today.. i went to go get my eyebrows waxed. i just go to the asians at the place by waikiki tanning.. its only 4 bucks and she usually doesnt even charge me and i just tip her. ANYWAYS.. while i was there i was so tempted to get a pedicure.. which is only $20.. but if you know me, you know i never spend money on things like this.. my thought process went like this..
“okay seriously i am pretty sure i read like 10 tweets and statuses this week that said “oh just got my manicure and pedicure!!” its normal. i should be able to get one. okay i know i cant afford it. i need to save my pennies. but its twenty dollars….. and ill plan ways to make more money while i sit and get pampered. no amber you cant. but you walk barefoot freaking everywhere you dont have a choice. you have to get one. bye bye money? ughhh fine i wont. but its not fair that i cant.”
seriously? then i realized im such a brat! as if i should be complaining that i cant afford a freaking manicure and pedicure. boo hoo amber. im very thankful that i went to fiji and got to see what it is like outside of this bubble. i sometimes need to remind myself how fortunate i am to even have the things i have. im sure the cute fijians i played with all summer have no idea what a manicure or pedicure even is.. and yet here i am complaining that i need to go home and choose from my 40 nail polishes which color ill have to paint my OWN toes in. (what a drag) just kidding. basically.. i am thankful for all the small, amazing blessings in my life and for all that i am so so lucky to have and all the people im so fortunate to have in my life.
roadtrip to california tomorrow!
cant wait to see mark and jenna MARRIED!
thank heavens my little massage king brock is coming along for the ride.. he gets to massage me for ten hours!! yay! (jk) (well not really) (fine ill reciprocate)

beach beach beach!!!! cant wait. im just going to roll in the sand allllll day. because i can.

Photos from brat? yes. stop.

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  1. haha you are so cute. I have had this debate before in my head too..don’t even worry. it’s normal. love you! see you on the bike:)