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COAT: Vince (worth the splurge; similar and less expensive version here and here) // SWEATER: Equipment // JEANS: Citizens of Humanity // SHOES: Adidas // GLASSES: Derek Lam // LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Spice’ liner filled in with MAC ‘Fanfare’ overtop // BACKPACK DIAPER BAG: Nordstrom (LOVE this one) // A’S SWEATER: Zara // A’S SHOES: Converse

My little man is the biggest animal lover – he gets giddy with excitement and does this gasp/loud noise with eyes like, “Mom… TELL ME YOU ARE SEEING THIS TOO!!!” (especially to dogs, squirrels, and goats) so needless to say we have been going to the zoo quite a bit. He absolutely loves just walking around from animal to animal and looking with all the other kids. I wish we had started taking him sooner but I dont know for some reason I forgot a zoo existed until I saw something online that reminded me (silly, I know, who forgets about taking their kid to the zoo?) but anyways better late than never and we are making up for lost time and he has been loving it.

The weather in New York has been so off and on – I can’t keep up with it! One day it is puffer jacket cold and the next it is short sleeve warm so I never know how to get us dressed in the morning.. especially since it changes so much as the day goes on. But that day it was pretty chilly and I was SOOO excited to wear my new Vince coat. It is honestly the perfect coat!! I ordered FIVE camel coats to try and see which was my favorite and this one was by far the winner. I saw a girl at the juice store wearing the pink version of the coat (I was wearing the camel one at the time) and we made eye contact and then bonded over wanting the others coat haha! Its so pretty in pink as well!

I hope you all have a good weekend!!! We are going to Tha Blaze Jackolantern thing and we have a couple Halloween parties and a friends baby shower! Those are the fun things at least. We are having a deep clean at our place. I know I just said we were organizing but I swear it never ends once you start. We have cleaned out most of the house but now its onto the closets which is the scariest part! I need to get rid of so many clothes but for some reason have the hardest time parting ways with clothes. I have thought about doing an Instagram sale/giveaway with clothes I dont have room for (I say that because I would probably keep them if I had a bigger closet!) is that something you guys would want me to do?! Anyways let me know, if not I will probably just do a big thrift store run!


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  1. Awww!!! Your son is so cute as are all the pictures and your outfit!!
    -Livvy xoxox

  2. you should definitely do a sale!
    i don’t think you had one and i missed it.. since i follow you religiously 🙂

  3. You should donate them! I feel like people get really crazy on Instagram sales lol, plus it always feels nice to give back. There are so so so many people who need clothes, especially with winter coming up :)!

    1. Thanks for the feedback!! I didn’t end up doing one but I may in the future!! xo

  4. Your coat is amazing!!! So classy I love it, and Atticus is the cutest oh my goodness. I love reading your blogs and your hair tutorials are absolutely the best, they’re so thorough and easy to follow 🙂 I can tell that you put in a lot of work and it pays off! Also, YES you should do a sale or giveaway for sure! Anyways Love the blog and love you!! xoxo

    1. Thanks so much babe!! So glad you like the coat 🙂 And aww you are so sweet! I appreciate the support! Love ya!! xoxo

  5. Amber, I would love to buy some of your maternity clothes!! If those items are something you’re thinking of selling. I would gladly buy a bag (as long as I knew what was in the bag, sizes, etc.) I’ll check back on your blog. But, feel free to email me (of course you have time. ha!) about maternity clothes you are ready to part with. Thank you!

  6. OMG ! I have a 10 months old baby and totally forgot about the zoo as well! I’m definitely taking him this week.
    I love the way you write your posts. It is such a unique manner of writing. It make me feel like I am actually talking to you.
    Anyways, love the blog! xoxo

  7. I check out your blog daily! I also have a little one, a 15 month old baby boy named Bode. So I love seeing the post of your adventures with your little guy. I love your camel coat, but it is out of my price rage. But I saw you posted a cheaper version of it on another site. Is the site ROMWE a legit site? Do you know if their pieces are made well ? I was just wondering if they are too good to be true. Thank you very much!!!

