If you want to read the other posts from my blogging series.. HERE is the one where I share how and when I started my blog. HERE is the one where I did a blogging q&a and answered reader’s questions! xo

Okay for anyone new to these blogging posts, this is our third one and today’s post is on tips for using Pinterest as a blogger! (I linked to my other posts from this series above) When I started my blog the reason it even grew in the first place was in large part because of pinterest. It is still one of my top referral websites. In my 7 years of blogging and pinning I have seen a lot of what does best and what doesn’t. Through trial and error and just using Pinterest for fun, I have learned some tips for making sure posts get shared. One of my most viewed posts last month was a post I did 3 years ago. It was a post on How to Make Homemade Biore Strips. This was a fun beauty DIY I did forever ago and has brought me consistent traffic since. Other popular posts of mine are about: 1. Ways to Remove Blackheads 2. 10 ways to Grow Your Hair 3. 50 Tips for traveling with kids .. and more. I never plan for posts to go viral or get shared a lot, in fact it wasn’t until recently when we started following trends on our site a lot more closely that we realized a lot of these patterns. So here are the tips and tricks I have discovered…

  1. Use numbers! They tend to stick out. Most posts that are shared over and over have numbers in them. “50 Tips for Traveling with Kids” “10 Basics You Need in Your Closet” etc. I think because people like lists (I mean who doesn’t like lists!? Making them and reading them. Good stuff.) so I think people gravitate towards numbers.
  2. Always have a pinnable or sharable image. You can easily create one of these in Adobe Illustrator or a website like. You just need to add a simple rectangle (I like to decrease the opacity) and add text over top with the title of the post. http://picfont.com/ I am not very good at doing these – I am just self taught on Adobe Illustrator but I don’t think it needs anything special. I always like to add www.barefootblonde.com somewhere small on the image too. For an example of what I am talking about you can see, here.
  3. Use portrait (vertical) or square images for Pinterest. I don’t know statistics or anything but just from my own experience I have found that people prefer portrait images. They stand out more when scrolling.
  4. Don’t only pin your own stuff. If you want to get more followers on Pinterest make sure you pin a good variety and not just photos from your own blog.
  5. Make sure your pins lead back to the actual blog post and not just your blog. For example, if the pin is promoting “10 ways to make your hair grow” you wouldn’t want to take them to the landing page of your site. You would want to take them to the blog post they intended to go to. That way they read the post they were interested in and might stay for more.
  6. Good photography. Nowa days there are so many resources to learn how to take a good photo even if you aren’t a photographer or don’t have a good camera. You can find endless instructional posts on how to take a good image of food or how to find good light for a selfie. When in doubt, photograph an item on a white poster board or table right next to a window. An iPhone image in good light is better than a poorly lit photo shot on a DSLR (in my opinion). Same goes for selfies or portraits, I always like to stand in front of a window or be backlit outdoors. There are also a lot of ways to make iPhone photos look nice. My friend Jaci who is an amazing photographer – made a workshop on how she edits iPhone pictures so that would be a good way to start if you use your phone a lot!
  7. Create helpful posts. While a blog post on my day at the beach is fun, a year later it won’t necessarily come in handy for anyone. You want to have some posts on your site that will always be relevant. For example, a post on tips for traveling with kids is always relevant because people are always traveling. It is also relevant to people even if they don’t have a personal connection to me and my blog. Every now and again it is good to have these evergreen posts to drive consistent traffic to your site.
  8. Go back and update. If you have old blog posts that are getting a lot of traffic or you think are helpful and good posts but maybe you didn’t have the best photographs or you thought of a new tip to add – go back and add new ones. I often go back to popular posts that still get a lot of traffic and I make sure the products I linked to are still in stock so people aren’t sent to dead links. I have also gone back and updated images just to look a bit more professional.
  9. Pin swaps. If you have other blogger friends you can both pin each other’s images just to get a bit more exposure.
  10. Caption. Make sure your caption has searchable words. So if your blog post is talking about something funny that happened don’t make your caption an inside joke or something that someone wouldn’t think to search. You would want to have key words like ‘travel guide’ or ‘beauty tips’ or I don’t know – just think of whatever you would type in a search bar for that particular topic.

