Okay so this is a serious post.
And I know I told a few of you who emailed me about doing a post on my favorite songs to work out to, that I would do that post yesterday! I’m so sorry! I promise i will do it asap!
Yesterday I got so so unbelievably overwhelmed because I was realizing how many tiny things have happened this week that I know came straight from Heavenly Father. 
I’ve always heard stories where people pay their tithing and then miraculously the $217 they needed to pay tuition, magically appeared on their door step. If I’m going to be completely honest, I always thought they were exaggerating or mayyyybe fibbing. Yeah, whatever, I know. That is horrible of me to assume. It’s just that I have never had anything like that happen to me.. until this week.
(this is pretty personal, sooo if you get awkward about personal things just peace out now k?)
Alright soo I have always been freakishly frugal. I think it annoys a lot of my friends and roommates, but I can’t help it, and I will always be this way. Saving money is engrained in my mind and I get a high from watching numbers go up in my bank account.
(you know I really love you, when I spend money on you haha)
However, it’s hard to save money when life is so gosh dang expensive. 
rent, groceries, gas, utilities, books for school, random expenses (aka parking tickets), gifts for friends getting married, christmas gifts, gifts for clients, gym membership, things I want to buy for myself, friend’s birthdays, oil changes, car repairs, plane tickets to be in weddings, drain-o since I shed like a dang dog, toilet paper, blah blah, you get the point.
I know my parents would love to send me money each month, however, that is not in our means right now.. nor do I expect that, or want that from them.
Since it was just Christmas, I was home for like.. 18 days or something like that. Which means, I couldn’t work that whole time, meanwhile, I was buying Christmas gifts, wedding gifts, going to lunch with my sisters, and (confession) I maybe bought a pair of Sorel boots… eek. I shouldn’t have. But I told myself I needed them since I have no practical shoes to wear in the snow. When I got home I knew I had 5 days to get the money for rent, utilities, my books for school, stupid parking tickets I got while I was gone, my gym membership, and gas. I didn’t even put groceries on the list, because quite honestly I couldn’t afford it. On top of that there was tithing. Tithing is always hard for me. Every time I pay it I basically grit my teeth and pray for some blessings to come my way. 
I am not going to list every blessing that happened this week because some of them are things that I now treasure and want to keep for myself. 
But I will say that a million tender mercies were sent my way. I usually stress so badly about money, especially in times like this, but this week I felt so calm and knew everything would work out somehow. I really didn’t even know what I was going to eat.. haha. (but I did eat plenty, I promise)
All week I never paid attention to all the things that were happening and seemed to be perfect timing and somewhat coincidental.. until last night when I realized who it was all coming from. 
Basically I share this not to say, “look at me I’m so good I pay my tithing”.. it’s just as hard for me to do as it is for everyone else.. and I’m not perfect in a million other aspects of life. But, I love hearing other’s stories that inspire me to want to do the same. 

Photos from cha ching.

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  1. I don’t even know you, I just randomly happened upon your blog. Just want you to know that I paid my tithing today because of this post! Also, you ARE really pretty from a guy’s opinion. I know you don’t want to hear that, but sorry, I don’t know anything else about you to compliment!