So I have an outfit post for you. A long, overdue, outfit post.
First let me say, these boots.
I bought these boots about two months ago from Nordstrom (buy them: here) and I wear them 5 days out of each week, if not more. Not joking. They are soooo comfy, and well, just the gosh dang greatest boots I have owned. I love wearing heels, but can’t go longer than a few hours in most, these, all day baby.
Lately I have been so busy running around doing wedding things, working, living out of my car practically, doing anything and everything, so my go to outfit is leather leggings and a sweat shirt. Always a sweatshirt I bought from the guys section. And I feel like these boots spruce up my rather boring outfits 🙂 (especially since they have a little/thick heel, which always makes me feel more lady like)
So, buy them. You will wear the crap out of them, they will be your best friend, and you will love them.
Oh yeah, and usually I always wear my black leather leggings, but Windsor sent me these bronze leather leggings, and they are my new and improved fav. They make any outfit look different, and I just adore them. I also wear these, all the dang time.
leggings: c/o Windsor / sweatshirt: HM / boots: Nordstrom / socks: HM / necklace: Mango

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  1. Keeping socks on your baby’s feet is no simple task. One little kick, a tug at the toes and they’re off. And of course it’s always one sock from every pair that gets lost!*

    Look out for our very own web page as well

  2. OMG I need these boots! Which color did your order? I really like the tobacco option but am nervous e they’re too dark!

  3. Hey Amber! First off I LOVE your blog. You’re gorgeous and your style is amazing! This outfit is soo cute! I will be needing those leggings for sure. I love your idea of looking in the mens section for sweaters at H&M! What size do you get them in?

  4. Love these leggings, what size do you wear? I have been searching for a pair and these look perfect. I believe I would be the same size as you…Also where are all your black leather leggins from? THANKS! XO