    1. Aww thank you!! I am so glad you follow along 🙂 And how cute!! I love that name! And yes! It’s legit and their pieces are great. xo

  8. Did you say, “closet sale”? Um, yes, please!!! And DO include some of your ravishing maternity clothes, b/c, like yourself I’m a tall slender pregnant woman (although I’m just now getting into my second tri-mester), and I’d LOVE to raid your closet! 🙂 ‘Love your style, woman-keep on workin’ it!

  9. Oh my, I would become the world’s biggest internet stalker if you had a sale. Please do!! 🙂 love all your pics- Atticus is just too cute. And you don’t even look pregnant other than the one belly shot. Superwoman 🙂

    1. Ahh I may need to do it 🙂 Thanks for the feedback Angie!! and aww you are too nice!! I appreciate it! xo

  10. Atticus’ expressions in the first few pics!!! Oh my word, they are so adorable! I love his excitement haha! This post reminds me of the many camel coats I keep putting in my online shopping bags, then taking out because I’m too indecisive on which one I want. Sigh… I think I just need to choose!! Love the look here!

    xo Angela

    1. Aww I know!! I love him 🙂 You are too nice!! Thanks for the nice compliments Angela!! xoxo

  11. I have also been on the hunt for a camel coat! I saw this one in the Nord catalog and love it. I will give it a try. What size did you order? Does it run big or small in the shoulders? I’d love to know which other camel coats you tried too!

  12. I would love an insta sale or any kind of sale! That would be so amazing, I think you have the absolute perfect taste in fashion. I hope you are feeling good today girl, very excited for your family’s new addition!

    1. Yay! Thanks for the feedback 🙂 You are too kind!! I am feeling great so far! Thanks for asking love!!

    1. Thank you so much Andrea!! It is so fun buying boy stuff but now I am excited about girl clothes ha 😉 And no way?! I would have loved to meet you!! xo

  13. Yessssss. Hope to get a chance to go into your closet and can have one for myself. Can you imagine your clothes, dress… go straight from America to Vietnam? Haha. I have the similar issue and my solution for unused clothes is to give away for people who are in need. My closet is so well organized after I spent the whole evening on it, normally I just get my dried clothes and throw them in I am so pround of myself haha and even took pictures of before and after!
    I just started my blog and really need some advices!

  14. Do the insta sale! I still regret missing your yard sale when you were in Alabama lol! You got a shopper right here!!

  15. Oh my goodness you should deff do an Instagram sale/give away or you should make a postmark account and just sell through that!! 🙂 anyways love this post! You guys are the cutest! <3 love your coat and how you styled your outfit! Super excited for you guys to have your baby girl xoxo

    {my blog}

    1. Thanks so much Mary!! I am so glad you would be interested in it! I appreciate the feedback 🙂 And thank you for following along! xo

  16. Please do an Instagram sale! I am from Germany and love your gorgeous clothes, so it is the perfect change to get an item. You should definitely offer worldwide shipping-please!

  17. Would love to buy, or even better, win some of your clothes. You should totally do that.

  18. yes! please do a sale or giveaway! I always love all your clothes and your style. you are the best! <3

  19. The Instagram sale/giveaway is a cool idea! You could even try it on Poshmark, I love the app and it’s so easy to use! As always your family is gorgeous <3


  20. Hey , i really like your post they are super amazing and inspiring. You all are seriously family goals???????? i dream of a family like you???? Just waiting for your baby girl and how you style her(seriously cant wait for her). And believe me or not im the biggest and craziest fan of Atticus . He is simply a wow child and superly cute . I wait for you snapstories too see atticus live in action???? I also made many of my friends follow you and you on snapchat???? Love you bless and keep inspiring people????????????

    1. Thanks so much Jasmine!! You are soo sweet!! I am so gad you follow along!! The support means a lotto me!! Love ya!! xo

  21. Hey Amber!
    I totally want your clothes!!
    Please do some sort of sale/giveaway because your style is so amazing.

  22. I think an IG sale/giveaway would be awesome! It looks like Atticus is having so much fun! 🙂

  23. Love this post! So looking forward to the first time we take our guy to the zoo, just trying to figure out when he will really appreciate it since he is only almost ten months. And um yes! Totally do an ig sale!!! Love your style but some items new are a bit out of budget! And great timing as I am also ridding my closet of old clothes as I come into my mommy style????

