^^A lot of you have asked about the scar on my left boob! It is from a tumor I had removed last year. I usually keep a little bandage on it that has some vitamin E on it.^^Rosie didn’t mind all the attention from the cute boys 😉^^A pod of dolphins that swam right under us!!! They came by multiple times it was sooooo crazy insane and beautiful ah! ^^Atticus LOVED jumping off the boat! He must have done it about 20 times.


On Memorial Day we invited some fun friends to come out boating with us! @thingstodoinhawaii hooked us up with a private boat tour which happened to be one of our favorite things we have done in Hawaii so far! We all got to snorkel, even the little kids and got to swim with wild dolphins!!! Now, I have been a dolphin lover since I was a teeny tiny girl. Always had dolphin stuffed animals and anything with a dolphin on it I had to collect. I have always called them my spirit animal and me and my junior high/high school bff actually connected because we both loved dolphins an insane amount haha. We just floated there in one place and they swam around us for about 30 minutes – it was soo so so so incredible! I love how happy and social dolphins are! All of our cheeks were hurting from smiling. I seriously cannot wait for you to see the footage we got – and our friend Raleigh who was on the boat got some amazing drone footage of the dolphins that is just soooo beautiful (go to his insta and watch the video he posted)! We are making a big Hawaii travel guide video with our friend Slade which will be out in a little. Anyways after all of my dolphin dreams came true, we swam with fish and turtles! Then did some swimming, ate lunch, jumped off the boat, kayaks, paddle boarded.. it was SO fun. We had 11 kids and 8 adults – party! After the boat we went to go to Boss Baby which I thought was pretty cute haha. Then we went to Waikiki and had the most special evening watching people write special messages to loved ones on lanterns and sending them out into the ocean! (don’t worry, there were nets and boats lining the water so they didn’t wander too far before being picked up by the boats. All were picked up.) but it really was SO magical and special. I am so glad we got to be a part of that.

I am in LA for the day for a little workshop I wanted to attend! We work with Chloé Digital and her team and I just think they are so inspiring and amazing so I love hearing what they have to say. My big take away from it was that when blogging you don’t have to do what someone else is doing. I think with blogging we all look around and think “well that works for her, I should do that” but we need to do what we personally are passionate about and what brings us joy. I am headed back and then we have a meeting about the home build! Maybe some of you who have built a house can relate but don’t you feel like each meeting the home gets bigger somehow? Ha! It is like oh shoot we need to broaden this staircase and in doing that we have to add X amount of square feet etc etc… and so many of those last minute things come up and without even looking I can see David stressin out haha. This is our first time ever so maybe this isn’t normal lol. Just when I think we are done with plans, we aren’t! Apparently this is just the longest process ever. Its chill. I want it to be 100% how I want it. I like our rental and I am not necessarily in a hurry except that we are trying to get pregnant (I am not) and I would like it to be done when the baby comes but I highly doubt it. I have bad luck with moving when my babies are newborns – we moved to NYC when Atticus was 3 months old and moved into a new apartment when Rosie was 1 month old! It is voluntary so I am not complaining but ya know, eek, you would think I would learn.

Anyways, hope you all have a good day! These pics made me happy when going through them and I am thankful for all the friends we have made around the world!!


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  1. Way to have more babies! You guys are such great parents, and I love following along on this love story. 🙂 Cheers to a growing fam!
    heart LP

  2. Ahh!! I cannot believe you are trying again! I cannot wait to follow along in the process. It might seem like you are doing a lot at one time but that’s what makes life so exciting!!!

    Ashton | Instagram

  3. i love your bathing suit i am really into one pieces for this summer!… so happy you are back with your family there are a lot of places to see in this world but nothing compares to the feeling of being with family 🙂


  4. Hello Amber, please can you tell us the brand of your necklace demi moon??? you wore recently on a video insta??🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  5. Oh my word. Dolphins are my spirit animal too. Maybe that’s why I can’t stop looking through your pictures! I love how happy you always are. Dolphins just seem to be full of carefree joy and I collected them when I was younger too. What a fun day y’all had!


