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All these pictures are from old blog posts!! ^^

Today I am starting a new series all about blogging. These posts will be everything about my blog and blogging in general from how I started, what I love and hate about blogging, tips for starting your blog, etc. If you have specific questions be sure to leave them in the comments! To kick off this series I thought I would share how, when, and why I started my blog! And details in between. Soo here we go!

In 2010 I was in cosmetology school in Utah. I heard about a service trip to Fiji and instantly knew I wanted to go. I was extremely frugal in high school and had saved up quite a bit doing lifeguarding and swim lessons. I used it for college expenses but still had some left and decided to use it on this trip. I took a break from school, got my passport, and booked my plane tickets. I am not good at staying in touch so I knew the only way I could share photos with each family member and friend would be if I shared them on a blog. My very first blog post was, here, counting down the days til I was going to Fiji.

When I got back I kept blogging here and there. Mostly thoughts and photos I found inspirational (this was before pinterest! So think of my blog at this time as my pinterest board & journal). I always loved taking photos, documenting, and writing in a journal so blogging was really fun for me. Slowly I started blogging more and more – mostly just photos from my point and shoot camera. I would post photos just as I do now… whatever I did that week. By now more people were reading my blog — just through word of mouth. I am not sure word of mouth was even a good thing since a lot of people were making fun of my blog ha! Either way I was getting more page views and really loved to get comments from people. Girls started asking what I was wearing and how I did my hair. So I started linking to what I wore in that post and occasionally did a hair tutorial to show people how I styled my hair. These tutorials I just filmed on my laptop in my poorly lit apartment room (hi, literally ZERO natural light when I filmed these lol! I had a blanket over the window. Why? I do not remember). Example, here.

I one day decided I wanted better photos and asked my dad if I could borrow his digital camera. He let me bring it up to college with me. I would get dressed, drive somewhere totally random (anywhere that no one would be! The top of a parking garage in Provo was a regular spot for me ha). I put my camera on top of my car and did self timer.

Eventually I got sick of running into frame – realizing I actually wasn’t in frame – repeat. So I asked my sister to take my photos for me and I would pay her in the form of a McDonalds drive through after. Oh and I always used coupons. And I am pretty sure we ONLY ordered off the dollar menu haha 🙂 Here and here are some shoots I did with her in 2011. And occasionally I would find a photographer to take them like in this shoot here.

I have always loved styling hair but because of hair school I became even more interested in it. My first week in hair school.. they have you divided up into groups depending on when you started. I was in the most recent group.. which in every other girl’s mind meant you were the silly freshman and they were the cool senior. (it felt like high school). They had all of the groups together in one room for a hair styling competition. They chose me as the first place winner and the older girls weren’t too happy about it 😉 It made me want to win again and I got super into using my hair extensions to do really big and dramatic braids. I would do some really cool styles at home and would take selfies of these and share them on my blog. They were poor quality and had way too many filters but around this same time pinterest came around. Braids were getting really popular and some of my photos ended up getting shared a lot and I started growing.

After hair school I went back to school in Utah for a couple semesters. All of this was before blogging was big (or selfies for that matter and I posted a lot of hair selfies!) so I did get made fun of a lot. Not only by people in my college town but by best friends, cousins, etc. I kept going – not because I had any intentions of making money (because I had zero idea I would ever make money blogging) but because I enjoyed it.

When I started dating David he was really supportive of my blog from day one. A lot of his friends poked fun at it (all have apologized!) but I remember feeling so silly because of course I want my boyfriend’s friends to like me! He would always roll his eyes at comments and say, “who needs them, your blog is amazing – keep doing you.”

When we got married he started taking photos for me and I started posting more frequently. He started shadowing photographers and learning more about photography (mostly just by experience and playing around with settings). If you go through archives you can see our blog get better and better with photography as he learned more and more! Really proud of how far he has come 🙂

The blog since then has just slowly grown on its own and changes as our life changes! I have always wanted it to be a reflection of my actual life and sound as if I was actually talking to you guys and telling you what’s up in our lives.

Thanks to all who have supported and cheered me on through the years. I feel so lucky to have such supportive readers. You guys always put a smile on my face! Thank you thank you.

What else do you guys want to know about blogging?!?!?

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  1. I love this! It’s funny because some of the old photos with “bad lighting” I had saved to my Tumblr when I was like 13! Crazy how influential you have been from the start!

    Mayci J. Neeley

  2. Can we just talking about how you two just don’t age at all?? haha. Loved hearing how you started. Had no idea you’ve been doing this for so long.

  3. LOVED IT! I guess that’s only way you can make it as a blogger… you must really really love to do it! With or without the money! Keep rocking girl!

  4. I follow you on instagram since you got married, so I saw you and your family grow more and more! I started to follow on instagram because I wanted to learn how to make me braids (the little I can do now is only thanks to you!). You’re the only blogger that I follow constately! I love you and all your family! You’re my biggest inspiration! :*

  5. So amazing! I found you on insta when Atticus was a little baby and have absolutely loved following your journey. Thank you for sharing xxx

  6. I really want to start one how did you post it. Facebook/other social media

  7. How would you recommend starting a lifestyle/fashion instagram account growing? I am super interested in doing it @josiemattingly and super interested in figuring out how to get sponsors and do collabs! But I have no idea how you would start that and figured you were the best place to come to! I also would like to know what website would be the best for creating a blog? for some reason that has been such a struggle for me. haha! LOVE everything you are doing and the good example you are to me and many other girls around the world!

  8. What an awesome intro to the series! I am just getting into blogging and find myself getting so intimidated by others with bigger and better blogs. Thank you for your honesty and photos of beginning! Proof to never give up, and to remember your reason. It really inspired me.

  9. Humble begginings are the best! Truly an inspiration. Thank you for sharing! Just gained a fan all the way from Philippines 🙂 ✋ was stuck on your site since midnight hahaha

  10. OH my gosh, I LOVE this!! This really means a lot to me because I just started a blog last week, like bought the domain and all, and although I pretty much have all the technical stuff handled and 3 posts done, I know things to fix will continually come up for the first few months (or probably forever! haha!). But I’ve been getting really nervous about sharing it with people. My really supportive friends know, but I haven’t yet posted about it on FB or Insta or Pinterest because I just know there are going to be so many haters!! I love watching youtubers and following bloggers, but for so many people who don’t get it, I feel like they’ll be like “Who does she think she is? Why would anyone want to know what she does day to day?” .. And I’m definitely now one to let the opinions of others stop me in the slightest, but I’m definitely letting it make me nervous for sharing! It is so helpful to know that even someone as amazing as you was made fun of over the blog! I keep telling myself that everyone had to start somewhere!! Thanks for being so awesome! You’ve liked a couple of my braid pics on insta in the past and it totally made my day 🙂

    1. Ooops meant to say I’m definitely NOT one to let the opinion of others stop me haha….

  11. You are a real inspiration to me, thank you so much for your very honst posts. Could you tell me where i can start a Blog – which platform do you use? Thank you again!! Greetings from Switzerland 🙂

  12. Finally catching up on your blog. I’ve been following you for such a long time. I’m one of those silent readers. 🙂 I love that this was all able to work out for you. You are the perfect person to blog and have this platform. Thank you for never giving up!

  13. I loved this! I’ve always wanted to start a blog but I’ve never had something to talk about or even been a good writer at that so it never clicked for me. But I would still love to continue to head about your blogging journey. What’s the best website to use? How do you eventually make money from blogging?

  14. Hi Amber! Love this post! What did you end up getting your degree in?

  15. This is so fun to read! It’s so easy to forget that everyone has a beginning. I would love to know what your first opportunity to make money was? Did everything seem to happen sporadically or all at once? Have you ever looked back from blogging?? I’m so interested, haha!
    Thanks for sharing!

    XX -KK

  16. I would love to know more about how you learned to create cute text graphics for your posts. So excited you are writing this blogger series!

  17. I love your blog and you inspired me to do my own!! People always make fun of me too. Sometimes I have even cried myself to sleep because I think no one reads my posts or no one cares about what I say. Then I went through the drive through to get a cup a coffee and someone calls me by my blog name and said they loved my posts and they read every single one! You are such an inspiration to all your readers! keep doing you!

  18. This is so inspirational! I’m glad you stuck with it despite what people were saying about your blog. I feel like that takes a lot of courage! I started a blog almost two years ago ( and still keep up with it (for the most part), but I haven’t really told many people about it because I’m a little afraid to put myself out there. I really want to though, but it’s hard! Thanks for starting this series. I love hearing about it, so keep it up! You’re amazing! <3

  19. This is so great!! I love seeing how much progress you’ve made, it really shows that with hard work you can do anything!! You’re so great Amber, keep doing you:)

    <3 Amelia

  20. Did it cost you anything to start your blog? Like for WordPress it’s $2.99 per month if you just want you domain to be .com instead of Thanks so much!!

  21. Hi Amber!,

    I have been following up with you for almost all of college now! (4 years wow!) I am senior about to graduate and you have inspired me in so many ways! I am trying to pursue my dreams with fashion and photography! I want to start a blog, but it makes me super nervous to put myself out there. I like most people am intimidated by what people will think or say about me so I just have not gotten the courage to make it public. I started one, but never have published it. I think I just need some advice or encouragement to just do it! Thanks for everything that you do and I love how fearless you are about sharing your life!

    Sara <3

  22. I love seeing all the old pics! I seriously started following you when I came across the braided half up tutorial (the pic of you in the red shirt). So its been a while! I loved that hairstyle and did it a bunch. Its been so cool seeing you and your family grow and how much your blog has evolved. Def goals to work towards! Hoping once we move away from NYC I will be able to focus on my blog more and not have months in between posts ( I know that is the worst thing I could do haha).

    Loving your pics from Japan!

  23. What hosting site do you use? Have you changed over the years? ( blue host, WordPress, etc.) and what are the pros and cons of diff hosting sites

  24. OMG I love reading your blogs! Ever since I came across your Instagram page and started reading your blogs, it made me want to start blogging but I just don’t know where to begin. I’ve Googled info on ‘how to start a blog” and ‘first-time bloggers’ but I get all sorts of information so I would like for you to show me step by step how you started blogging (platform, host, domain, WordPress, design, etc.). Thank you so much in advance!

    Best wishes!

  25. I’m sure I’m like the hundredth person to say this but this post inspired me to finally start my own blog….scary! But really exciting as well! I absolutely adore your blog and I can’t wait for the rest of this series! Any help that you can give or advice on how to get it up and going would be great! I also really love your photos and agree with some of the other people that commented that one about how David takes and you edit them would be super helpful! Again thanks so much for the inspiration and little push you gave me!

    Mady I –> just started this! yay!

  26. I just love reading about how people got their start! Sometimes it can feel so overwhelming when I don’t recognize that I’m comparing my beginning to someone else’s years of experience … so thanks for sharing your “beginning” 🙂

  27. Pleeeeaaaasssseee do a blogpost or video on how David takes your pictures!
    I just love your photography so freaking much! You always have so perfect shots and many different ideas and variations! I just love it so much!
    Your just are the biggest photography inspiration and you are looking fabulous in every shot!

    Love from Germany
    Pauline <3

  28. You’ve inspired me to start my own blog. I’m a mom of 2 boys, own a dance studio, judge dance competitions, and a dental hygienist. I never have a lot of time for me and my home but feeling the urge to take my life back over before I lose it. I’m from SC and truly a southern girl. Any help with how I should start my blog would be appreciated. Thank you for inspiring me 🙂

  29. Do you think you could please tell us how you think good ideas for coming up with names for a blog? I would love to try help my friend kickstart her blog but we can’t think of a name yet! Love you Amber xx


    Coming from a gal who just found you on social media and not knowing what you are about / judging / thinking your life is perfect , ya know the normal, this almost brought me to tears!! You kept doing you and I bet you never imagined you would be here!!! Love to you & your family!!


  31. Crazy to think I actually started following you back in the day of your selfies & when you had the LDS tab {I’m not LDS, but do love Jesus and loved that you shared it} ! It has been so fun following along on your adventures and watching your blog take off! I’m your age, live in NYC and would love to be able to write/travel/blog full time. Wish we had gotten to meet while you still lived here! xox

  32. Awesome! I have been reading for about a year and a half so far. I am so pumped to hear more about your journey 🙂 You even inspired me to start my own blog! Thank you for sharing this and for continuing on even when others made fun of you! xo Holly woop woop you’re the best, Amber!

  33. Yesss. Finally!!! I’m so excited to read this blog. This is exactly what I have asked you couple of times because I just started a blog and have no clue how to grow it like I want it to be. So, having you as an inspiration whose blogs I read all the time sharing your story is so helpful. I have so many questions but right now my question is: What is the most important thing a blogger have to do to grow her blog? Please have this series go on. I love it xxx

  34. Aww, I love hearing how people got started and that is so amazing you have these memories to look back on! Can’t wait to read more!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  35. That is so adorable how David supported you! I didn’t know he started doing photography because of the blog you wrote. That is so special! My question is how do you get sponsored through brands. What would you recommend to someone who is still building their email list but has worked with quite a few smaller brands and wants to work with more well known brands?

  36. Hello Amber! My name is Leah and I am 13 years old, I found you on instagram probably around a year ago and have really looked up to you since then. When I get older being a fashion blogger sounds like the coolest most fun thing in the world! I have started little things to dip my toes in the social media world like starting a YouTube channel (Leah Lynn) but am pretty lost from there! What can you recommend to prepare for in the future in terms of schooling and things like that? thanks!

  37. Hi, Amber !!!
    I love your blog! And your story about how you built it is very inspiring, I started my own blog last month and I had a lot of doubts because I did not want people to make fun of me and what I share in it, thanks for sharing your story with us. I feel more confident about me and my blog and ignore the whole feeling of shame. I will love it if you share with me some advice on how I can make more people see my blog.

    Instagram: paolinawehbe

  38. Hi Amber! I’ve been interested in starting a blog for a while but am considering starting it over the summer before my senior year of high school. I really wanted to start it in college but I think it would be fun to show my senior year too. What software/program do you use? How do you get your design so clean and pretty? What would you recommend using as a first-time blogger? (I say first time but I used to blog when I was in 7th grade haha and I was the only one who did it but I did fashion stuff and advice.)

  39. You are the cutest and I’m so glad you started blogging! My question is how do you gain and keep followers?! I feel like I don’t know if people can relate to me or my blog or make it something people want to actually read/view!

  40. Thanks so much for posting this! I love following the adventures of your sweet family. I have always wondered how you got started and I am so excited to see the other posts in this series. I have always wanted to start a blog and I was wondering how you actually started to make money from the blog and how you get brands/companies to work with you.

  41. Hey Amber 🙂
    I would love to get tips from you on how to grow your blog. Many things have changes since you started but I hope you have some tips for people that started there blog now 🙂 Its very hard to grow because there are so many Blogs…
    Love from Germany
    Pauline <3

  42. You are my role model when it comes to blogging and one day hope to be a mommy blogger like you too! I’m so inspired by your Instagram and posts, how did you create your Instagram aesthetic and what tips do you have for branding yourself on Instagram or even as a blogger in general? Thank you!!! <3

    Instagram: @naturallykimmy

  43. Wow that is a really lovely story of how you started. David is right anyone who says otherwise “who needs them, your blog is amazing – keep doing you.” Sounds just like my boyfriend. I have followed you for a while now and to see how much the blog has grown and changed is amazing. Keep doing you girl!

  44. Dear Amber, how did you decide to move to Hawaii? Hawaii is the best place on earth as for me)

  45. I would love to start blogging especially because it documents our whole life and when I got old and wrinkly I could go back and read and see it all ! Could you pls tell which site did u start blogging on ? And how does blogging actually generate money I fail to understand ..

  46. I absolutely love your approach! As I am just in the beginning works of trying to find my flow and target audience with my blog, ( I love how you have been able to grow just by speaking in your true voice and sharing your feelings like a journal, that to me is the best! Letting other girls know that they are not alone and sharing highs and lows, its such a great platform!

  47. I love this! I started a blog a few years ago after years of debating it. I have always loved to journal and became a stay at home mother so I had finally had time to try it out..anywho… I knew nothing of what to do or how to do it. But I actually found your blog shortly after I had started mine. And I saw how over time you just got better and better and better. So that made me feel so much more confident and kept me going!! I felt like a complete idiot but I’m having fun still!

    My husband and I are still learning (after a third baby-break) so my question would be what do you feel attracts readers and keeps attention???!! Blog design..blogging same time each week etc?? Thanks Girl!

  48. Great Post as always and really excited about this new post series! I would love to know about how you designed the blog, did you hire someone? and still use that same designer now or can you code? and if so, how did you learn coding?

  49. What did you originally use to generate your blog? WordPress? Wix? When did you transition to owning your blog as an independent site?

  50. Amazing blog and I love that you share the story behind your blog! Your husband is a talented photographer – your pictures are perfect. Here in Denmark we know you and a lot of my friends follow your blog, as do I. You inspire us!

  51. I’d love to know what you do on days when you feel like you don’t have any new content (if this ever happened to you, especially in the beginning). For example if you post outfits but hit a certain point where you’ve featured everything thats in your closet on your blog. Do you just start repeating outfits in posts with different text content? I ran a blog for a little while but I stopped because I had featured every outfit I own and it felt like it was just going to become a repeat of the same over and over because this is all I have (and I cant afford to go out and get more clothes). Thanks, girl

  52. I love this post because I have been reading your blog since the beginning. You are awesome and your family is beautiful! You’ve come so far! 🙂

  53. OMG thank you so much for posting this. I just started my blog and I’m scared to share it with family and friends because I’m afraid people will make fun of me. But, you definitely inspired me to just follow my dreams and to not worry about others. Thank you!