  24. These photos are precious! You will look back on these and be so grateful that you were able to catch these moments. Memories are wonderful treasures. 🙂
    Unique Geek

  25. I’ve got a boy the same age and a girl due in February, so I feel like we’re almost on the same page! I love that you do so many fun outings with Atticus. It inspires me to get out of the house more 🙂 You’re such a fun mom!

  26. Obsessed with your frames! You look so adorable in them, especially with that gorgeous coat! I just ordered a new Burberry – don’t tempt me to splurge on another this season!! Thanks for sharing!


  27. Sell your old clothes definitely! I bet they are all so cute and you will be able to make some extra cash which is always fun!

  28. Oh my word! Yes! I would absolutely DIE for your wardrobe! (so dramatic) but seriously! I want to encourage the insta sale (or however) but I also don’t want to make more work for you, as you have so much going on!

  29. YES!!! Send them my way! 😉 I mean yes, do a giveaway! Love reading your blog xoxo

  30. Yes, please do a sale/giveaway! I love that camel-colored coat, if only it got cold enough in San Diego!

  31. hey amber!!!! this has nothing to do with your blog post but I saw that you used to have “mousey brown” hair which is what I have only a bit darker. I am thinking going a little lighter, I am getting full highlights. do you have any advice and ideas??? thanks amber!!

  32. I would totally buy your clothes! You have the cutest fashion and THEE cutest family! ❤️

  33. Please do an Instagram sell/giveaway of your clothes! That would be so awesome. I loved your comment about Atticus’s hands down his pants. My son did the same thing at the age, and I always worried about him. But it is common. Such cute pictures as always.

  34. A clothing giveaway would be amazing! I love your blog and all your clothes and wish I could afford to have the amazing style that you do:)

  35. Yes! It would be so awesome if you did a Insta give away!!! I wish I could afford everything you have (poor college student here!) but I can’t, so this is as close as I can get! Haha it would be much appreciated!

  36. Yes yes yes to the sale!!! Except announce ahead of time when it will be so it can be fair game.

  37. PLEASE do an insta giveaway ! i love ur blog and ur clothes and im a broke college student so I would be in heaven if you did that

  38. Oh my heavens YES! Give/sell us your old clothes 😉 I would die and go to heaven. I mostly thrift in life anyways! Haha

  39. I would wear literally every single thing in your closet!! Everything you wear is SO cute and I’d definitely be a fan of that giveaway or sale!! (and if you do end up giving it away to a thrift store– let me know which one!) PS You and Atticus looked really cute in your fall gear 🙂

  40. It sounds like you are nesting…getting ready for baby girl! I know you’re so ready and excited for her 🙂 I loved seeing the post about your bedroom and I’m sure the rest of your apartment is just as pretty. I would loveeee if you had an instagram sale!!!! Your clothes are the cutest!

  41. Instagram sale! I know it would add more work to your already busy schedule but it would be the best Christmas gift ever to your readers! ☺️

  42. you’re fashionista so i’m sure you have a lots a lots of good stuff in your closet. perhaps you can keep them for mixing and matching? although i would definitely love you do a giveaways/sales but i did understand the feeling of parting with your favorite clothes..and it’s sucks! and did i mention i love every photos of yours? atticus is so adorable!

    xo joselovincolors

  43. Not to be creepy but you should definitely do a sale/giveaway! You have great fashion 🙂 I also have a hard time parting with clothes.. even stuff that I haven’t worn in forever! Looks like you and Atticus had a great time at the zoo!

  44. A’s sense of curiosity is so evident through these photos. I love it(: he’s just too adorable, especially in all his little outfits! I’m sure he’s gonna be a great big brother(: …and of course you are looking absolutely beautiful as usual! loooooove that coat and it looks awesome paired with the sneakers.

    ps. definite yes to the insta clothing sale

  45. My son is totally into animals right now too: he’ll be quietly watching Baby Einstein in the bedroom while I”m getting ready for work then i hear,. “MOMMY! Whale!” or “MOMMY! El-fant!: LOL. I love it. We’re going to take him to the San Diego Zoo for his 2nd bday – I’m excited to experience it with him. Isn’t it such fun re-experiencing the world with our little ones? Thank you for sharing these moments with us. And good luck with the deep cleaning. You inspired me to tackle a few spots this weekend – eeeek. 😉