  6. These pictures are so breathtaking and you and Rosie’s matching is my favorite 🙂 and Ah, I’m so excited that you guys are trying to have another baby! 😀 Your pregnancy pics are always the cutest
    And what you said about blogging is really helpful. I’m the worst about comparing myself and my blog to other people and try to do what they’re doing. Then I just end up getting mad when it doesn’t work out the same for me haha


  7. Hi Amber,

    This is the first time I comment on one of your posts even though I’ve been a fan for years…
    We started building our home in Costa Rica the week my daughter was born, it was crazy! We had a great construction team and lived 5 minutes away so we were really involved in the whole process. We moved in when Irina was 8 months old! I would recommend building while pregnant and not with a newborn if possible, even though it was a positive and very exciting moment that I’ll cherish forever.
    My recommendations would be:
    1) adapt the space to your lifestyle. We ditched the dinning room and put a table in the terrace because there is no winter in CR! – you can always eat outdoors
    2) Have your favorite spaces the size you need them to be. I removed our bedroom balcony and changed it for a bigger bathroom, and wow, I do love my huge bathroom, a family of 6 could fit in it. I would have never used that balcony anyway…

    3) My parents have build 3 houses and I can tell you they never built enough CLOSET space! I didn’t make that same mistake. We don’t have atticks here, so I had to thinks out what each closet would hold and where to distribute them around the house.

    Good luck and can’t wait to see pictures 🙂

  8. Another inspiring blog Amber! Love how you stay chill all the time with your fam xx And already planned for the third child wow I am happy for you.

  9. I love that there’s a smile on all of your faces in every picture! So sweet☺️ congratulations on trying for your third! I grew up with two sisters and they are my best friends and I loved having a large family!

  10. We are in the process of building our dream house as well. Everything is a slow long process! We are living in a tiny space right now (just had our third baby) and we can’t wait to move. I think our newborn will be about three months like Atticus. Good luck with the build, everyone tells me all the stress will be worth it in the end!

  11. Amber I would love for you to do more posts about what you guys eat…your family seems to do a really good job of balancing treats and healthy food and it would be really inspiring to get more details from you on how you guys accomplish that! You do share that a lot on your blog but I would love to see even more 🙂

    Also I can’t believe people msg you to tell you not to get a minivan cuz they think it’s ugly?! As if you care what they think of your car lol?! I know that sounds mean but geez. Some people have a lot of nerve..

  12. This all looks amazing! You guys go on some wonderful trips, and I was wondering if you could make a post or a list of all the places you have been too and what you liked the most and possibly least about it? Thank you! Love your blog and your little family is so sweet! xoxo

  13. Love this! So many fun things going on for you all! Home building is stressssfulll but oh SO worth it in the end! Hang in there! I truly enjoy your blog so much and the way it has the most real and authentic vibe ever! It is incredibly refreshing! Keep doing you girl! Also very excited about the Hawaii Travel Guide! xoxo

  14. Sounds like an incredible day! Dolphins are such amazing creatures. And building a house sounds exhausting! But I’m sure it’ll all be worth it in the end once you get to move into your dream home! xx
    Courtney // courtneylivin.com

  15. This looks like so much fun! And it would make me so incredibly happy if we were pregnant at the same time 😀 Eeeeeeeek! Xoxo-JS

  16. Looks like an amazing time, Amber! Glad you have some fun experiences in Hawaii to look back to while you’re working on the new house! My blog is new (although I should stop saying that, now that so much time has passed) and I’m still trying to find my voice!

    Simply Lovebirds

  17. Hey! Such beautiful pictures! 🙂 On a side note, i really liked the last work out post u did on abs. Can u please make one showing ur upper body/arm routine? You looks so amazing!