    I do have one question about blogging- when did you see the most subscribers to your blog initially?

    If you want, you can check out my blog at 🙂

  54. Hi Amber, I’m Anastasia and I’m 17. You and David inspired me to get into photography as a hobby, and I’ve been looking to start a blog. Do you think that wordpress is a good platform to start out on? What platform would you recommend for a beginner? I have no idea what I’m doing, but I really love the idea of having a virtual photo album and documenting my adventures. You keep doing what you’re doing! I’m super excited for these upcoming posts on starting a blog!

  55. as i mentioned in a previous comment, stumbled upon your blog today. and im hooked. going to start from the beginning bc i’m super intrigued to see how you got to live in hawaii! Thanks so much for sharing your story, I too sometimes feel silly telling friends and family about “my blog”. Looking forward to reading more about you xo

  56. Amber I would like to know what website manager or platform you use, editing software for webpage or photos and perhaps camera 🙂 your current pics are making me miss Hawaii and want to do a career change

  57. Loveee this! I started blogging sporadically a few years ago and now I’m trying to be consistent – following your growth over time has really inspired me! You and your family seem like great people and I hope you keep up with blogging forever 🙂

    Do you have any tips on how to find your niche, how to take great photos, and which platforms to post to?? I’m still deciding if I should focus on just Instagram, or Instagram and my blog, or Instagram my blog and YouTube (there are lots of options these days haha). Thank you Amber 🙂

  58. Imagine if you would have listen to his friends who poked fun. Very inspiring story, Amber!

  59. I’ve loved seeing your blog (and you!) evolve over the years! I’ve been a reader since the very beginning! Glad you didn’t give up when others mocked you for your passion and their lack of understanding. Keep being a positive inspiration for all of us!

  60. do you really go through each clothing item and link them one by one when doing outfit posts? or is there an easier way to do it? would love to know! big fan of you btw!!!

  61. Such a good read! Thank you for posting this! With a lot of things in life I think we are all so scared of being made fun of that we don’t do what we really want to do. I needed to read this!

  62. Love Love Love that you are doing this new series! Thank you:) I was wondering if you could tell us a little about the legal aspects of blogging. (copyright..)

  63. Amber I love that you’re doing this series! Ever since I found you, I have been so inspired and even started a blog of my own! I have yet to write my first post even tho I purchased my blog a few months ago… I’ve been afraid of what people will think about it! But this post made me feel so much better and realize I just need to do it! Thank you so being so amazing. Love you and your blog!

  64. Amber, I have been following you for a few years now and I always look forward to reading your blog posts! I think I have watched literally every single YouTube video you have posted 🙂 I recently started a lifestyle/beauty/fashion blog with my best friend, and you inspired me to even start thinking about blogging. You have been such an encouragement in my blogging and my life in general. I am so glad you are doing this blogging series! I feel like there are so many bloggers these days, and it’s hard to stand out in the crowd. I know Pinterest was one way people started reading your blog. Do you have any tips for how to use Pinterest to let people know about your blog and gain followers? Would you ever consider making a group on Facebook or Pinterest for beauty/fashion bloggers to connect with you and each other? I would be interested in any tips you have about blogging in general/turning blogging into a career! Xo

  65. I love this post! So interesting! Been following you for a few years now since Atticus was a baby:) amazing to see where u all are now!!

  66. I 1000% love this post Amber. So fun to see your blog throwbacks and read about your blogging journey!

  67. Amber! Thank you so much for posting this 🙂 You have been our inspo from the start! My best friend & I started at blog 2 years ago and have slowly grown through trial & error! People will always have negative things to say and honestly it’s so nice to hear that you pushed through & opened so many peoples eyes to the joys of blogging. You truly have inspired so many through Barefoot Blonde including myself so THANK YOU! I absolutely love keeping up with you and your darling family. Have a lovely day! xoxo

  68. Hi Amber,
    This is so generous of you to share your blogging tips. Will you add a submenu section in your lifestyle menu section so we can find all those posts later if we want to refer to them.
    Below are few ideas of post I would like to see about blogging, I am starting my blog “again” and would like to stick to it this time 😉
    –What are your blog photos size and how do you edit them?
    –How do you find inspiration for blog posts? And do you use an editorial calendar to plan your posts? Do you have a specific schedule for blog posts or just post when you feel like it?
    –Do you use your cellphone or mostly a DSLR camera? Do you have any recommendation about taking good pictures outdoor and indoor? Do you have specific lighting accessories for any indoor photos?
    –How to you use social media to promote your posts? Or your blog in general? Do you usually post the same content across your social media or try to be specific for each social media platform?
    –How do you grow your blog / brand? How do you get pay doing it? (sponsorship? Advertising?…) Any big tips you wish you had known for us starting a blog?

    Thanks again, I am so going to enjoy this serie.

  69. I have followed you for awhile now! I went to high school with a girl named Jackie Orrock (her name is different now because she married) in vegas that I think you are friends with. I have followed you ever since then and I think you are great! I love your cute little sweet life! I love how real and random you are! Keep being you, you are one of my inspirations! ❤️

  70. WOW that is so amazing to hear how everything started. I am super interested in blogging and taking pictures I am all the time the person who takes pictures of everything we do. I love to look at old pictures! I would be super interested if you could show me how you edit your pictures and which website you use to make the blog.
    xoxo sophie

  71. I’m so excited to read your series Amber. I’ve followed you for years and love everything you post. Mostly because it’s so real and fun! I recently started my blog and look forward to your tips!

  72. I have been a fan of your blog for YEARS!!! I absolutely love your posts and have loved seeing your family grown from 2 to four! You inspired me to begin my own blog, which I absolutely love doing! I’d love to know how your blog got more popular and if you have any tips!!

  73. I feel so inspired after reading this post. You are my favorite blogger and have been since I discovered you 3 years ago. It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come since you’ve begun! Love you lots Amber- I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you 🙂

  74. Being married I think it’s not a breaking point when you don’t have your spouses support on something , having said that, having a husbands/wife’s support will definitely balance everything out so I love that David encouraged you and also took interest in your (obvious) talent! My husband is the same and it truly makes all the difference as I blog because still people are skeptical about it and it’s mind boggling seeing how successful people can be. Xo

  75. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS !!! I’ve been reading your blog for like 3 or 4 years. I think I found you because, I was following another blogger (caraloren) and you were in one of her photos on instagram. I was hooked ever since !! You’re AWESOME AND A AMAZING mother ( I can just tell) How cool it must feel to be so successful. I bet all those haters and doubters stalk your blog they made fun of daily.

  76. Great post! I loved reading about how you got started and your perseverance to keep blogging despite what other people thought. My question for you is more about what your blog is today and what a typical week or month looks like as far as planning, writing, editing. Do you post about stuff you pick or is everything you post about now an affiliate or sponsored post?

  77. This is amazing, thank you so much for doing this blog post! It’s so inspirational to find out how you got started. I feel like after reading this I started my blog for the wrong reasons… but still I LOVE blogging and love documenting my life. I started worried about the quality but all I want now is to inspire someone just like you do with me with every single blog post. I am happy for your victories and I am sad when you are sad, it’s a relationship in a way that you have with your readers and that’s so powerful!

  78. LOVE this. I’ve followed your blog for many many years now (maybe 5 years by now?) and have always felt so inspired by you and your style of blogging! You keep it simple, authentic, and personal which is why I’ve always been drawn to you specifically! So so so excited for this series and all the information it’ll hold!! One big question I have (as I’m struggling with this personally with my own blog) is how do you maintain that personal, story telling, best friend kind of vibe with your blog while still keepig some privacy in your own life and being conscious of the privacy of others in your life? I’m so curious for any tips you may have! Love seeing your blog continuing to grow! You so deserve it!!!


  79. I have been a long time fan of your blog for YEARS! I finally got to meet you in person during NYFW and you were so sweet to me! I didn’t realize you were so tall too lol. I started blogging 10 yrs ago and just like you, it was a lot of trial and error, boy o boy but I kept at it! I have seen lots of blogs start up then they fall off. You kept at it and consistent and thats why I love stopping by! Keep up the good work. I love seeing the kids and how your hubby captures all your precious moments in life! xoxo

  80. LOVE THIS! I told you this a few weeks ago but, I just started my own blog and you were a huge inspiration for me. I’m so glad you touched on people making fun of you because that is something I have been afraid of. I hope you know that your blog has inspired me and so many others! I love the North Shore and all of your blog posts have helped me decide that I want to live there for a few years after school. You have a beautiful family and you are gorgeous! Keep doing you, cause we all love you!

