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So by now you’ve probably realized that I love Blue Apron! I thought I loved it before moving to New York, but it wasn’t until I got here that I fully realized how great and convenient it is. When we first arrived, we hadn’t gone grocery shopping so we were pretty much living off of take out. Then we decided to make our first real grocery store trip, and if you saw David’s instagram, you know how it turned out! Moral of the story, 2 bus rides to the opposite side of town with a stroller to Costco is all it takes to never do that again (talk about newbs ha!!) We have discovered a few grocery delivery services which have been nice, but I have to say, there is something so great about getting a box of all the fresh ingredients you need for the most amazing meals! (Dollar in the amazing jar. Any Bachelor fans should get that) It all comes fresh, with the exact quantities you need for each meal, so you don’t end up just wasting a ton of food, which is what always happens with our produce. On the menu for this dinner was whole wheat linguine with kale, red walnuts and pecorino cheese. It was seriously so delicious. The best part is it was only about 700 calories per serving, but we each only had about half a serving because it made so much. I’m always telling David that I can’t cook, but it’s easy to feel like Gordon Ramsey with Blue Apron

 Blue Apron is once again offering all Barefoot Blonde readers 2 free meals to the first 100 readers when they sign up (click here)! Thank me later!


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  1. I think that if you live in NYC the prices are very good, but, living in California, with tons of great food available. The prices are way too high.

  2. Hey Doll! So I absolutely love your blog! I noticed your beautiful copper pots and pans! I was wondering if they rust or show any discoloration after cooking and washing?

    Thanks you,

    1. Thanks for your question!Yes they do, but only when I don’t care for them properly:/ If you wash them according to the care manual that comes with it and don’t let food or water sit in them, then they look great!

  3. Amber,

    I love that you keep it real on the blog AND I love that you guys are sharing tips for healthy meals. I may have to try Blue Apron, my curiosity is definitely piqued! We do a daily green smoothie, first thing in the morning, which helps us get more fresh fruit and veggies. My babes love it, too. Your blog and Instagram are so much fun, thank you for sharing your beautiful world with all of us 🙂


  4. You should try the app Instacart for grocery home delivery. I live in the city and it’s so amazing. I also live UWS and it has delivery from Whole Foods and Fairway (my favorite), among others. $3.99 for each delivery and you order your groceries online, it has everything – can’t beat it!

  5. You have to use instacart for all your Costco needs. They deliver within a couple hours, much easier than going yourself. Welcome to NYC!

  6. I am in love with your new kitchen girlie! it’s so open and full of natural light. Blue Apron seems like such a viable option as a big city dweller, and would probably help with my college kid situation! #Can’tCook

    xoxo hails.

  7. I’m still dreaming about that chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles that David posted about on his Instagram!

  8. Props to you for moving on up out of the f21 phase.. Unfortunately my broke booty is still parked there.

    “..Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    Me: being able to shop and not look at price tags” lol

  9. Amber, you’re so Sweet! Lots of love to you and your cutte family! Have you ever eben to Russia?
    Best wishes, Dasha:)

  10. I signed up the last time you posted the deal and I am sooooo hooked!! Thanks 🙂

  11. Loving this post!! I haven’t tried Blue Apron but I just gave Just Add Cooking a whirl and totally fell inlove with the convenience of it all.

  12. if the grocery store/costco has free parking (some of them do!!) you should look into zip car! also great for when you need david to drop you at the airport but don’t want to pay for an expensive cab!! if you email me I can send you a referral (and you get $50 in credits!!) I signed up for the sole purpose of going to costco! some schools have alumni organizations too that make it even cheaper than the options they have on the site.

    Another option I love to do is bus/subway it there and then do an uberXL for the ride back!

    also loving your kitchen and all the cute plates/cutlery!! and Atticus is the cutest as always!

    xx B

  13. Ohhhh, I’ve been wanting to try Blue Apron for a while now that I’m living back in the States. I really wish they had had something like this when I moved to Switzerland. It’s so hard after a big move to a new city to find where the best grocery stores are. Thanks for sharing the offer!! Love the kitchen, too!!
    xx Ashleigh @SimplyWright

  14. The Costco instagram picture was priceless.
    Whole wheat linguine with kale, red walnuts and pecorino cheese sounds like an amazing combination. I love your dinner plates! Great for food photograhy and presentation.

    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins