Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup

Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup

TOP: Topshop / CARDIGAN: Topshop / PANTS: Topshop / COAT: Topshop / SNEAKERS: Frye / BAG: Chanel via Fashionphile

Atticus & Rosie – DRESS: Alice and Ames / SNEAKERS: Nike / JACKET: Haus of Jr / HAT: Pleiades / SNEAKERS: Nike / OUTFIT: Zara

I tried to narrow these photos down the best I could! I wanted to include all of them but we have too many! How beautiful are these cherry blossoms?! Coming to this park has been on my bucket list for so long. There were only 3 people allowed in a boat so we did 2 and 2! Which ended up being really hard haha – I started with Rosie but where I had to hold her – I couldn’t row without bumping Ro so we were moving very slowly haha. I passed her off to David and they found a better groove and me and Atticus had our little “Notebook” moment 😉

Afterwards we walked around the park and took in all the beauty. At one point I stopped on the path to console Rosie because she was sad for a moment. I looked up and there were about 10 photographers taking photos of us ha! And they were all loving taking photos of miss ro.

Her cute jacket has a map of Japan on the back and is just the cutest thing! She has really been extra darling this trip – she has this new giggle that has us cracking up. She loves to imitate and when I take outfit photos she stares with the BIGGEST smile and laughs at me haha!

I told you guys about the playground near our airbnb — well the cute man who cleans the park every morning has been bringing Atticus little toys! Its the sweetest thing, really!

Anyways – today we are leaving Tokyo! Stay tuned to see where we are off to next!

**These photos were taken at Chidoriga-Fuchi Park. You can rent these boats for about $7 for one half hour.

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  1. Thank you, I found that place and went with my lil boy. It was really nice) Glad you enjoy Japan!

  2. I know you probably get asked this all the time, but do you ever sell A’s clothes? I so I would LOVE LOVE them! My son Silas is about one size behind A and I absolutely adore your style! I have been trying to be more environmentally conscious and buying second hand but it’s hard to find toddler boys clothes in good condition ☺️

    1. Yes! I knew I had to come during the cherry blossoms 🙂 We are loving it!! 🙂

  3. This post is just so pretty! I’m so feeling this, especially as we have loads of blossoms everywhere here in the UK at the moment, so we’re *almost* matching with our IG styles (you’rs is of course WAYYYYYYY better though)

    Have loads of fun and stay safe xx

  4. This looks like such a magical trip! These photos are so wonderful…def a few to frame and put up in your new home!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  5. Amber! I’ve always thought you were absolutely stunning! But these last two posts!?! Oh my goodness! I’ve never seen you look so simply radiant!
    Your family is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us 🙂

  6. This is beautiful! This is also on my bucket list, hoping to one day visit!

  7. Oh my word, probably my favorite post you’ve ever done – and I adore all your posts! But I feel I’m partial to this one with all the cherry blossoms because I’m a Florist 😉 Thank you for sharing your adventures and inspiring me to hop a plane to Tokyo ASAP

    1. Thank you Katie!! I love hearing that! So glad you liked the pictures 🙂

  8. wow! all of you are in Japan! hope you would have a wonderful time! lots of love from Kyoto❤️!!

  9. I am so excited and happy that you are finally visiting Japan!!! I was born and raised there and cherry blossom season is something I look forward to every year! They will be gone soon so I hope you stay long enough to see it all blow away. The small petals flow away with wind like rain is another breathtaking moment💕 I hope you get to see more and enjoy delicious food and the great hospitality that this country offers!!

    1. No way?! What an amazing place to grow up! We are loving it here! It’s so beautiful 🙂

  10. These are so beautiful! Amber, I just really wanted to say thank you. I just got my BFB Extensions and they seriously changed how I see myself. I know that sounds silly, but I mean it. I had chopped my hair and felt so gross and so terrible about myself, and these extensions have totally restored my confidence. I love them so much! I feel like myself again.

    1. You have no idea how much I love hearing that!! Thank you Nicole! I am so happy you love your extensions! I totally agree, they’re so fun for styling and really can make a big difference. Love ya!! xo

  11. Lovin all the pics of your vacay! #familygoals ! 🙂

    1. Aww thank you Brett!! These are some of my favorites for sure 🙂

  12. These photos are beautiful! Total Notebook vibes 🙂 All the photos of Rosie and Atticus are too sweet! I also have loved seeing how much your all’s photography has improved in the last few years. You all out do yourself every time!!