  81. I have been following you for so long, from those first hairstyle pins on pinterest (I still have them on my board! ha!) and I know I don’t know you at all but I am so happy for you and proud of you! You are an inspiration for young women to be you and that things don’t just happen overnight, they take time effort and commitment and when you find something you love it won’t feel so hard. Keep doing you!

  82. This is great Amber! You write your posts so naturally I feel like I can hear your voice with your funny anecdotes🙂 I am starting my blog and this is great since it is great to be the evolution from your first posts pics to know. What a great journey!

  83. Amber it has been the most wonderful thing to watch this blog grow and grow for you. I totally remember being in hair school with you and just in awe of how talented you were (and your skin and makeup was always flawless and beautiful) congratulations on your success

  84. I first discovered you via your amazing hair and braid tutorials on pinterest, then found you on instagram (this was back when you were first pregnant with Atticus!) and have followed you ever since. I just have to say that you are truly an inspirational woman. This is honestly my first time commenting on a bloggers post ever, so that goes to say you have really inspired me. I love how real you are with your followers and how you always respond to criticism and hateful comments in a nice and sweet manner. That just says so much about you and I respect that. Keep doing you Amber, you are awesome.

  85. Love it. So inspirational! I would like to hear how you blog with two babies around, do you make yourself a schedule? I’m struggling a bit with time management with my two kiddies + blog. Love to hear how it goes down in the Clark house! 🙂

  86. Ha! I loved reading this! You made it all by yourself girl! Even though people laughed and you had to make pictures in a parking garage :’) hilarious but also really cool! X Richelle /

  87. Amber I’m such a huge fan of yours (have been for ages) and recently launched a blog of my own and can SO relate to the vulnerability you feel about putting yourself out there. Thanks for being such an inspiration, I look forward to keeping up with this series!

  88. Amber your blog really is the best, I actually think you are the most down to earth blogger out there! I found you right after Atticus was born, though I had tons of your pictures on Pinterest of braid styles because I also love braiding hair, at the time I just didn’t know it was you. This may sound odd since I obviously don’t know you guys but I always look forward to your posts because it seems like you are a friend because of the way you write and film giving everyone such an honest (and often hilarious, since I also have kids) look into your life! I would love to read more about how you guys learned to do such beautiful photography. Anyways keep going girl your blog is amazing and you inspire lots of other mommies (and non mommies of course)!!!!!

  89. Wow Amber this was so fun to read!! I’ve been following you since 2012 and you are my all-time favorite. I never knew how you started! You are so inspiring and I adore getting to know a new side of you every post! You keep it real and just seem like the sweetest person! You deserve all the good that has come your way! Keep perservering!! You are an inspiration!

  90. Love this! ❤️ Love that you kept doing what you loved even when people were making fun of you. I bet they’re not laughing now 😊

  91. I love your cute little family Amber. You’re my fav blogger and you have the sweetest babies!! You’re an inspiration, keep going!
    Are you going to do any meetups while you’re here in Hawaii? Would love to meet ya 😉

  92. Love this! I started my blog around the time you did, before it was “cool” like it is now & got made fun of & even lost friends over it. Glad we stuck with it 😉 You’re an inspiration!

  93. So excited about this series! I started a blog before I started studying abroad hoping it would launch off, but I’ve been getting less followers since I have started blogging about travel(which was strange to me). So I look up to your blog as inspiration and would love to hear how it got so successful! My blog is Leather and Lace

  94. Such an inspiration to new bloggers & old! Love following you and your beautiful family! ♥️ Need to meet you one day before you leave the island!

  95. Omg Amber you’re so sweet😍I’ve followed you for 2 or 3 years and when I followed you first time Atticus was a little baby😍 And now he’s a cute boy💜 I love your life, you are my idol!!💋 I want to be like you; always happy, peaceful, sweet etc.😍 You’re so amazing😍 One day I really hope to see you and your sweet family💜 Always be happy!!👸🏼 And sorry for my English, Im not good😂 Love youu🍒💜

  96. Hey Amber,
    I really want to start blogging (lifestyle, mom and family life, and travel as well.) my biggest set back right now, is a name! But also, what’s the best way to help others see your blog and help it grow? I’m a photographer ( and I’ve photographed fashion bloggers before where they didn’t get a huge following.
    I think I can keep up with it, make it pretty, and write good stuff. But I’m not sure how to help it grow.

  97. I LOVE looking back at some of my old photos and being amazed at how much everything has evolved! Good for you, Amber. Glad you kept it going! <3

  98. Aww this is so sweet for you to post and about your early blogging days! Im just starting my own blog and currently love reading how others started. Ive been going back to my early days of instagram (almost 6 years omg!) and just seeing all those pictures are crazy. I loved looking at all your firsts posts and hope one day someone will look at my first posts the same way! You are a true inspiration and a fantastic moral role model!

  99. Hi Amber! Your family is adorable! I would like to know how you keep you and your family safe through blogging. There are a lot of scary people out there on the internet so what are some things that you do to help keep your family safe from these people?

  100. How do you getting pay your travel? You and gamily travel always? Are you earning money in this way?

  101. Hi Amber. I have been your long time follower and finally got the courage to start an instagram blog. I have a huge interest in style and decor. It would mean a lot to me if you can take a quick look and let me know what you think about it.

  102. Hi Amber, I’m currently a college senior (graduating in May) and it’s because of Tanel Baehr that I became a follower of yours! I love who are you as a person and how bubbly and positive you are 🙂 I am HIGHLY thinking of starting a blog once I graduate, and come fall, I’ll be in Italy (hopefully working/traveling) so I plan on capturing all of my experiences/outfits while I’m there! You are such an inspiration to me and I AM VERY, VERY excited to be following your posts about blogging and everything that comes with it. Keep doing Amber <3 excited to hear from you next. Thanks in advance.

  103. This is so helpful! I’ve really wanted to get into blogging, I’m just so nervous to do it! I think it is something I might try to do after college. With social media being so big now, how do you recommend getting word about a new blog out there? And since there are more bloggers around now than when you started, do you think it is important to make sure there is something that differentiates a new blog? I don’t have any hair talents like you do! I would love and really appreciate some feedback! 🙂

  104. i started a blog almost a year ago and it seems like everyone thinks it’s so stupid so it’s hard for me to be proud of my posts even when i work hard on them. how did you get over people making fun of you blog?

  105. I’m so excited for this series, Amber!! I’m a newbie blogger and a growing photographer so I feel like a mix of both you and David, haha! I post about trips my husband and I take, as well as photo galleries from shoots I do. Other than those posts I have trouble coming up with content and readership. What are your best tips for those? (For reference I already promote my blog on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and occasionally Google+. Most of my friends read it from time to time). Thanks!!

  106. I can’t believe anyone ever made fun of you 😖 That’s something that really scares me about blogging, I’m always afraid of negative comments. How did you deal with negativity from others?

  107. You should be so proud of yourself! I’ve been following for several years (I think since 2012!) and have always loved your blog. So glad you didn’t let those haters bring you down 🙂

  108. I am so glad you are going to start a little series on blogging! I have followed you since before “blogging” was a huge thing and just remember constantly pinning all of your gorgeous photos. I love how you shared old photos and blog posts. It so cool see how incredible you and your husbands athetic has improved over the years. That is all I want for my blog, to look back and see growth! I constantly want everything to perfect, but it’s the learning and growing that is important and your post reminds me of that. I would love some basic To Do’s and Not To Do’s as a blogger! Also, how do you grow such an incredible brand and blog while staying true to yourself? I’ll probably think of more later.

    Thank you for sharing and being one of the people that inspired me to start my own blog 🙂

    Love, Allison

  109. Amber, I’am not sure why but I have not been receiving this to my email automatically! I checked and I am still’s depressing bc I LOVE you emails everyday

  110. I have been following your blog for YEARS I recently got the courage to start my own blog, I love knowing where you started because I’ve seen how you’ve grown. I can only hope I can grow my blog like you have done. I’d love to know your best ideas on how to grow! Thanks for being an inspiration!

    Your Redlocks and Shamrocks Girl,
    Lisa Doyle

  111. Hi! My name’s Manda and I’m 20 years old. I’ve wanted to start a blog for over a year now but I don’t even know where to start and with school I’ve been too busy (and too scared honestly). I’m thinking it’s time though haha. I just want something fun that I can honestly just have for myself and family. I LOVE taking pictures (my sister is a photographer and I took photojournalism & loved it) and have journaled since I could write so blogging is like a big desired hobby of mine. I also modeled for years and was Miss Kansas in 2010 and I just love fashion and hair and not so much makeup but I really love clothes and styling my (annoyingly) long hair! Lol. I’m interested to know HOW to start. And I’m in a rut with a name because I honestly thought of barefoot brunette (country girl from the outskirts of Wichita, Kansas with brown hair) and then I found your blog and was like welp can’t do that! Haha (what’s funny is in elementary school I wanted people to call me “Brady” because I ALWAYS wore braids and I was such a tomboy I wanted a boy name lol. They knicknamed me “Smiley” instead which probably fit even better :)) aanyywaayysss let me know 1. What website to use to start a blog and 2. Help with thinking of a name!

