DRESS: ASOS / BLAZER: Zara (old) similar: here and here / BRACELET: c/o Adabelle’s

BAG: Chanel via Fashionphile / SHOES: Zara / SUNNIES: c/o Windsor

LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Snob’ with MAC ‘Cut a Caper’ on top

I am just in love with anything in bright fuchsia! Is it not the most perfect color for summer?? It goes good with so many other colors! And this dress is cute with a blazer or sweater over top and just plain by itself! The strap line is super flattering and I cannot wait to wear it by the pool or at the beach!!

A lot of you ask about my lip stick in my posts and if I am not wearing red or hot pink lips I am almost always wearing MAC’s ‘Snob’ with MAC’s ‘Cut a Caper’ over!! It is the best combo and since Snob is matte it holds it in place and Cut a Caper is a creamsheen finish so it kind of acts as a subtle gloss!

Oh my gosh I can’t believe its already the weekend! David, Chauncey, and I are headed to California tomorrow and will be there until beginning of July! We are starting in Palm Springs and I can’t wait 🙂 You guys will definitely see me in this dress a lot in California!

PS are any of you DYING to see The Purge like I am?!?! Let me know if any of you see it and how you like it! I pray its not a let down! I love a good scary movie 🙂

xx sending my love!

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  1. Love this look! What size is your Chanel?? Medium? Jumbo? I’m wanting to get one, but can’t decide on a size!

    Thanks a bunch!


      1. Awesome! I was going to get a jumbo, but that medium looks perfecto! I’m leaving for Paris in two weeks and am considering buying one there, but I may just order one from Fashionphile (save a few bucks!) because yours looks great! Thanks!!


        1. Aw so fun!! Yeah I love Fashionphile just because you can save some money and they are always in pristine condition!! And if you ever feel like a new one you can sell it back and get a new one! So its great!

  2. That blazer and dress combo is really stunning! Those colours go so well together and yes, it is perfect for summer!

  3. I am loving this look!

    And I also use Cut a Caper but can’t find it anywhere anymore! Any ideas of where I could still buy the limited edition shade, or have a similar recommendation?


    1. Thanks so much Brittany!! If you can’t find Cut a Caper I would try Vegas Volt!! They are extremely similar!! xx

  4. I absolutely love your jewelry in every single post! I am starting an awesome collection now that I am inspired by yours!
    Also, I am so jealous you get to travel so often, how do you do it while working?

    1. Hey Kelsey!! Thanks so much! And I am fortunate to get to work from my laptop and where ever I can get wifi! xx

  5. LOVE the dress and how you styled it. You look gorgeous and the photos are great. I’m your new follower now 🙂
    Adela x

  6. This purple dress on you is stunning! I found your blog through the $1,500 Via gift card giveaway and I am so glad I did, I love it and I am now following you!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. you look just like those i see on magazines, you are so pretty with your dress. I am not into the color but the style is so nice.

    1. Yeah the color is not for everyone but thanks so much for your sweet words!!


    absolutely gorgeous! and your photos look awesome, as always

  9. You look gorgeous! Love these colors on you. So jealous you are headed to CA!!


  10. Love how you paired both these bright colors! love it! I want those sunnies! If you come across a similar pair, let me know doll!
    Becky @ Cella Jane

  11. Is your hair here curled in all the same direction using the wand? It looks so good!

    1. I curled away from my face for the first 3 curls on each side of my face and then the rest I changed directions every other one!!

  12. BeautifuL!!! I wonder if they will be getting any more magenta in stock! Love the color.

    1. Ah dang I didnt even see that most sizes are out in magenta!! ASOS usually always restocks so I bet they will! Keep checking back!

  13. Ahh I’m dying to see The Purge too!! My hubby and friends are scaredy cats so I’ll have to go alone (unless your Cali trip includes San Luis Obispo then join me!) Love your blog, and SUPER glad you are a fan of scary movies too!! Let’s hope its worth the ticket price! Travel safe!

    1. Okay glad you are dying to see it as well! I have watched the previews like 3 times haha it looks so intense! I am seeing it tonight so we will reconvene next week with our thoughts 🙂

  14. I’m not sure I would have come up with that color combo but wow, do I love it. So cheery! Happy weekend!

  15. Omg your blazer reminds me of an orange creamsicle—I love it!!! Seriously such a great color combo on you today. Have fun in CA!


  16. This is probably my favorite outfit ever. I love the colors so much! May I ask what color your nail polish is??


    1. Thanks! That means a lot! The color is a coral color from Essie but the sticker has come off haha so I dont know the exact name of it!

      1. Tart deco! I have the same stuff. My FAVE this summer 🙂

  17. You are beautiful!! And this dress is simply AMAZING!!! Love the pairing of the colors and love your bracelet. This is all perfection. Love love love.

    -Bree @

  18. Fushia is definitely one of my favorite colours for summer also. Love love this dress and how you paired it with a peach blazer. Love the colour combo. Those glitter flats were a great choice 🙂

    Have a great time in California! I need to start traveling ASAP, it’s been a while!
    Sincerely Miss Ash

    1. Okay glad we are on the same page with fuchsia! It is the best!! 🙂 xx

  19. Have a great time away lovely lady 🙂 I <3 Fuschia too!! The colour looks fab on you! And good job husband for taking some great photos (I assume it's David taking your photos??) ! I will have to look at mixing Snob lippie with a coral one, Snob sometimes makes me look a bit death face haha X

    1. Aw thank you!! and yes its David taking the pics!! I totally agree about Snob sometimes making you look washed out and what not!! It is a great winter color or great as a base to mix with others!! I always put it on before whatever I am wearing! (unless its red!)