Barefoot Blonde in Northern Ireland at Castlerock BeachBarefoot Blonde in Northern Ireland at Castlerock BeachBarefoot Blonde in Northern Ireland at Castlerock BeachBarefoot Blonde in Northern Ireland at Castlerock BeachBarefoot Blonde in Northern Ireland at Castlerock Beach^^David took this picture to test lighting for a little family selfie but I kinda really love it 🙂Barefoot Blonde in Northern Ireland at Castlerock BeachBarefoot Blonde in Northern Ireland at Castlerock BeachBarefoot Blonde in Northern Ireland at Castlerock BeachBarefoot Blonde in Northern Ireland at Castlerock BeachBarefoot Blonde in Northern Ireland at Castlerock Beach^^the nicest local girl, Cait stopped to say hi! Love when we get to meet some of you.Barefoot Blonde in Northern Ireland at Castlerock BeachBarefoot Blonde in Northern Ireland at Castlerock BeachBarefoot Blonde in Northern Ireland at Castlerock BeachBarefoot Blonde in Northern Ireland at Castlerock BeachBarefoot Blonde in Northern Ireland at Castlerock Beach

SUNGLASSES: Le Spec // BLUE CARDIGAN: J. Crew (on sale!) // STRIPED TEE: J. Crew // SKIRT: Zara

When we got to Ireland we flew into Dublin airport and headed straight to Northern Ireland which was a three hour drive! It was the prettiest drive ever and when we arrived at our little cottage we saw the most gorgeous beach ahead so we went and parked and spent the evening there!! There were a only a couple people on the beach and it looked like it was out of a movie. We watched sunset and it was soo magical!!! It was a really great start to our trip. We spent the rest of our evenings on the beach watching the sunset. I am convinced that it is impossible to be anything but happy when you’re sitting on the beach with your family. Atticus would run around and giggle soo hard when we would chase him and get so sad when the dogs would run into the water as he realized he couldn’t run in with them haha.

We are now back in Amsterdam but gosh Ireland was pure magic! It was exactly as I pictured it. We are going to share our itinerary with you guys soon because most of the itineraries I found online didn’t include certain things that I am SO glad we did. We are going to go see how everyone celebrates Kingsday today! We love being in other countries when they have national holidays – so fun to see how they celebrate. Our niece also is meeting us out in Amsterdam today and we are soo excited for her to come party with us!

Have a great day everyone!!

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  1. Amber, where did you stay in Castlerock? My mom and I are planning a road trip in Ireland in September and I would love to stay here!

  2. I totally want to cut bangs now!!!! They look so good on you! I know you are growing them out, but would you suggest cutting them?

  3. Amber can you tell us where you are buying Rosi’s adorable knit hats and little sweaters? I am dying over the sweetness!!!

    1. Thank you so much!! I am glad you are following along on Snapchat too! xo

  4. I cannot get over how beautiful those pictures are! So stunning and like you said, “magical”. You have such a photogenic family!
    xo, Rowan |

  5. I really love Rosie’s coordinating sling and hat, such a lovely peach colour. I would love this for my baby that is on the way. Could you link to the products please. I am in love with peach for girl babies as an alternative to pink, any swaddling blankets or sleep suits you have in this colour I would love to have links to. As always beautiful photos. There is certainly a knack not only to the photography but the posing for photography and your family is great at it. I always seem to come back from holiday with those stand straight everyone look at the camera stiff and boring photos!

  6. Both Atticus and Amber rocking jcrew styles in the last few posts! That’s what I like to see:)

  7. What a gorgeous location! Looking forward to seeing your itinerary when you get back. Europe is a dream vacation place for sure! Beautiful light in these photos 🙂

    1. Thanks so much!! It really was so beautiful there!! I am missing it already 🙂

  8. I hope you are making one of those holiday videos. They are my absolute favorite! Please have the best time ever on your holiday 😀

    1. Aw thank you!! So glad you like them! We will definitely put together some sort of travel video 🙂 Stay tuned!

  9. Awe, a cottage in Ireland, literally sounds like a dream! What a perfect start to your trip! I definitely agree that sunsets with your family, especially on the beach are those memories your never let go of! Ireland and Scotland have been one of our top bucket list destinations for a while now, seeing your trip is making me want to visit there so bad! I can’t wait to see your itinerary! I love that you spend just enough time somewhere to really soak it up!

