Christmas!!! xoxo

  40. Omg, Atticus’ face with those trains is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Bryant park is so amazing this time of year! I love all the shops and the Christmas love all around. I may be biased but NYC is one of the most magical places to be for the holidays.
    Ps love your hair! I am overdue for a trim myself lol


    1. He was in LOVE!! Luckily Santa will be bringing him some trains for Christmas 😉 And I agree!! NYC is so amazing around Christmas! Thanks for reading Lauren!!

  41. love your tights! i wish i wore them more! i love that you chose such a fun color. those christmas markets look so dreamy! that little reindeer was so darling. xo.

    1. Thanks so much!! I love dresses but when it is cold out tights are a must 🙂 Thanks for reading!! xo

  42. Soo beautiful to see your family united. Thank you for fashion inspiration. I live in NC and will be in IL for Christmas break so really planning in layering clothes. Love your beanies and flats and coat and everything. Your husband is so charming. You have a beautiful family. May God always be your guide.

    1. Thank you love!! I appreciate your kind words! And yes!! Layer up and have fun!! Enjoy your Christmas!! xoxo