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I wish I had thirty minutes everyday where I could do my yoga practice or really, even just five minutes would be nice, but sometimes the day just gets away from me and that’s when I learned to promise myself that I at least owe myself one minute to breathe. Yes, I want you to to take a moment and focus on your breathing. A natural function of our body that we can tap into to help refresh, reenergize, check in and feel more in tune and centered.

During my yoga teacher certification in NYC I learned this valuable tool and now it has become a daily healthy habit. If you are stressed at school or at work, if you need to reenergize during that 4pm energy lull, if you have anxiety in the morning before starting your day, if your kids are making you feel overwhelmed or when you need help letting go of your day at bedtime. Whatever challenges you have going on in life, this exercise will help. I do it alone at my home, in the car or really anywhere I can. Most times I can sneak away from my kids for at least a minute but when I can’t I try to get them to do it with me.

What I’ve noticed after my breaths, as simple as it may seem…..I feel more relaxed and free. I can more easily let go of what isn’t serving me and take on what I need. I feel more in tune to myself. Breathing helps me check in and listen to my body and mind. That might feel something like….I need to drink more water, try to get the kids down earlier so I can take a bubble bath or Mom, come help me with the kids, I’m dying over here! Haha no but really, I feel like breathing helps me treat myself better and I love that. Here’s how to get started:

Step One : Choose a comfortable place to sit or lay down, whatever feels the most comfortable. Now, close your eyes.

Step Two : Place one hand on your tummy so you can feel your breath and one hand on your heart so you can feel your heart beating for you. If you want to do this with your partner or children you can put one hand on their chest and the other on your tummy then vice versa.

Step Three : Take a big deep breath through your nose then exhale through your mouth. Do this ten times. When you’re finished, slowly open your eyes maybe reach your arms up over your head, take another deep breath, stretch from side to side and then you’re done!

How do you feel? I would love to hear if this helped you and if you have any questions please let me know! I know for me, I always feel better than before I started, and as you can see in today’s practice, playful. That’s what I needed today, energy. Everyday is different and every time you practice, you will feel different but most important, it should effect you in a positive way. I look forward to hearing from you and stay tuned because I’m putting together some simple yoga routines for anyone at any level.

lots of love,
xxx Jess

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  1. As a yoga teacher I think it’s so important to help people realize that to practice yoga does not mean you have to find time for an hour-long class or even bring the physical asana practice into it. Yoga always comes back to your breath so taking time out of your day to just breathe can change everything. Thanks for sharing!


  2. This sounds amazing for busy schedules! I go through periods where I have a lot on at work and this is better than nothing! x

    chevrons & éclairs

    1. Great little activity to do with the kids. Teach them to breath or use you as jungle gym. Either way, win win.