    Xo Angela

    1. Thanks Angela!! It has been a great trip so far 🙂 I hope you can go one day because it is so dreamy!! We will definitely be doing some sort of Ireland travel post, so stay tuned for it!! xo

  10. Hi Amber! I can’t wait to learn more about your trip. What was the name of the bed and breakfast you stayed at in Castle Rock?

    1. Thanks so much Amanda!! We will be doing an Ireland travel post with those details, stay tuned for it 🙂

  11. hi Amber can you please tell me where you got Rosie’s peach beanie from? thank you
    Abi xxx

  12. I love all of your pictures!:) also love seeing all the cool places you guys go! what camera did David use when he took that selfie to test the lighting?

    1. Thanks so much Heather!! So glad you like the post 🙂 And he used our Canon 5d Mark iii, he has long arms haha!

  13. That last pic of Rosie yawning – I can’t even stand it. SO CUTE!

  14. Amber, I really hate to say this, but….. I don’t even see you anymore…. your kids upstage you!! lol adorable camera hogs!

  15. I’ve been looking forward to this post from Ireland and you do not disappoint. I’m so glad you are not standing in a field of clover but a view of Ireland I could not have imagined and this perfectly picturesque shore that is so elegant in its rustic kind of way and showcases the Clarks so ideally. Btw Rosie– so it seems to me who is not her mother- seems out of her raisin phase and taking on a charming look of her own just like her big brother is one of a kind. You are all babes. I look forward to subsequent posts. E

    1. Thank you Ehren!! What nice compliments 🙂 You always have the perfect way of putting things.

  16. Ireland is one of my favourite countries. Did you manage to see any of the Claddagh rings or jewellery? I think the sentiment is just gorgeous. Glad you had a nice time, Ireland is a country with such a warm heart. Looking forward to posts on the rest of your travels.

    1. It was so gorgeous!! We loved our time there 🙂 I hope we can return in the future. Thanks for reading!!

  17. The photos are amazingly beautiful! You look so happy. After reading your post, I definitely want to visit Ireland and see those magical beaches:)

    1. Thank you so much!! So glad you liked the post 🙂 And yes! Definitely add Ireland to your list! xo

  18. everything about these photos is perfect!! amazing lighting! & Rosie’s little bonnet is adorable!!

  19. Aw I would love to travel the world with my family! You are such an inspiration!! And I saw your tweet about Atticus, and I think you & David are doing a wonderful job! You can tell how happy both A and Rosie are! Whatever what anyone says, know that you and David are wonderful parents, you have two beautiful an amazing children, and your family is such an inspiration! Blessings to you and your fabulous family!
    Love ya,

    1. Thank you so much Tess!! You have no idea how much that means to me 🙂 I appreciate it!! xoxo

    1. I don’t remember the color but I believe it was an Essie shade 🙂 xo

  20. What magical pictures! I really love seeing all of your travels, especially since you have had the kids. Its nice to know that all the fun traveling doesn’t have to end after you have kids (which is what everyone has been telling us!) Cannot wait to see the rest of your pictures!


    1. Thanks so much Lauren!! I am so glad you are following along with our travels 🙂 And yes! You are so right! It doesn’t have to end! xoxo

  21. Awesome, Awesome! I am loving all of your Instagram’s! I, like your family travel all the time and now I am so excited to add Northern Ireland to my Must-Go-To list! The castle looked so magical!

    P.S. Your snap stories have been so fun to watch!!

    1. Thank you so much Brie!! You are so sweet! And yes! Definitely add it to your list 🙂

  22. So pretty! I loved your Q&A on youtube too! It was really cute and funny especially when Chauncey would lick Rosie’s face! What concealer do you use under your eyes? Also, what are your makeup and/or skincare secrets to keeping your skin looking so glowy?

