I love how much you guys liked David’s 12 things! I don’t know why I don’t have him do that more often. I was trying to find my computer charger and couldn’t find it anywhere so he came to the rescue. But I noticed he didn’t mention how amazing that navy velvet blazer was… 😉

We just arrived in Bermuda – it is late and we just got the kids to bed! It was a long trip here – we woke up at 6am to head to the airport and we got to the hotel at 10:45pm ish Bermuda time! We are in this insane penthouse at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club. I am going to do a little tour of it on insta stories in the morning. So excited to wake up and go to the beach with the family!!!! We came here last year for 2 nights just David and I – it was our first time away leaving both kids at home. We left the camera behind and didn’t take any photos, it was pretty great. So we are excited to be here with the kids this time.

If you can’t tell I LOVE Free People right now (this is not sponsored) I got a few new cozy sweaters from there that I love. They have so so so many good things right now – especially their fall hats!

I hope you guys have a good weekend!!! Follow along on insta to see our Bermuda trip! Its going to be a good one!! The kids are SO excited to be here – they were even freaking out with excitement when they saw our hotel room had a couch haha! They are so funny the things they get excited about.

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  1. Love this outfit but 540$ for boots you can pick up @ DSW is insane… but hey!

  2. That sweater is so beautiful! 😍😍😍 ur hair is amazing ✨

    Martha Woolf

  3. I subscribed before I even finished reading that paragraph. 🙂 I can’t explain how much I love your blog, your pictures, your style, your adventures, your family, your randomness. I love it all. You’re such a breath of fresh air, Amber!

  4. I loveeee when you wear blue and have flowers on your pictures🌼 Btw love your blog!!

  5. I really love your hair… already did in your previous post, you should do a tutorial… please 😁
    Free people have really cute pieces

  6. You are seriously a queen!!! Have a great time in Bermuda, I cannot wait for the pictures!!!

  7. Love your hair here! Could you please tell me where you got Rosie’s adorable dress from your Christmas card photo shoot?! My daughters need a white/cream dress for wedding soon. I loved Rosie’s and am desperate to know! Thanks

  8. HI,
    HO My God, I wish I could go in the bermuda right now. Aren’t you scare about more hurricane coming ? Few mont ago, me and my husband were planning our trip (that we had early september), and I was all about going to the Carribean, instead we chose South Korea. But it happen to be exactly when Hurricane Irma hit !!

  9. Love the sweater! Isn’t Bermuda water cold? I went in April to Bermuda, a couple of years ago and the water was so cold! The beach is beautiful though.

  10. That blue is so great on you! I literally CANNOT wait to see your list of podcasts and audiobooks bc I need something new!
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love that color! After going for mostly neutrals the last couple of years, I’m ready for some color in my life!

    Karin | truncationblog.com

  12. Have a fabulous trip! I LOVE free people right now too! That blue looks so good! xoxo

  13. You look so so beautiful on these pictures!! I love your outfit so so much, the sweater is so lovely, I love the color! And your hair is so gorgeous too!
    I love it so much <3

    Love from Germany
    Xx Pauline <3