  46. Yessss!!!! I don’t know if I could actually buy anything with our new baby budget but I sure would love to try!!

  47. Simply gorgeous coat!!! I would love if you did an Instagram sale of your clothes!! I would for sure buy 🙂

  48. Amber YES AND YES you should do a clothes sale/giveaway, all your stuff is so amazing!!! Good luck with the deep clean this weekend, amidst the fun things, it sounds like you have a busy time ahead, but it’ll feel so nice to have all that stuff done after the fact! Atticus’s sweater kills me by the way. SO CUTE. I just found out I’m having a little boy in March so I can’t wait to dress him as adorably as you do your baby boy! – Charlie,

  49. PLEASE DO THE SALE…. YOUR CLOTHES ARE FABULOUS. You and your little man’s relationship is the cutest and blesses my heart. Praying for continued health for you and the baby 🙂

  50. An Amber Fillerup Clark clothing sale? Please, please, please make this happen!!

  51. A giveaway would be awesome. I just love your clothes! My son love animals tons too. We are also planning a zoo trip and cannot wait! I hope he likes it as much as A.

  52. Hi Amber, hope all is well with you today 🙂 looks like your family had such a fun time at the zoo. You’re my favorite blogger haha I think the clothes idea is perfect! So excited!

  53. YES, please do a insta giveaway for clothes! I ???? those. And your clothes are adorable. You’d probably make a killing!!

  54. LOVE these glasses! I just ordered them through your link. If they look half as cute on me as they do on you I will be happy 🙂

  55. If you did a giveaway I would probably buy something for sure. It’s definitely a good idea.

  56. Hey Amber! Hope you and family are well. Would love you to do an Instagram sale but I’m in the UK so I guess I wouldn’t be able to ???????? You always look so nice and I adore your style! Thanks for having this blog – it makes me feel like I always have a friend to catch up with. I’m at university away from home currently and it helps a lot. So thank you – sorry this is kinda deep ???? Love to you and the fam xxx

  57. The hands down the pants!! I could not stop laughing 😀 oh gosh. And the excitement on his face seeing all those animals — to die for!
    And YES PLEASE on the closet sale/giveaway. I have major closet envy every time I read your blog (so… daily). That would be so fun!

  58. Awww!! He’s so cute all the time! I love all of your animal pics. I definitely understand how that goes, though. Cleaning never stops. You should definitely do an online sale or a poshmark party!

    Sara Kate Styling

  59. We would all love for you to do some sort of giveaway or sale of your clothes! You clothes are amazing. It would also be a fun way to interact with all of your followers! Thank for all your beautiful posts, you are an inspiration.
    Much love!

  60. okay you are serious MILF statues in the most respectable way possible LOL and A’s face on the spider web DYING!!! so stinkin cute!!! I hear ya with organizing over and over. My hubs are in a similar living condition… city apartments are just not accommodating for a girl with a lot of shoes haha We always seem to be reorganizing so things dont seem so cluttered! Ps. thanks for your blog advice on my last comment meant so much!


  61. You and Atticus are going to absolutely love the Blaze Jack-o-lantern thing! I went with my parents and our neighbors who have a two-year-old, and we all LOVED IT, especially the my neighbor’s son!

  62. You need to post it!! You would make more for it (than from a thrift store) and we would all have a shot at your amazing finds!

  63. Omg, yes!! Please, please do an instagram sale!! I’ve purchased from another blogger this way and it was really easy. I’ve been hoping you would forever now because I love your clothes and style!

  64. Atticus is the cutest little boy ever! Please please do an insta giveaway!!!

  65. I just gave birth to my son in August, I love reading your posts about Atticus and look forward to the days we can take him to the zoo and places like that. He’s such a joy and I hate how fast he is growing (my son). I love your clothes btw!

  66. I love how you guys are color coordinated in this post! It fall in NY looks magical. I would love to see you do an Instagram clothes giveaway/sale, count me in!

  67. Such sweet photos! I love that your little man loves animals, that says so much about his loving personality 🙂

    Would love and instagram sale! 100% would participate!