  23. Hi Amber and crew! I’m an American mama living in Melbourne with Aussie husband. We’ve got a little girl, Charlotte, who is 3 days younger than Rosie so I feel connected to you through our babes. I saw your message about Atticus and what people were saying and I felt the need to get in contact with you so I hope you see this with all the comments you get daily. I LOVE seeing Atticus in all your pics and snaps! He has the most infectious smile and laugh. He is so full of life and brings a smile to myself whenever I see him. He makes me look forward to having a little man someday 🙂 I gratduated with a degree in early childhood education and Atticus is the kind of kid you dream of having in your classroom. You and David are loving him so well. Keep it up. Love your whole family and hoping somehow we can cross paths one day 🙂

  24. Love following your adventures! I love everything baby related you guys have. Including that pink wrap.. Where is it from?

    We are expecting number 2 (a girl and we have a son) they will be 18 months apart. Seeing you guys have fun gives me hope that two won’t be the end of us!!

    Good for you for calling out the negative comments about Atticus’s speech. You’re so right! And omg he’s not even 2 yet what do people expect, him writing university level essays!!! He’s clearly so happy and full of life and confidence. You guys are doing everything right!!! I honestly hadn’t even noticed anything, he just has so much excitement for everything it’s adorable! That’s what stood out to me.

  25. The photos of you and your baby girl are so beautiful! <3 It sounds like you guys are having a lovely time. I live in Orlando, Florida so the weather is crazy hot right now. Looking at these photos really makes me wish I was somewhere colder 😛 I hope you and your cute family keep enjoying the rest of your trip. Can't wait to see more photos 😀

  26. Stunning. And you can feel the family love through the photographs. Xx

    Keep Calm & Start Writing *


  27. rosie’s yawn in that last picture.. to die for! also, I love your nail polish!! what color/brand is it?

  28. Such gorgeous photos, I’m based in Edinburgh which is only an hours flight away to Ireland and yet I’ve never been but you guys have come all this way! Looks like a lovely trip for you all.

    The Little Things | Louise x

  29. sooooo pretty, Amber! I think I’ve said this a million times already but your family selfies are the BEST! Cutest family. Sending hugs! xoxo Christine

  30. These are stunning Amber! I’m obsessed with your pairing of the dramatic high fashion shades and more casual, girlish pigtail braids. (Although Coco Rocha wore braids at a formal event on her insta the other day, so maybe simple pigtail braids are also high fashion right now…?) Anyway, I feel like you’re basically the queen of unexpectedly amazing combinations! I legit bought metallic shorts to wear with one of my hubby’s old LAX jerseys like 4 years ago because you made the metallic + athletic combo look so good. So long ago now! Also, Rosie’s little beanie is so freaking cute!

    Have fun in Amsterdam!

    Xx Maya from Maya Unmarketed

  31. OMG Amber and David- just watched your YouTube video and it was hilarious! You need to start your own reality TV show. It made my day!

  32. Well… I am crying after reading about people being unkind to your son. My daughter is 2.5 and has yet to utter her first word. We get judged at Mommy & Me, restaurants, the grocery store… you name it. People can be so insensitive. We are all doing the very best we can. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another child that looks as happy as Atticus. Thank you for standing up to these internet trolls.

  33. Hi Amber! I adore your blog and you have such a cute family!
    I’m expecting my first baby in June, a little boy <3
    I see that you are a frequent user of the sling carrier (is that what it is called?) for baby Rosie.
    I am thinking about getting one for me and my baby and therefore I'd love it if you could make a tutorial on how to tie it.
    Thanks again for a great blog!
    Kind regards, Malin from Sweden.
    PS. You should visit Gothenburg, it is sooo beautiful in the summer.

  34. I couldn’t agree more that the beach and being with family makes it impossible to be anything but happy. You have such a beautiful little family! Thank you for being such a bright spot on the internet! I have loved your blog from the beginning! 🙂

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  35. Seriously this looks like a dream! My husband and I always say we need to go back to Ireland and do it right. We stayed in Dublin and only took a day to go by train to Howth (which was so beautiful!), but really need to explore more of the countryside, coast and rural areas. That’s so fun that you got to meet a local follower of yours! PS I just have to say you and your family have inspired me so much to travel with my little one. We took him on his first trip by plane at 4 months (only down to Florida, but hey, it’s something) and I feel like I may not have done it so early if I haven’t seen you do it with your kids so much! It really was easy and SO much fun. I’m glad we did it. I do feel like the earlier you travel with kids, the less daunting it is. Anyway, I love how well-traveled your kids already are! They are going to be so well-rounded 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your trip!!

