Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde
DRESS: Lysse // BOOTIES: Nordstrom // HAT: Zara // ASHLEY’S HAT: Revolve Clothing // CLUTCH: Hermes via Fashionphile

My sisters and I got to have a little sister trip in NYC and it was the best thing ever. I havent seen my sister Jamie in over three months since she has been living in India and it was also her first time meeting A! So needless to say it was a much needed reunion. Love these sisters of mine so stinking much.

Photos by Jaci Marie

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  1. So cute – I’m obsessed with your blog!

    This may seem like a silly request but please start adding any of the fashion details related to little baby A! I’m a new mom (baby boy of only 3 weeks) and I would love to know more about baby A’s wardrobe, toys, baby gear etc. He’s very fashionable already (like his mommy).

    It’s so much fun being a mom to a little boy!

  2. Nawwww this is so cute. Little A looks so much like you Amber! Such a sweet reunion, and such a beautiful setting in central park 🙂

  3. You look so pretty! I love that dress I have one almost identical from Express. I saw that you are taking your babe to Paris, you are so brave. I can’t imagine flying that far with my babies, I would be so nervous they would cry the whole flight or something. You go girl!!!

    New Post is up at

  4. brb I’m just dying over your thick braid and perfect-for-fall hat! Also lil’ A is getting so stinkin’ cute!

    xoxo hails.

  5. I think Atticus is cross-eyed. You should probably take him to an eye doctor and they can give him an eye patch or something of the sort to kick this problem in the butt before he gets older:)

    1. You must be an opthalmalogist? Didn’t think so.
      You do realize all babies have eyes like this. Its part of what makes them so adorable.

  6. I really enjoyed looking through you blog, I loved the layout, and all of your photos. Thank you for sharing your style with us, keep up the blogging.

  7. ok but why is your baby the cutest. like i’m not even saying that to be nice, he literally is the cutest baby.