    Thanks so much!! Love your blog!

  112. How do you get sponsors ? The companies that send you items? Like what you showed on your Instagram story today?

    Clothes/Makeup/hair products etc..

  113. Loved this post!! I’ve wondered how, when, why, etc- thanks for sharing!! 🙂 I can’t wait to read more!! Been following you for a few years now!! … Cant believe it has been a few years now!! Time flies by so fast!! Right?! 🙂 Thanks again for sharing!! <3

  114. Loved this post as always. Hope you can talk about blog hosting. Have a good day xo

  115. Hi Amber!! Thanks for sharing. I want to know how you make money off of your blog!!! I want to be a blogger that can eventually make some sort of living off of blogging but I don’t know how. Thanks!

  116. Thank you so much for posting this! I’m a sophomore in college and I have been going back and forth for 4 years about whether or not to start a blog. I joined a writing platform through school and while I loved it, I wasn’t getting to share how and what I wanted to. Finally I gave in and started one! It’s comforting and inspiring to hear that people made fun of you for it because I have some family members that like to poke fun at me for starting mine! I guess, like you, I love to do it, so it doesn’t matter what people think! I love your blog and your family is adorable!

  117. Hi Amber! I loved this post! I started a blog when I was 12 but never really did anything with it. This past month I started blogging again but I’ve been very hesitant to post it and share it with others. I live in Utah and a lot of people here think that everyone wants to blog just to become famous. I love blogging and it’s a hobby of mine but I also don’t want to be made fun of because of it. I’m just wondering how you did it? I know you wrote a little about it in this post, but how did you get over the rude remarks and the teasing that you got?

  118. Oh, Amber! You have no idea how much I’ve wanted you to post on this! I’m wanting to blog, but it is so intimidating! I can’t wait to read more about it!

    I know you’ve had a snapchat sesh about how you guys edit photos, but do you have a blog post about it? I love photography and love seeing how different people edit.

    Also, can you write about what brings people in. What sorts of posts seem more popular than others?

    Lots of love!

  119. I love this post!!! I feel it is beginning to give us a true look in to your world. So many questions! 1. Money? How do you make money from your blog? 2. Do you buy all the clothes or do companies sponsor you? Same with travel. 3. How many hours a week would you say you work? You guys seem like a great team. How do you not clash doing business together? Are you tech savvy or you are more the creative voice behind your brand? So many ???? I’m just so curious❤❤

  120. I found you on Pinterst way back in the day. Love following you and your family. Keep on growing and inspiring!

  121. How do you find inspiration to post when you’re feeling stuck/uninspired. ❤

  122. I love this!!! I’ve always blogged just for fun but it’s fun seeing all the different routes a blog can take!! Thanks for sharing, I love following along with your adventures!

  123. I’ve been following you the whole time!! We went to HS together and once went on a vegas trip together with Ashley & Bryce Bunker wayyyy long ago 😉 I used to love your pre-pinterest inspirations posts.. and have loved seeing the happiness and success you have created for yourself and your family! I admire you & the life you have imagined and now realized through continuing to pursue what you love, no matter what other people’s opinions were. Keep it up.. will follow always <3

  124. Loved this post! You are so inspiring! Keep up the good work amber!

  125. Amber – The first post I ever read was a few months before you mentioned getting and going to visit Chauncey! So I feel like I’ve watched you grow and it’s been an amazing journey. I moved out of NYC about 3 days after you moved here and I was so bummed I missed you. I remember the blog entry where you guys took the RedEye to NYC and documented your entire day, including Magnolia BANANA PUDDING (which is right across the street from my old apartment, btw.)

    So proud of what you have accomplished and we wish you all the happiness in the world! Thanks for sharing your life – it’s been so fun to be a part of, if only from the distance of a computer

  126. I have to agree with you! Blogging for yourself is the best way to go out about it. I recently moved to Miami from Michigan and have captured the whole transition. I started my blog a few months a go and have since worked with many brands that I find I connect with! I am passionate about all things France, ethical, and humanitarian related. I love to follow my dreams-and want to encourage others to do the same. It’s been so fun! I know I am such an ammayire, but I really don’t care 😉 I’ve had people poke fun at me and I also get messages from people asking me for tips and encouragement!

    Life is short <3 do what makes you happy!!!

  127. I love your blog and love seeing how far and wide you connect to people all around the world! Any major challenges through the years?

  128. Amber this was so fun to read. I’d love to know what your opinion is for the future of blogging. I feel like everyone who is a famous blogger right now, started in 2011 ish. But now in 2017, it seems like everyone has a blog and is working so hard at it (myself included). And I’m nervous that it’s too late to get blog famous… Would love to know your opinion.

  129. You are such an inspiration! I have loved following your blog over the years. You are so genuine & relatable, which is why I am a huge supporter of you and your family. I just started a blog and it’s amazing to see where you started as a blogger and where you are now. I can’t wait to watch you continue to grow and inspire others!

  130. Hey amber! I absolutely love your post and family! Every time I’m reading something on my phone my family goes “I bet she’s look at ambers blog!” Hah! I was curious if you could share about the financial start of a blog? Did it cost you anything and did it pay off in the end? Thanks!

  131. Amber you are so sweet! I love reading your blog. You do an amazing job and I always can’t wait to read whatever you post next.

  132. how do you start collaborations, what was your first?

  133. I never comment on blogs or anything. I usually just like to read the post and see some comments. But tonight is different! I have been following your blog for awhile and have always enjoyed reading it. I recently had a baby girl and was inspired to follow my dreams and start my business and blog for event/wedding planning. My husband and family and friends have always said this is something I should do and I have always had this passion. Crazy how having a baby makes you want to pursue your dreams even more for them. Tonight’s post comes at such a crazy time as I literally was just talking to my husband on our daily little family walk about the content I wanted to develop on my blog! This post series has come at such a good time. Thank you for sharing how you started because I am not going to lie the fear of rejection is what has held me back on this venture of mine but I’m not going to let it anymore. so thank you and continue to write what you love! It inspires us all.

  134. Hi Amber I love your blog / YouTube! I was just wondering if you could share good websites you’d recommend or use now if you were to start now!

  135. I’ve been wanting to start a blog but also work a corporate job. Hard to find the time to do it, but I love beauty, fashion, and traveling abroad.. and whenever I post about my adventures on Instagram and Snapchat I get comments back saying I should start a blog. What’s the most time consuming part of being a blogger? I feel like it’s something I’d really enjoy but want to make sure I can find the time too!

  136. I absolutely loved this post! It is so inspiring to read about your journey and how far you’ve come as a blogger. I’m definitely going to write my blogging story out soon, although it’s completely different than yours! I love your blog so much and hope you have a wonderful week!

  137. I’ve followed your blog for years! You were one of the first bloggers that I found out about! I’ve blogged in the past but it wasn’t until this past year that I started my current blog and became very serious about it. I work on it like a full time job, I am so picky about photos, the colors and uniformity of my Instagram feed, brands I feature etc. I’ve asked other blogger but I still can’t seem to find an answer of how I can actually start getting more collaborations and hopefully turn this into a viable income! It’s so hard working my absolute hardest on my blog every single day and putting all of my energy into it for almost a year and not having made a penny! I know a big thing to kick start a blog is being reposted or featured by brands or other bloggers, would you ever consider giving a shout out to bloggers like me?



  138. Such a great post! It’s amazing how much you have improved all these years, keep the good work! Your blog is amazing, and you are SO real, it’s really inspiring ❤. BB was one of the first blog I ever followed (first was The Blonde Salad) and I’m so glad I did. Also, David is an incredible husband and your kids are the best. Lots of love from Venezuela.

  139. Thank you for sharing! At what point did your blog become your full time jobs for you and David? And do you live off the money generated from your blog? Is that too personal if a question??😉

  140. Wow wow wow it is crazy to think that you started this blog so long ago. I know that the blogging community was much smaller years ago and now is when I want to get into it because I feel that I have some good opinions that need to be shared. I have always had that feeling that I need to be doing something more, something bigger then just myself and I really think that blogging can lead to bigger and better opportunities for me down the road. I love when you are honest about your struggles, I have a lot of friends who are photographers and feel that I should be paying them for a shoot which makes sense on paper but in reality, they are in college with me just learning as we go and honestly I think I would stick with a self timer rather then paying someone haha! I think I will have to start bribing my brother with mcdonalds to shoot me. Okay this is the end of my long comment but thank you for being really inspiring. You should check out my blog as it progresses!

