today was a chaotic/amazing day.
my day started with:
me passing out while doing a clients hair.
all the sudden im doing her last foil (thank heavens) and everything goes black and my whole body starts tingling and i started getting hot and was dripping sweat and suddenly i feel myself falling to the floor haha.
so happy i had such an amazing client with me who helped me up into a chair and called the ambulance (she was scared) and then got me a water and gatorade and was just the sweetest ever. she is like my second mom and i adore her to pieces.
i was a nervous wreck all day.. this was me to lauren
“no one is going to come.”
“WTF am i supposed to do when no one comes?”
“i want this day to be over already”
“i think i might go jump off a cliff.”
jk but seriously i was freaking out that no one would come or no one would buy anything! but it was great and so many people came and supported. i was so amazed by all the sweet people who came early to help set up, and the people who helped clean up, people who bought items, and freak just the people who came/helped at all! im so thankful that so many wonderful people helped and supported such a great cause! we raised $1,500!!
ben was the best auctioneer EVER. literally.. he made the whole night.
lauren was the best partner in crime. best other half ever. (my better more organized/disciplined self)
jono was just thee best….ever.
devro saved my freaking day.
ash carl and em were my cute little support system.
charlie was just great for making the drive and donating jewelry 🙂
and everyone was just amazing.
so happy.


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