  68. You and your little man are so adorable. How lucky is he to be loved so unconditionally. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do an Instagram sale – I love all your clothes, but am up to my ears in student loans, so a discounted price would be amazing.

  69. Lovely photos and you belly almost camouflage with the black shirt and coat. And YES I think all readers (me included) would go crazy for your clothes. They are the prettiest and most stylish ever! Please do it! Although I live in Malaysia so I would have to find a way to buying them lol

  70. So adorable! What a cute little guy! A sale or giveaway would be amazing! What a fun way to connect with your followers and maybe give someone the opportunity to pick up an amazing article of clothing in a fun way! Or even, $1 to enter (proceed to charity) 🙂

  71. These pictures are so sweet! Atticus is just a dream and you are such a gorgeous mama. LOVE your coat SOOO much! I think I need it. And YES PLEASE do an Instagram sale for your clothes because I would probably buy all of it myself, haha!

  72. I think you are friggin adorable and I LOVE your family!!!! I follow you on all social media outlets and you are by far my favorite blogger! Can’t wait to see pictures of your new bundle of joy when she finally arrives xoxoxoxoxoxo

  73. you should definitely do an Instagram sale! I love reading your blog and seeing your beautiful family!

  74. Amber,
    Love how you post on your blog many times a week! This is my favorite blog to catch up on. I think you should definitely sell your clothes on instagram! Have a great weekend.

  75. Obsessed with that coat!!! Random question? How do you not get lipstick on your little one? I’ve found that I can only wear lipstick at work, because otherwise I kiss my son like a billion times and I don’t want lipstick all over his face!

  76. You’re seriously the cutest mom ever!! I think the Instagram sale/giveaway is an amazing idea!

  77. I would love if you did an Instagram sale or giveaway! one of the reasons I started following you is cause we are about the same size and height. Knowing how it would fit already would be awesome. Plus I usually can’t pay full price for things cause I just graduated and have a baby so having it discounted would mean I actually can get some without scouring thrift stores or making it myself 🙂

  78. Oh my goodness yes you definitely should do an instagram sale! You have the most incredible wardrobe. Also, I LOLed about the comment about men (of all ages) having their hands down their pants. I guess they want to make sure it’s still there? I’ll ask my boyfriend to confirm haha

  79. Beautiful coat! Another place to sell would be on Poshmark! That might be easier for you to do.

    Is there any way to make the photos on the blog smaller? I’m only asking because sometimes on mobile, the text of your post is hard to read because the pictures load so slowly and keep pushing the text out of the frame. Regardless, I’m always willing to wait for it to load to read the whole post! 🙂

  80. I adore these pics! I think Atticus could be a vet one day, as much as he loves animals 🙂 I would looove to own some of your clothes, however I’m a size Large where you’re a Small…darnit! Maybe you could shed some accessories too.?!?.haha!! I have the same attachment with clothing..I think it’s just a girl thing 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

  81. YES!! I would love if you could give us away some of your clothing. It would be more like piece of art of inspiration! Amber please have mercy of us! Haha! Love you! God bless you

  82. My 1 year old little dude does the same thing! Boys will be boys! Ha! Would love the Instagram sale/giveaway! I follow another blogger who has a separate account just for selling hers/kids clothes.. Love it!

    1. No way?! So cute!! I bet your little one is adorable 🙂 And thanks for the feedback Kali! xo

  83. We are expecting a baby boy in April, so seeing your photos with Atticus get me so excited to share that same special bond with my little one! I love seeing his reactions and pure joy in all of your photos. And I love that Vince coat!


  84. Such a beautiful outfit and pictures!! I would love an Instagram giveaway/sale!!!! Hope you have a great weekend! Ps- I have the hardest time parting with clothes too :/

  85. OMG! Please do that sale or give – away! It sound like a prefect thing to do 🙂
    Will be looking forward to that 🙂
    And yes – my boyfriend likes to keep his hands down the pants too, so don’t worry about A 🙂 Just growing into a real men 😀

  86. Would love an intagram sale/giveaway!!! Good luck cleaning everything out…it is a long and tiring process but you will feel good once it is done 🙂

    1. That’s so true!! We have a major animal lover on our hands 🙂 And thanks!! I hope you have a great day!! xo