  141. I have been wanting to start a blog for about a year now and I haven’t done anything about it until recently. About a month ago I started working on a website and I’m happy to announce that it will be done in the next couple of days! I don’t follow many bloggers at all, other than Cara Loren, and when I found you on Instagram about 2 weeks ago and when I looked into your blog I fell in love with it! You are SO inspiring! And I hope one day that I can be as successful with my blog one day! I’m also super pumped that you are starting this blog series, it was prefect timing for me! Thank you so much!

  142. So fun!! I am always curious about how my favorite blogs start, thanks for sharing your roots!

  143. I remember reading your blog from the beginning and I always tried your at home tricks! Jessalyn and I would often try out your skin care diy and then we would compare results haha and I remember thinking “this girl is gonna go places!” You’re a beauty Amber!

  144. I think I like you and your blog even more now knowing this!! Love it!

  145. Love this post Amber!! Your family is so lovely. Atticus and Rosie are the most adorable little kids ever, their friendship reminds me of my sister and I! Can’t wait to hear more about your blog, love from Canada!

  146. Hi Amber, I have been blogging here and there, but I really struggle with putting my two daughters in the public eye (because people are so mean!). How do you deal with people who are judgmental of your parenting? How do you deal with the less than savory people?

  147. Hi Amber!
    It was fun to hear how and why you started your blog! I have been blogging off and on for years now but just recently decided to be more consistent with it. I really enjoy it and I love that I can keep my family in other states up to date with my life. The fact that you keep your blog as a reflection of your actual life is one of the reasons I love your blog so much! How is your house in AZ coming along?


  148. I really enjoy your pictures and blog posts. Cool story! Inspiring.

  149. Awwww I love reading and watch how you grow dear.. keep up you are amazing 😉 😘

  150. Thank you so much for doing this. I have wanted to start a blog for sometime now and keep doubting myself because I’m a mom, because I’m a little over 40. I’d love for you tell me more about what platform to use and about buying a domain Again thank you so much! Maybe you’ll help push me to actually start! 🙂

  151. This came at the perfect time. I just started my blog after hesitating for quite some time. My fiancé pushed me to finally take the leap. I remember your early posts (you were the first and really only blogger I followed) and how it felt like you were talking to a friend in your writing. You’ve kept that consistent and I’m so glad for that. Thanks for being so open and honest and for giving me the inspiration to start my own 🙂

  152. What specific programs do you and David use to get such perfect photos and sometimes touch them up before posting? And what do you feel is the best way to gain followers in the beginning of starting a blog? Thanks for having such awesome posts all the time! Your blog is just the best 🤗

  153. Amber! I was just telling my husband about how your blog started today.. from what I remembered! I used to look at it almost everyday when you would post pictures of models and scenery pics.. I loved it! And I did the blankets over the Branberry windows too.. why was that a thing? Anyway, so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished! It really is so amazing. You have worked so hard to get to where you are

  154. YAY, I’ve been waiting for a post like this!! I’ve been following you for a few years and I love your blog and precious family! You are one of my favorite bloggers next to Naomi Davis and Cara VanBrocklin!! Thank you for the daily inspiration & encouraging others to follow their blogging passions. What would be one word of advice to a college girl starting off with blogging?

    Hugs, AL

  155. Hey Amber! I adore your blog and your post on social media always make my day! I literally get so excited when I see you posted something and I look forward to new posts from you all the time! I have been contemplating starting my own blog hopefully for profit (I’m a college student so it definitely would be nice to make some extra cash). Anyway I would love to talk with you about what my ideas are for my blog and get some opinions and advice!

  156. This is so amazing to read, Amber! I am currently in college, and I have been slowly trying to start up my blog. School has been hectic, and it has kept me from fully being able to put in the work I want to. It is very inspirational to hear that you kept doing what you loved regardless of other people’s opinions. I have told people about my blog start-up, and they chuckled. I will keep going! I am working on it with my boyfriend of 5 1/2 years! I love this blog, and I can’t wait to hear more advice! This is seriously just what I needed to hear right now. 😚💕🌹

  157. This makes me so happy. I can’t imagine a better feeling than you being able to show all the old haters what you could/would eventually do with your blog and platform. Wow, chills at that thought – you are so inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing! I’m excited about this new series!!


  158. How did you start making actual money? I have been blogging for three years, and have worked with lots If amazing companies but am not sure how to make money and go full time! Any tips or advice? LOVE the post Amber!

  159. Such a great post! I’m sorry people were jerks but I LOVE that it didn’t change you one bit and now they are the ones feeling dumb! Anyway, I just wanted to say that I love seeing your family adventures! We actually met at NYFW once – I’m a friend of your sis-in-law Sara (the EDH one).

  160. How many followers did you have when you started making money off it? Also did you reach out to companies or did they contact you on their own?

  161. When you started your blog, did you jump right in to a self hosted, cute theme? Or did you use the cheapest sources and free templates for awhile? When did you decide to invest money into your theme? How long did you blog before you made your first penny and how did you make that first step into monetizing??

  162. I’ve just launched my blog about my family and my little boy and this piece has made me feel so much better. People I thought were really good friends and even some family members have unfollowed my Instagram account and been really unsupportive. I only have 16.2k followers but I’m still proud of how far I’ve come and it’s sad they can’t be. This has lifted me right up knowing I’m not alone and I should continue! I’ve been a fan forever by the way a fellow young mama loving life 🙂 – lots of love from a Scottish in Australia xxx @karenavalentina

  163. I have been a following your blog for years and I have always loved how real and open you are with everything. I adored this post and love how far you have come as a blogger and how sweet and kind you always are as a person <3


  164. Tell us how you got there.. how it turned into being profitable.. who the first few people or companies you worked with were..

  165. I loved reading this! And David clearly has become such an amazing photographer!

  166. I have wanted to start blogging for a while, but I have no idea what to do it on. An suggestions

  167. This is great Amber! I LOVE hearing your story! Keep up the good work….love you guys to bits❤❤❤❤

  168. I love this so much because I feel like I’ve been reading forever, like since before you met David at the gym haha!! It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come and how far the photography has come. I’ve had a blog for about a year now so I’m excited you’re doing this new series! Xo

  169. Love hearing about your journey. I would love to know the travel aspect of it. How do you plan trips? How do you travel so often? Any secrets on creating the perfect trip?

  170. Thank you so much for posting this, Amber! I have followed your blog since 2012 and you are always an inspiration to me. Because of you, I have wanted to start my own blog for a long time, but I always come up with excuses as to why I shouldn’t right now. Anyway, this past weekend I decided to go for it and bought my domain name. I am so happy you are starting this series on blogging. Pretty much perfect timing for me! Anyway, I would love a post about the technical aspects of blogging. I got my domain through host gator and I’ve downloaded WordPress, but I would love a how to on how to put together your blog, how to customize it, etc. Right now I kind of feel like I don’t know what I don’t know. Anyway, thank you for being you and for being so real and genuine in your blog. You have inspired so many!

  171. This post made me emotional haha I remember those old posts and loved them as much as I do now! Remember your turban post? I cut up a scarf and tried to rock it because you looked so cute!! You rock & I love how your personality shows through on your blog and it’s so genuine.

  172. Woah this post was one of my favorite of yours! I love hearing more about you, and reading your blogging journey! Its such a good reminder that it doesn’t happen overnight :).

    This was beautiful! I love!

  173. Love this! I just started a blog and am always interested how people grow theirs!

  174. how would you suggest trying to gain more instagram followers, and using that to start your blog audience?

  175. Hi Amber, love what you do. Thanks for being you 💋 What company would you recommend using to build a blog website? Beginner style….

  176. First of all, I LOVE this post! It’s so fun to get know you and your background more. I have been following your blog for a really long time, let’s just say pretty much from right after your Fiji trip. It was still super personal when I came across it. I was actually trying to see pictures of someone else that you knew, and then I really just loved reading it to so I just kept coming back. You also went on a few dates with a really good friend of mine and posted pictures of it on here and I remember him talking about you as well afterwards. It’s funny, I feel like I’ve watched your blog grow from bottom up and so I really appreciated reading this post..just wanted to say that 🙂

    As far as questions go, I’d love to know mistakes you made in the beginning, or things you wish you had known that would have saved you time or effort later.

    Love your blog and seriously good for you for sticking to it when people were making fun of it. It’s not easy hearing those things, and it takes a strong person to continue doing what you did. It’s so great you’ve had a supportive husband. It makes all the difference in the world. 🙂

  177. I’m sure someone has already asked you and over the course of this series you will hopefully answer, but can you tell us how you started profiting on your blogs. Like most women who do blog we hope to be even half as successful as you in being able to blog as a full time job!