  18. ALWAYS love your pictures, these are some of my favorites yet!! Makin’ me want to move to Hawaii!!! Oh wow can’t wait to for baby numba 3! I am pregnant (23 weeks now) and I am always stalkin’ your posts in the past when you were pregnant and getting outfit ideas and such;) You are an inspiring mama. One of my biggest things that I think about when I think about having kids is that I want to be a HAPPY mom and really, really enjoy my kiddos and enjoy all of the ups and downs and just every stage of it. That’s how I see you as a mom!! Anyways, enjoy LA, can’t wait to hear more about that conference it sounds like a good one.


  19. Thats so exciting that you guys are trying for a baby! I totally just flipped out haha. These pictures are amazing, I love dolphins so much also but have never seen them in real life though my brother has when he’s stayed on my aunty and uncles boat! I was very jealous :/
    xxxxxxxx Isobel

  20. OMG! Excited for you and your family! I bet Atticus & Rosie will love having another sibling. The dolphin trip looked magical, too. 🙂 So much love for you and your positive, genuine spirit. Never stop doing what you’re doing!! XOXO

  21. I love this suit, the white looks great with your tan. I’m so glad you got to experience swimming with dolphins, probably one of my all time favorite things we did while living in Hawaii.


  22. I was just in Hawaii on the Big Island and we swam with wild dolphins too – seriously my most favorite thing ever! It’s so incredibly magical AH I loved it so much. And so glad you did too!! I can’t wait to hear more about #3, your babies are the cutest things ever and I love following along on all your adventures 🙂 best wishes xx

  23. I love the matching outfits on you and Rosie. I also think it’s beautiful that you got to swim with dolphins! I saw some when I was in Marco Island in Florida, but was never close enough to touch them.

    Keri Elaine

  24. I absolutely love reading your travel and adventure posts, watching your fun vlogs and getting to live vicariously through your family. Thanks for letting us have a taste, too! I’m excited for you all about the idea of hopefully another addition to the fam; Rosie and Atticus are absolutely adorable and would make the best big sister and brother! Cheers to the Clarks! 💜

  25. I’m so excited to watch your build! We built a house last year and everyone told us how it would be the most stressful thing ever, but we LOVED every second! I never knew I would get so excited about electrical outlets lol Have the best time building, because it truly is a labor of love when you get to fill your home with wonderful memories! One thing we did that I’m so glad, is wrote meaningful scripture on the studs of the house – because they hold the house together 🙂 Love your blog!

  26. OMG SO JEALOUS ABOUT THE DOLPHINS! I grew up with dolphin and whale stuff all over my room! Excited to hear about you trying for another baby, I like that you keep your followers in the loop <3

  27. Adorable photos! So fun to hear you guys are trying for a third although Atticus and Rosie are already too cute, I don’t know you could handle anymore cuteness!

    Briana | youngsophisticate.com

  28. Amber! What a news! Baby number three in the works!? 🙂 I’m so happy for you! I honestly don’t know how you do it. I have just one 2.5 years old and I’m literally “done” 🙂 You’re such an inspiration and I really mean it. xoxo M P.S. I saw dolphins for the first time in my life in person in Miami and totally understand what a magical moment to be around one…

  29. This looks like the private boat tour of a lifetime! Seriously incredible. I can’t wait to see the video! I am so excited to hear more about your home build and to see the final product. Taking your time with the process is understandable – it needs to be how you and David want! SO amazing that you two are wanting baby #3 🙂 We all love watching your fam grow xx


  30. You and your family have a totally amazingly wonderful lifestyle. Lucky children. Who are, by the way, absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing so that those of us with a humdrum lifestyle can enjoy some of it too. Good luck with the housebuild. I’m sure it will be worth the wait and brilliant. Best wishes. Mary xx

  31. Those dolphins! What a magical experience. They are such beautiful creatures and you are so lucky to have had that opportunity in the wild!

    Good luck with all the baby plans! You are one of the few bloggers who know how to dress a pregnant body.


  32. I am just in the process of renovating my old house and to tell you the truth every time it seems like we are moving one step forward and then three steps back😁😁😁 can’t wait to see what you guys are creating😉lots of love from Poland😀