  36. Love these pictures of the family on the beach. How magical! I can’t wait to visit there someday. Love that last pic of Rosie yawning 🙂 And the family selfie — so fun!! xoxo

  37. I Can’t believe you were in Ireland! I have been planning a trip there for this August for several months and all of a sudden you were on my Instagram feed with pictures from Giant’s Causeway and ASHFORD CASTLE, the two places I am most excited to see! I fell in love with Ashford when I heard about the Hawk Walk they have at the falconry school. I can’t wait to hear about your trip because I am such a meticulous planner and I want to make sure I don’t miss anything. I love reading your blog!

  38. Love the photos! So excited for you to post the itinerary because my best friend and I are launching our site by going to Ireland and Scotland! Any other tips when traveling in Ireland? Would you recommend getting a car?

  39. Rosie looks so precious! What a sweet girl 🙂 Ireland sounds amazing, hope you guys are having a wonderful time!

  40. These pictures are gorgeous! The cotton candy colored skies are soooo pretty. I’m happy you and your family are having a great time.

    stay styled,


    IG: stay_styled

  41. Such a great trip! You guys are proving that it is possible to go not only Disneyland with children… so inspiring!!! Enjoy it and post more pics ; )

  42. Beautiful photos! I was wondering what the wrap is that you have Rosie in? I haven’t found a great way to carry my baby that is comfortable for me and for her. Thanks!

  43. Wonderful post, like always very inspiring! I totally love the irish landscape… Next summer a friend and I want to go to Ireland, could you please tell me where your Cottage was because we are searching for a good location 🙂

  44. You seriously are the most adorable family ever! I look at your blog all the time haha! Love all your pictures too! What kind of camera do you guys use?! Hope you are enjoying Europe! ????

  45. AMAZING photos! the beach is always a good idea 🙂

    And your kids look so happy. Don’t worry about those people who think they know best. I was late speaking and walking when I was little, I just learned speaking properly by age 4 because maybe I just didnt wanted to 😀 some kids need a little more time. I never had any problems in life and now I am finishing my bachelor degree. So I turned out just fine and Atticus always looks adorable and very happy. He will turn out as fine as we all did 🙂

  46. I loooooove going to the beach and doing photos with the ones I love. I love the soft, pastel colors of your shoot. Fairyland!

    Hello — I’m blogger myself and always looking to build community with other bloggers. I blog about art/lifestyle mostly but I love reading all sorts of blogs. I was searching for fashion and beauty blogs with good design/the best layouts. I’m hopeful because I actually found a blog I’m going to subscribe to. I’ve fallen way out of the blogosphere and sometimes I wonder if all bloggers these days are bots or advertisements.

    Anyway, do you have any sort of advice for bloggers trying to get back into the game and gain readers? I know you’ve got a lot going on here and are probably very busy keeping it up (I don’t blog nearly often enough.. ugh). I’d love to open some communication with you and possibly discuss? I know this is odd but I’m studying the law of attraction as well and I’ve realized how to get where I want to be is good to talk to someone who is successful in this area and has relevant advice or friendly communication about it! I’m also very open to having coffee or tea and travel a lot for business (I’m also an artist and designer).

    I’ve also heard of these new sorts of opportunities for promoting your content or work like sites that offer perks for social media status, blog listings like bloglovin and millions of other, as well as sites where you can actually earn money and promotional opportunities by having good content like Advowire ( What do you think of these sorts of sites and do you use them for your social media to promote content or earn more?

    So it’s very nice to meet you, yes this is long and I apologize. Hope to hear from you. Thank you for reading. <3

  47. Love your blog and all your pictures are gorgeous!! I was wondering the name of the baby carrier you used in this picture? Thanks!