    Lauren Lindmark

  13. This is beautiful, and sounds so so fun! Cutest little family around!

  14. You really caught the best time to go to Japan! Lucky you <3
    Your pictures are adorable as always, especially the one where Rosie is turning around and it looks like she is waiting for you to follow her! Just so cute 🙂 And I love her Outfit is just gorgeous! She has a better style than I have now, but I mean it can't be different with a mom like you 😀 so stylish!

    Love frpm Germany
    Pauline <3

  15. So gorgeous! Also, I can’t get over how grown up A looks with that new hair cut! He is too much. <3

  16. Oh my goodness, little Rosie is soooo adorable. I can’t handle her cuteness!! I absolutely love these pictures. I also love how David always makes the same face when he hold the kids up like that, it’s hilarious.

    Thank you so much for sharing!!

  17. How amazing it is that you can bring your adorable kiddos on trips of their lifetimes!!! You are so blessed! And even better, the fact that you’ll have these photos to pour over for years and decades to come– I love it! Beautiful family and beautiful pics.

  18. This post is sooooo sweet, I love seeing all of Atticus and Rosie’s little expressions!! So precious 🙂 looks like you guys have had a wonderful time! And those cherry blossoms are to DIE FOR oh my goodness so stunning 😍

  19. Love this!! What edits do you use??? Love all of your pics – Ro is so sweet!

  20. Gorgeous and so so sweet! It just occurred to me, what do you do with all the stuff you have to carry around?! Cameras + Baby Bag(s) + anything else you might need. How do you manage it all 🙂 xo Holly

  21. My husband served his mission in Fukuoka!!! Going to Japan is one of my biggest dreams!!! It looks amazing!

    Only about 7 years until we are done with medical school, hahaha!

  22. These pictures are gorgeous! I am in love with all of the outfits, and of course the pretty pink Cherry Blossoms! I would love to visit Tokyo one day, and I will definitely put this on my list!

    Lots of love,


  23. Omg little Rosie’s outfit has got to be the cutest thing ever!! Also love David’s expression as he’s holding her up haha. The cherry blossoms are so beautiful. Can’t wait to see where you’re off to next!


  24. Aahh looking at these beautiful pictures of you and your family with the cherry blossoms make me feel happy! 😀🌸

  25. The cherry blossoms though! The are gorgeous. I can’t believe how big Rosie and Atticus have gotten. His haircut makes him look so grown up! 😫 I can’t wait to see where you guys are headed next.

  26. I love following along on y’alls adventures! The kiddos are precious and you and David are just the cutest couple. LOVE it! Xoxo-JS

  27. Wow! What a wonderful day! Love all the pictures of your family. Amazing trip!

  28. I’m loving following your Japan trip I want to take my husband there so much! I went when I was 13 and it still looks just as fantasy land and amazing! Thank you for letting us view your personal life it’s so awesome and brings a smile to my face even on a hard day! You and your family are just gorgeous!

  29. Your little ones look so precious!! Gorgeous family Amber <3


  30. Lovely Family! Love all the photos! This will be my buckelist too 🙂 xx

  31. I love these photos! It makes me so happy and warms my heart to see the smiles on all your faces! Looks like you are having a blast! Keep them coming!

  32. Exquisite pictures, Amber!! Atticus and Rosie just keep getting more beautiful.

    – Emily

  33. Aww Atticus is looking so grown up 🙂 and little Rosie so cute. Love all the photos!

  34. Amber, can you, please, share the name of that park? Looks fantastic!

    1. The park from these pictures (they’ve been also to different park in Tokyo, also with a pond, as far as I remember from IG) is Chidori-ga-fuchi right next to Imperial Palace. Beautiful place to enjoy Sakura:)

  35. I won’t mind if you post more pics! These are absolutely darling! Cherry blossoms are my fav! I can’t wait to go to Japan one day during its blooming season! But for now Brooklyn’s cherry blossom will do xD Have a fantastic time traveling! Can’t wait to see more pics! xx

  36. The Cherry Blossom trees! All these photos look magical.
    I’ve been following along through your instagram stories and everything looks amazing and so pink! I can’t wait to see more photos!

    -Kellyn Rivera

  37. These photos are amazing and you SHOULD post them all! I could scroll for hours and admire your amazing life! Can’t wait to see whats next/ one day copy these unreal trips (;

  38. Yall look like you guys are having soooo much fun! Glad y’all are having a great time together. There is nothing more important than family. Amber, I LOVE following along on your blog and instagram. It is always so cute and inspiring. Love this post!

    Kelly Hoover

    1. Gorgeous pictures. I am in love with your outfit too! those pants rock. Plus another great hair style for me to try – thanks