  178. This was so cool to read and see how this has developed!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  179. I love this series idea, and this post. How do you take good photos? (Even though David takes them) Are you relaxed in the way they are taken or they are staged if that makes sense, all your photos are amazing. Also how much time does your blog take up in your day-day life. If you could go back what would you do differently if anything? I feel like because blogging is such a huge thing now it would be hard to start with just the bare minimum. xx

  180. I LOVE your blogg! Love the pictures, content, babies…EVERYTHING! My question is, how do you get sponsorships? Do you reach out to the companies or do they find you? Is there a budget Nordstrom gives you to spend or is that stuff purchased with your own moeny?

  181. I love this new series so much!! This will definitely help and inspire me, since I am such a young blogger. I would love to know how you stay “safe” while blogging. Like how you protect your personal lives and all! if that makes sense.. haha. And also what’s the most effective way of growing your blog. Pinterest? Instagram? etc. xoxo

  182. Hey Amber! This is going to be an amazing series and I can’t wait! I have started a blog already and would like to ask some questions 🙂 What do you think about having a niche for a blog? Do you think it is necessary? Also, how do you come up with such great content? I love your blog so much and you are honestly a huge inspiration for me! |

  183. Aw this was so nice to read! It’s so hard even deciding to do a blog and then have friends and acquaintances poke fun at it. So it’s wonderful hearing that even ‘you’ had that feeling at the beginning! Super excited to hear more about how you gained more followers or where you posted photos to gain traction. I love the idea of making just a wee bit of money for my family as a stay-at-home mom. It would feel great to contribute and be creative while doing something I love all at the same time!
    So glad you decided to blog year ago!
    xoxo, Catherine

  184. I love this post! It is so cool to see where bloggers like you started. I run a blog as well, it’s mostly just to keep a journal for myself, but I get so many visitors from out of the blue. I love it! Thank you for sharing a bit of your story. I would love to hear more about when you began getting sponsorships and how you felt about that process.

    Have the best day!!

  185. I think this is amazing. I’ve been following you since well before you got pregnant and I feel like we are friends even though we don’t know each other. In fact, i think you inspired me to start my blog — – because your blog makes me happier and I wanted that for other people from me. I want to know how you keep on schedule with blog posts (something that’s hard for me) and how you start making money off of your blog! It’s not my intention either I’m just curious xx

  186. Yay Amber! LOVE THIS SERIES IDEA! I still remember finding your blog a few years ago (through Pinterest) and thinking “wow, she’s cool!” and then before I knew it I was totally in love with you and your family! So proud of all the success you’ve found. You deserve every bit! I’ve been blogging for a few months now and it definitely takes (A LOT) of work … and spell-checking haha 😆 I would love to know how/what software you use to create the beautiful photo layouts on your blog 🙂

  187. I loved this, Amber! The part about paying your sister in McDonald’s made me laugh out loud because my sister takes my photos and I pay her in Starbucks hot chocolate! Haha! I’d love to hear more about how you guys have grown as photographers!

  188. Love this post! It’s so fun to see where bloggers started – you have come so far! Really excited about your blogging series, I love finding tips from other bloggers 🙂

    Lauren Lindmark

  189. Oh my goodness, I love this so much! It is so inspiring for a young blogger like myself, thank you for sharing! I’m looking forward to reading more.

  190. Hi Amber!!!
    I absolutely adore you, your hair, your family, your blog, everything about your life 😊 You are such an inspiration to so many girls, including me! I was wondering, when you collaborate with brands, do you reach out to them or them to you? I’m sure brands are always wanting to work with you because you’re Amber Fillerup! But, when you first started blogging, did you have to reach out yourself? Thanks Amber! LOVE this post and love singing all the awesome pictures in Hawaii! I’m so happy you’re coming to Arizona! I’m from NM, so it’s so cool that we’ll be neighbors 😉

    Much love, Halle 💌

  191. How do you get sponsors and free clothes and trips? Do you contact them or do they contact you? Thanks!

  192. I started blogging 3 years ago and did it to share my DIYs and outfits. People would always ask why I blog and question it. I love doing it though and I love how blogging is more accepted now. I also enjoy reading other blogs, yours is my favorite by the way! I make my boyfriend take all of my photos too but he doesn’t always enjoy it, lol.

    I’d love to get some tips on photo editing and I’m wondering if you use any presets? Also, what platform would you say gets you the most traffic to your blog? (Pinterest, Instagram, etc…?)

    xx Jenny

  193. How to come up with a good blog name? How to gain a following? How to create a good website for the blog? Also I love all your posts thanks!!

  194. Amber this was so so fun to read! I loved how you linked back old posts, it’s fun for someone new to your blog like me to realize how far you’ve come! I’m so glad you stuck with it!

  195. I love reading posts like this and hearing about how you started your blog! David seriously is an incredible photographer- you have the most beautiful photos of all the bloggers I follow- no wonder you blew up on Pinterest 🙂 Keep it up, lady!
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  196. Amazing! How did you gain your following? For me that has been the hardest part. You were gorgeous pregnant and continued to blog regularly. Since I’ve been pregnant I’ve totally fallen behind – I don’t feel like myself. You and your family are so great to read about and I always love seeing your photos. Oahu is my favorite place on earth! Thank you so much for sharing your life with us!

  197. Amber, I love this! Its so awesome to see where God takes our natural gifts and talents. I love that you and David are a team as well. It’s just really fun to see. I think these posts are incredibly generous of you in a world of Jealousy and insecurities. It’s great of you to reach out to others who are interested in starting a blog and taking that path. Looking forward to all your posts to come! BTW, I stumbled on your Instagram a few years back and have been smitten with all the photography since. David is a great Photographer who happens to married to the most beautiful Model:) Way to follow your DREAMS!

  198. It’s really cool to see this post. I’ve been following you since the time you and David got married. I found you by chance when I was looking up ways to braid my hair and kept watching because you had all those great beauty tips in preparation of your wedding (banana peel teeth whitening ha!) I didn’t want to lose your page so I bookmarked it and have watched your blog grow since. I can really see that you love what you do and that has been so inspirational to me. I recently moved from California to Illinois and since I’m already starting out new, I decided I wanted to pursue something I can really be passionate about. I started a blog called so that I can become more familiar with the online world and I feel like I’m in the same beginning stages as you were. I’m afraid to tell my friends and family about it because I can definitely see them making fun of me or not understanding, so it’s nice to see that even you went through those stages. I’m also full time working on a project that will hopefully help people live happier everyday lives, and everyone keeps asking what I’m doing over here and I think your post just gave me the extra courage to bite the bullet. Thank you for everything the past few years 🙂

  199. It is so cool to see how you started, I also loved the you started with no intention of making money but because you liked doing it. When I started blogging I just did it because I loved it not because I was hoping to make money. I also had problems with my peers making fun of me and different guys I went on dates with. I was so happy when I met my current boyfriend because he was supportive since day one and now he takes all of my photos. We took courses together and he learned how to use the camera and I started editing all of my photos in lightroom. I really enjoyed this post, thank you for sharing!

  200. I’m curious how you make money from your blog and if this is both you and your husband’s full time job?! I enjoy reading your blog and you seem to live the life! I don’t know how you travel so much if either of you have traditional jobs. Sometimes I want to start a blog but I’m too private of a person. Do you mind being so exposed? Or do you feel that way?

  201. Really enjoying the new series! I am just starting my blog and was wondering how to get the word out about your blog. I share it via Facebook but that seems to only get me so far. So, for the next set in the series how do you get the word out about your work? I love your blog so much and you inspire me to keep on bloggin! Have the most beautiful day on the most beautiful island. Sending love from AZ !

  202. Great info!! I think we all want to know if you did anything to grow your blog – or if everything was organic? Did you partner with strategic people? If so, did one catapult you in a way others didnt? How do you choose which brands to partner with? Do you only let them approach you, or do you do some leg work too?

  203. Amber — I am so so glad you did this post! I am actually in the process of creating my own blog, just because i love sharing pictures and stories, and I’m always getting asked how I do my hair and what recipes I’ve been making recently– I have long blonde hair that I love to experiment with and I LOVE to cook. You are such an inspiration! And thankyou for this because I have no idea where to begin. 😅 Keep it up! I can’t wait to hear more.

  204. Absolutely love your blog, you have such a sweet personality and a unique sense of style 🙂 I read it every day and it inspires me to keep going with my own blog!! Thanks Amber for being the best!!

    xx, Hannah

  205. I love this post! I have a blog and feel like sometimes I get made fun of, but I like it and your experience makes me want to keep going! I would love to get more tips on photography (when you guys typically shoot, tips for lighting, posing, etc.)!