  48. Oh Amber, those pictures are stunning. That light is absolutely magical and it makes those sweet family shots even more special. David is a true star. Is photography is background? My husband and I have been thinking to visit Ireland too with our 3 little ones and since we are based in London it’s not too far to go to. I want to wait to be able to enjoy as much as possible the beautiful sceneries so maybe we go during the Summer at some point. It would be really useful to read about your itinerary. We are longing for Summer here in London, it’s still soo cold. Enjoy the rest of your stay in Amsterdam! Much love to you 4, Julie

  49. Have fun on Kingsday, hope you brought something orange to wear! Sorry about the weather, usually it’s a lot better in April…

  50. I’m happy you guys plan your trips. Out of me and my boyfriend, I’m the planner and he doesn’t like to have an itinerary of any sorts while on vacation. For me, I think some level of planning is necessary. Like if there’s MUST SEES or MUST DOS, you got to look into it! Otherwise, going with the flow is totally fine. Plus, if you’re prepared, you can adapt better. lmao my boyfriend gets really sullen when I bring up anything “planned”. It ruins his mood he says lmao. So now I’m trying to make note of places in Paris I want to see so I can nonchalantly bring them up 😉

  51. Amber,

    These photos are absolutely beautiful. You know how to capture perfect moments! Do you use a lot of natural light? I’ve seen that you use the Canon 5D Mark iii , is there anything else that you do to make your photos look clear and bright? I admire everything about you! Thank you for being a great role model!

    – Sabrina Navarro

  52. Looks so fun! I can’t wait to see your itinerary! I’ve been following on snapchat ????!

  53. Seriously in love with these pictures!! You get to visit the most beautiful places!!!! Question, where is your baby carrier from? I love it! It looks so comfy!!

  54. Amber those pictures are beautiful! I would want to live there and never leave!
    I am dying to know the reason you have decided to go to Amsterdam for a month…. You said it’s embarrassing, but I feel it’s not going to be that bad 🙂

    I hope your trip is amazing!!

  55. Ireland looks & seems SO amazing! I love being able to see these photos! It seems almost unreal that the world is that big because Ireland seems like a lifetime away …if that makes sense. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how long the flight must have been! Beautiful photos & especially of your family too as always! XOXO

  56. These pictures look magical and it’s great to hear Northern Ireland was everything you hoped it would be plus more, I would love to see your itinerary, I have been thinking about going to Ireland for a while now.

    Have fun celebrating Kings Day!


  57. Beautiful post! I’m sure you’ve mentioned it before but what brand is your baby sling/warp?

  58. Breathtaking! ! Your family is so beautiful and what a beautiful place to be! I’ll definitely be looking forward to your itinerary, I’d love to visit Ireland someday!

  59. Those little cow print pajamas on Atticus…SO CUTE! Such beautiful photos…hope you’re having a great vacation!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  60. Such a beautiful family. How lucky your little ones are to be surrounded by so much love. God bless.

  61. Love, love, love the pic! We’re headed to the beach next month and this makes me even more excited! Happy travels!

  62. Wow such amazing pictures!!! Love tour family! I was wondering what kind of lenses you use! Especially when you take the family selfie! We never seem to get everyone in the pictures haha! Love from sweden!!

    1. Thank you so much!! So sweet of you!! And we use several: 24-70mm, 20mm, 50mm and 200mm 🙂 I hope that helps!! Oh and for the selfie photos we use a wide angel lens. xo

  63. These pictures couldn’t be prettier! Wow! Can’t wait to read your itinerary and happy Kingsday


  64. Omg these pictures are breathtaking????????
    How are you so perfetc please tell me!!????????????
    I love you so freaking much its my dream to meet you and your family!!❤️❤️????????
    Looking forward to your Q&A video
    Also pleaseee tell me how you stay in shape with all the traveling?

    1. Thank you so much!! That is too kind of you!! 🙂 We would love to meet you too!! xo

  65. These pictures are beautiful! It looks absolutely gorgeous over there, hope you guys have a blast on the rest of your trip!

    1. Thank you so much!! That is so sweet of you 🙂 And yes! It is the best!!