Okay can I just say how much I love and adore all my readers?!!?!?! Holy cow. I have just been absolutely loving all the sweet emails and comments 🙂 they totally make my day!
and on to the next thing:
My countdown to Europe has begun!
I will be nannying in Nice, France for a month and then I will have 2 weeks to backpack and do whatever I want! I honestly do not know where I will go for those 2 weeks.. I kind of just want to be a free spirit and go where ever I feel like that day. I do however, know that along with all the usual things: Louvre, eating crepes, eiffel tower, cathedrals, castles, etc. these are the things I for sure want to do:
1. The first one may be a bit inappropriate to some? But I feel like it is kind of like skinny dipping… you just gotta do it once in your life. 
2. I am most excited to get super fancy and go to a really nice dinner and do what wealthy people do in Monte Carlo and just pretend I am super classy and rich all the time haha. I just bought a gold sequin dress.. I might wear that and some awesome heels or maybe even something fancier just for fun. I am just so excited. 
3. The family I will be nannying for said they have bikes for me to ride (along with a car I can use for transportation far distances) but I am so excited to go on early morning rides to the ocean and visit flower markets and eat yummy pastries 🙂 I will probably be buying myself way too many flowers.
4. Ever since I saw Letters to Juliet, I have always wanted to do this! Especially since I am such a hopeless romantic. So after I take a gondola ride and eat pizza in Venice I will make my way to Verona.
5. I want to go to all the small towns in Switzerland and go on awesome hikes and outdoor adventures and of course, ride a horse and carriage!
6.  Oh my, holy betsy. I could not even express my excitement to visit Cinque Terre if I wanted to. I just want to lounge at the beach and explore and take a lovely boat ride.
7. Lately I have been getting really into painting.. it is my new hobby. I want to sit in the grass and eat crepes and paint the eiffel tower.
8.  Everyone says, “you think there will be vintage markets, and there won’t be” well I am here to tell you, I will find them. And I will come home with amazing things. Mark my words people!
9. Since I will have a car to buzz around everywhere in, my lead foot and I will definitely have fun with this one. 🙂
10. I have always wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby in an oh so extravagant and over the top outfit, well I am going to do that, only to a bull fight. I want to wear a Spanish inspired dress and hat 🙂
Anyways those are the 10 things I will do for sure!
Let me know if you have any fun ideas or have recommendations!
Would love to hear. 
K have a fab weekend! I have been feeling sick and blah all week sooo I am going to make tonight a fun night and be exxxtra happy.

Photos from Bucket List

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  1. I’m going to be an au pair in france for a year! I’m so excited but don’t know how you’re going to be doing so much on a nanny’s salary!

  2. I’m going to be an au pair in france for a year! I’m so excited but don’t know how you’re going to be doing so much on a nanny’s salary!

  3. For the vintage market to end all markets – Les Marchees Aux Puces in Paris (Porte de Saint Ouen). It is the namesake for the term “flea market” and is worth getting lost in for a day.

  4. Lisa- dont worry babe I hardly have any boobs either its absurd! and yes please live vicariously through me and i will do the same to you and your cute baby girl! xo

    Megan- Okay i definitely will go check that out! Looked at the link and it looks gorgeous! Thanks so much for the recommendation! You’re so sweet!

    Erica- K I am totally going to versaille now and I just googles Capri/Naples…. ummm GORGEOUS! so glad you told me about that! thanks so much!!

    Jenna- No way?! So lucky, Vienna is gorgeous! At least via google it is haha. Thank you for sending me that link!! Such a cute necklace! I just might have to get it!

  5. OH I love France. GO to Versailles for sure. Also go to Monte Carlo. So pretty and nice there! If you are going far the prettiest place in Europe I think is Capri/Naples, Italy.

  6. Ok you are so brave for wanting to go to a topless beach!! Lol. I would probably go too, if I had any boobs at all. :/

    I’m going to live vicariously through you on your trip, sounds like a dream! Happy for you.