  206. Amber- how would you recommend starting a blog? What platforms would you use? I am dying to start a blog but haven’t because one I’m nervous and two I am not sure how! I would love your input:)
    xx Rachel

  207. Love this story. It’s so relatable and genuine. I am going to start a blog soon this summer but I worry about how I can stand out since there are hundreds of beauty/fashion bloggers now? I also am wondering how you chose a design template for your website and how you chose to organize your page? I’m not to familiar with all the technical stuff..

  208. I have been hooked on your blog for a while. It has inspired me to DO more with my own. So currently I am working on content, but I am stuck. Do I want more emotional/political post? Or do I want more “mommy” posts? I don’t know if I need to actually choose or if it’s okay to just keep pouring out bits of me. As someone who was made a wonderful brand, what are your thoughts??


  209. Ohh Amber thanks for sharing your history.
    It is really nice. I did my blog over an year ago and yet i’m shy about telling people about it. I have periods of time when I feel at my best and do quit a few posts – and keep them on draft! – and I have periods of time when nothing comes up. Is it normal? Is it me? hahahaah
    I guess that is because yet I’m not thinking of it as a job, nor as a hobby. It is pretty much something I do when I’m at work bored.

    Anyway, thank you again for sharing this with us! can’t wait for the next posts…

  210. Amber this was so helpful! I too love writing and pictures, and I have fallen in love with blogging! My fiance and I are getting our own domain this friday, and I couldn’t be more excited! Thank you for the continued inspiration.

  211. I love your grit! Seriously so much passion, perseverance and courage! I got made fun of HORRIBLY by friends, strangers and family when I first started blogging and quit! Biggest regret, I finally realized how unhappy I was trying to please others and not doing something I love so I started again and love it SO much. I hope to be where you are one day. You are such an inspiration to me. I have a question on picking a manager to represent you, someone to help you get involved in campaigns. Do you have one? recommend any? I live in Utah and am having a hard time finding representation, all of the main hubs are obviously in LA and New York. Just wanted to know your thoughts on that. Thank you!!


  212. I’d love to know more about blogging. I’m in the boat that you were when you started. 🙂

  213. Ahh this is amazing so glad I stopped by the blog today. You’re my favorite & one of my biggest inspirations. When you started did you start on WordPress or Blog spot etc? Did you post your own photos on Pinterest first? How did you keep yourself on schedule? When were you first approached to advertise/ get sponsored etc? I am sure I will think of more Q’s for you soon 🙂 Thanks for being so inspiring.

  214. Great job on being persistent with your blog! Other people can be so discouraging. You sure showed them! Keep up the great work. Love your blog.

  215. Oh my gosh! I remember when I first started reading your blog in 2011 before you and David were married! Your blog has improved so much and David is doing such a great job with his photos! I’ve loved following you guys over the years – one of the sweetest families out there!
    I’d love to know how you created a community and also how you began to monetize.
    I’m looking forward to reading your blogging-related posts!

    Carrie |

  216. what hair school did you go to in UT? would you recommend? love your blog! 💛

  217. I absolutely loved reading this and seeing this montage! Thank you for putting it together as it probably took a realllllly long time. Love that you stayed true to who you are and never conformed 🙂 x

  218. This was super interesting! I’m looking forward to reading more from these series! All those posts were a major throwback!! I think I came across your blog in 2011, so I was a senior in high school (in San Diego), so I’m not sure if it was all word of mouth!

    xo, Sofia

  219. Can you share practical steps on how to gain a following and start making money through blogging? I love that you are doing this series!! I’m glad you kept going and didn’t listen to the haters 🙂

  220. Really enjoyed this post and look forward to more in the series. Knowing the back-story to someone’s journey to success along with all the hesitations that doing something uncharted bring makes it real. And when something is proven real-it gives others confidence that they can succeed too. Awesome.

  221. This is such a good idea! It’s really inspirational to know that you kept going regardless of what anybody else said or thought. I’m excited for the rest of the series!

  222. I love this series so much! LOOOOOL at all of the haters because look at you now! It’s the perfect example of putting blinders on, doing you, and making your own success. I’ve been following along since you were pregnant with Atticus and I have to say that the way your blog has shaped and changed is wonderful!


  223. Amber! I am loving all of this. Thank you so much for sharing your story. 🙂 I followed your blog pretty early on, and you have definitely been a major source of inspiration when I started mine. I think it is so cool that you kept doing it for you and no one else, and that is all that really matters in life as a whole. How do you decide what to blog about? Sometimes I struggle with topics, so I would love some suggestions or to know how you decide what to post.


  224. Hi Amber,
    Love your blog and love the idea of doing this new series! KEEP IT UP! 😉 You inspire all of our readers.
    What I wanted to know is: What camera do you guys use!?
    I’ve always wanted to have my own blog but I feel weird posing in front of a camera… How do you felt about it in the begging? And how did you get over it?
    Hope you read this!

  225. This is a wonderful read. It’s an inspiring story of persevering through others’ rude comments and doing what you love. It certainly paid off! As one of your readers I’m very grateful you kept going! You and David make an amazing team. Looking forward to reading more of these posts!

  226. Thank you for sharing your early days as a blogger and it’s amazing how far you’ve come in only a few years! I am interested in getting into blogging at some point. Did you/do you find it difficult to keep up with posting?

  227. This is amazing! Thank you for doing this! What point do you feel was the turning moment when it went from a hobby to potentially being a full-time business? What do you think helped the most in terms of growing your readership?

  228. Amber, I love your blog but this is my first time commenting because I just started my blog and last night I was literally wishing you had a section on your blog all about how you got started etc and this morning here it is! It’s so cool to hear how you persisted in the early days! I would love to hear more about how you choose photo locations for your styled shoots 🙂

  229. I love this post! I have been following since before you were pregnant with Atticus! and now you have two beautiful children 🙂 I have been wanting to start a blog, more as a diary so I can share bits and pieces of our life’s with my family members that are scattered all over the world. I probably will never make it public tho lol. Anyways, looking forward to the series and learning more about the blogging world! 😉 xx

  230. i love that you do this new blogging series and i am so glad you kept going and didn’t listen to those haters 😉

    thank you so much for sharing with us!

    i would love to hear about your first cooperations and stuff like that… 🙂




  231. LOVE this series! I would love to hear more about the daily operations/scheduling that goes into blogging. What does the typical day consist of? How do you plan future posts, etc?

  232. This was such a great read. David’s support seems to have made all the difference with your blog which is SO lovely. It’s so great to have someone support you like that. I wish i was so lucky haha!

    Abigail Alice💕

  233. I love this! I am super small time mostly through IG and people used to make fun of me like crazy too but I enjoyed it and kept going…I still never tell people about my feed because I’m a little embarrassed but…I think people only make fun because they are jealous. Otherwise what is the point? We should all just do what makes us happy. My philosophy is as soon as it’s not fun anymore, it should stop. I have been following you since well before you guys got married and have always loved your blog.

  234. I would really love a blog post on your edit and shoot your blog photos!! Your photos are some of my absolute favorites! Its amazing to see how awesome David has gotten over the years with photography! 🙂

  235. Hi Amber! Thanks for this great article, really like it 🙂 I would like to start a blog but I don’t know on which platform I should do it. Also, do you have tips on choosing a name for it? Thank you! xxx

  236. Ahh I love this post! You’re the reason why I started my blog at such a younger age compared to most bloggers! Being 18 it’s hard to get an audience but I’m proud of how it’s growing! Thank you!!

  237. I love this new series!!! The first thing that comes to my mind is “please share everything you know about photography” – lol the parking garage selfie, I use to do the same back in the days. 🙂

    PS just letting you know that I mentioned you in my FAQ section as one of my favourite bloggers <3

    Caterina |

  238. I loved this post! It’s so inspirational – Especially when you said everyone was making fun of you but you still kept going and I’m so glad you did as I absolutely love reading your blog 🙂

    It’s amazing to see how far it has come – And I guess everyone has to start somewhere (hello self-timers).

    Also can I just say David sounds like the best husband and it’s so nice that you guys get to work together on something that you are so passionate about.

    Keep doing what you’re doing Amber 🙂 xx

  239. Loved this post. fun to learn about the whole beginning of my favorite blogger <3 You and David are the definition of #couplegoals. Going home to make my boyfriend get in to photography now, haha!
    xxx from Copenhagen

  240. Wow, your photos have really changed in style throughout the years. You’re still beautiful though. I’m looking forward to this series a lot. Maybe let us know the problems you faced and such, but do it from a more personal perspective so it’s not generic content that’s everywhere on the web!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  241. I love this! I started blogging a few years ago but have trouble finding inspiration sometimes. I’m always inspired by yours, because your photos are stunning! I’m sure you’ve answered before, but what camera do you recommend? I want to improve in my photo taking too, does David recommend any books on photography he likes? Or any inspo in general? Thanks for this series!

  242. I’m super impressed by how much your pictures and blog in general have improved over the years! I have a feeling I am going to love this new series! <3 I hope to get better with my photography as well 🙂