Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde
BLOUSE: Equipment (also obsessed with this floral one and this black and white one) // DISTRESSED JEANS: Shopbop // HEELS: Manolo Blahnik // SUNGLASSES: Ray Ban // CLUTCH: Clare V. (also wanting this one!)

I have literally ALWAYS wanted a pair of Manolo heels.. this pair, here, is my absolute dream pair. My friend Christine and I were shopping and she spotted these ones I am wearing and I was totally jealous when she got them so when I saw them on major sale (60% off) and saw they were available in my size, I had a major panic attack (the good kind) and had to copy her and get them!! The color is just perfect.

I also stinking love anything made by Equipment. I love the quality of all the pieces, when you wear them you can tell you are wearing something nice.. which is important to me when I am paying more for an article of clothing. Plus they have some of the best prints.

AND HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS WE MOVE ACROSS THE COUNTRY TOMORROW OMMMGGG. I am freaking out/so excited/have butterflies. Check back tomorrow to see where we are going/why we are going/probably a lot of rambling because my nerves are going crrazzzy. LOVE YOU GUYS!

*Photos by Whitney Kofford


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  1. Hi! What kind of Colour have your Manolo’s. Is it light pink? And is it 105mm or 115mm Pump? Thanks… Your Blog is very inspiring. You look so pretty after your pregnancy… Greets

  2. I love this look. The light jeans are perfect with the popping shoes and clashing prints. The straight hair and raybans give a gorgeous sleek look too. Perfect!

    Katie <3

  3. Wierd that we are litrally moving across country tomarrow too! Washington state! Good luck with your move! Worst part is packing clothes shoes and sorting everything, takes an eternity!

  4. The ripping at the bottom of those jeans is so interesting! Different than any other jeans I’ve seen. Cute shoes too!

    1. Love this look!!! So easy to make your own. I recently moved from Arizona to Michigan for my husband’s job. I totally get every emotion you are feeling!!! Good luck!!

  5. Amber!

    Those jeans are so killer. Congrats on the move, I believe they say the most stressful/rewarding things in life are new babies, new moves, and new jobs! Good luck to you and your family. Love your blog, thank you for being one of my favorites to follow!


  6. Good luck on your big move…everyone gets stressed out when they move, so go easy on yourself! Prayers for a safe trip!

  7. Congrats on moving!!! You blog is so amazing I adore it so much, looking forward to seeing your new adventures in a new place on the blog. Congrats again and good luck!!! 🙂

  8. Can you do a post on fitness after pregnancy and eating for breastfeeding? I’m due next month and would like some ideas.

  9. I love this look! Super cute. You already look amazing after having your baby.. what type of workout routine/diet have you been following to get yourself back into pre-baby shape!? SO inspiring!!!!

  10. I absolutely love everything about this outfit- a fave for sure. I’m pretty upset that we couldn’t be best friends while you were living here

  11. Amber!
    LOVE your outfit, as always!
    LOVE your hair, as always!
    And I LOVE that you’re moving across the country! That means you might be close to me!!! Wishing you the absolutely safest, smoothest transition with no problems! Moving is soooo hard! Especially with a new baby and pup! Best of luck, praying for you!
    Looking forward to hearing where you’re going to be living!!!

  12. I have discovered your blog today, and I have to say wow. I love your style. All the different ways you style you hair is so creative, and have given me inspiration to try something else than my regular ponytail and top knot. I also love all your lipsticks, I see I have to start using it more. Your Valentino sunglasses I don’t like. The shape of them give you an expression like you are not a nice person, but I love your aviators. And congratulations with the boy, what a cutie! If I get pregnant, I hope I can do it with style like you.