HAT: Nordstrom

TEE: Maj Tee’s

PANTS: Joe’s

BOOTIES: Nasty Gal c/o

COAT: Sheinside

BAG: Rebecca Minkoff c/o

**Photos by Jessica Janae Photography

I remember seeing this hat on a blogger I have followed for a couple years, Blair, and remember just thinking I had to have it that very second. Welp, then I clicked on the link and saw those five numbers standing next to each other and literally gasped at how expensive it was for a hat! I could not believe it and insisted I could find a similar one. After like eight months of searching and not finding one as perfect, all the while still dreaming that dang hat, I took the plunge. It is thee best hat. Thats all I can say to justify the price. There are no others like it and you can feel the quality when you put it on.. and ya know what sometimes if you dream of something for months and months and months, it means you really love it (and its not an impulse buy) and its time to type in that 16 digit number and get it. In my opinion. 🙂

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  1. Ooohh this jacket has been sitting in my shopping cart for a few days since I discovered SheInside… now that I see it on, and what you have to say about the site I think I’m going to go for it! Can’t really beat that price! 😉 Found a few other goodies too!

    1. YAY! I say go for it.. I hope you like it!! I really have only loved my purchases from them! Let me know how you like it k?!

  2. hey I always have trouble finding shoes because my feet are sensitive and they need to be comfy as well as cute. I really like the booties you are wearing in this shoot, how do they feel? Would you be able to give your personal favorites in regards to comfort and style? I need a nice winter bootie that is versatile. Thanks so much Amber!

  3. You are gorgeous, but the make up in this look was too heavy. It made your face look like a cake.

  4. I say if you love something after a few weeks, then it’s meant to be!!! I splurge on stuff that I really love, because most of the time, I can’t find anything that comes close to it. You look amazing and that hat suits you perfectly!

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde

  5. Hi, Amber!

    I’m sure you get this question often, but I would love to know the answer. You’ve mentioned you only wash your hair about 2x a week. But what do you do after working out? I like to run, but when I finish, I am a big ball of nasty sweat, and my hair is drenched with sweat, too (gross, I know. Sorry if I just made you puke.) I don’t want to overwash my hair, but after I work out (I run about 5x a week), I just feel nasty (and my hair feels nasty, too)! What do you do with your hair after workouts/what would you recommend I do?

    Thanks. Sincerely,
    A sweaty, running mess

    P.S. Love the outfit. That red lip is fantastic–would love to know the brand/color you used!

    1. Well I do sometimes wash it 3 times a week but generally I plan my intense work out days around the times I need to wash my hair. So for instance some days at the gym I only lift weights, those days I dont sweat as much (I don’t sweat much as it is, I guess I am just not a super sweaty person!) so then my hair is not too bad. Then my heavy cardio days where it is inevitable to drip sweat from every pore, those will be my wash days! If you can even just wash your hair every other day then the next week every two days, I think it is good and will help your hair!

  6. Hi Amber! I loooove this jacket and keep almost buying it but I have one concern! How warm would you consider this jacket? Is it like paper thin, or could work on winter days that aren’t below zero? I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota so my coats need to have a little warmth to them!

    1. Hey girl! Well I will say that it is fairly thin, it is more of a ‘jacket’ than a coat so if you are needing a coat to really keep you warm this would not be the one! xx

  7. You look gorgeous. LOVE the hat. Definitely worth getting if you thought about it for so long 🙂

  8. Agree with taking the plunge and buying the hat! Spending the money on quality pieces that will last is far better than spending it on cheaper pieces that you won’t like after a few months.

  9. If you are stalking the damn thing for months on end, and it is STILL THERE…. you just know it’s waiting for you 🙂 I have that theory on a pair of Alice & Olivia shoes … it’s now month 2 …. I’m hopeful for a sale tho!
    Love the hat Amber girl! X

    1. Right?! Haha it is destined at that point!! Hope you get your Alice + Olivia shoes 🙂

  10. I definitely obsess over certain things for a long time, and if I do, I go right ahead and buy it. If you can’t stop thinking about it and you can afford it, why not? Otherwise if you don’t get it and then it becomes unavailable, it will plague your regrets forever. That’s the way I see it!
    Miss Moore Style

    1. I totally agree!! I always tell myself with something expensive that if I am still thinking about it in a couple months or whatever the time frame is, then I can get it! That way I know its not an impulse buy! Glad we agree on that 🙂

  11. Blair is a great blogger with an amazing style!
    Love your electric blue coat, a touch of (a beautiful) color 🙂
    The hat is nice indeed, I could never spend that much on a hat but everybody had to decide this for his/her own. It is your money 😉
    Anyway, great look! xx

  12. Man, I could not agree more about splurging on something you cannot stop thinking about. That’s how I usually deal with anything over 100$. I think I spent 2 years debating on whether or not I would buy the Steve Madden Troopa boot (really only 100$, but I am not a shoe girl by any means so for me it was a big commitment) and finally bought them. I had a similar experience with a 180$ army jacket from Artizia, but after 2 months of thinking about it nonstop I caved!

    ps: I randomly saw this documentary, but you (and any fashionista really) would love it!

    1. Yes love it! It is a good method so you don’t end up having buyers remorse! I probably thought about my Valentinos for like a year playing out different outfits they would look good with and finally got them! 🙂

      I will definitely check out that documentary as well, thanks!