Hopefully these were helpful tips! Thanks for reading and let me know what you want the next blogging post to be about!!!! Here is the link to my profile on pinterest 🙂 XOXOX

PS I made the water color in the image above! I mean, nothing special but it was still fun 😉

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  1. I love the idea of using Pinterest to grow your blog. Your 10 tips are very helpful in realizing some things that are important to viewers. i think the idea of using numbers and creating visually interesting content is very important for readers. People tend to only take a few seconds to scroll through their social media accounts, and if something doesn’t stick out to them quickly and obviously, they will likely pass it up. Creating your own interesting captions and photos can help you get the content you need to create traffic on your blog.

  2. Interesting enough, the most traffic I get is from Pinterest. So the content I post has to be very good. I mostly use Pixtellr.com for all my pins. Lately, Pixteller offers the option to animate the designs, so I started posting GIFs and traffic increased substantially.

  3. Thank you for sharing this post! I let my Pinterest game go on the back burner for awhile, and I realize I need to step it up! I’m working on getting my photography exposed all over the place. So again, thank you!

  4. Thanks so much for doing this sort of post, Amber! I am in the process of figuring out how to begin my own blog, and this kind of info is really helpful. 🙂

    1. Kelly! Go for it girl .. Best of luck! 🙂

      Such a good tip too on making sure “pins” don’t just lead to the homepage but the actually post! — I hate when that happens.


      creative + content curator + designer

  5. thanks for the tips! i am not a blogger, but i design custom letterpress wedding invitations & birth announcements and i pin my work a lot (in hopes to increase traffic). your idea to add a # is perfect…im off to make a ’10 beautiful birth announcements’ pin now! 🙂


  6. Thank so much for sharing this Amber!! I just started a blog and i feel the same way when it come to feeling silly and not everyone really getting it, but I love your persistence and this is very inspiring so THANKS!!


  7. Thank you for these tips! I just started my blog and Pinterest account and it is hard to pick where to start when looking to grow. Appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences, and the enthusiasm for other bloggers to get up and grow 🙂


  8. Thank you so much for the tips- always super helpful! You should do a blog post on how to grow your blog and good start up tips to help it grow! Soso helpful.

  9. Thanks for the tips! I’ve found that if the images pinned from you blog have descriptive alt text, the pins are more succcesful! Xxx

  10. Love this post! I love reading blogging tips, especially Pinterest tips from someone with so much experience and success! You are my all time favorite blogger, Amber! (:
    Thanks for sharing these tips!

    XX -KK

  11. I am so grateful for these tips!! I feel like Pinterest can be so overwhelming and I know it can really be a big traffic source, but I can’t quite seem to get the hang of having successful pins. Thank you! <3

  12. I use Pinterest for my blog. But I have no idea if I’m doing it right. Most of the tips above I use, and the ones I don’t I will try to integrate. I do have a question: how much does being a member of groupps add to the success of Pinterest?

  13. Hi Amber, I definitely think that Pinterest was an amazing way to grow your blog, especially with all of the cute hairstyles you do! I just am unsure if Pinterest is still a source people really go to. It was huge a few years ago but has seemed to have faded lately. I am writing a blog, and we are on our way to doing Youtube videos, but is there any other sources you used to grow your blog or did it really just happen organically? Blogging is way bigger now than it was in the past, and a lot of times I just feel like me and my fiance need to get lucky with what we are doing.


  14. Awesome post! Really great advice for someone like me. I love pinterest but didnt realize it could be so helpful!!

    Please check out my new blog and subscribe to it. I will be posting every Wednesday, starting April 26. I would love for people to check out my future posts! 🙂

  15. Amber I will forever come back to your blog for tips on growing mine!! Thanks so much this was so helpful! I just created my first pin 🙂
    XOXOXX, Emily

  16. Amber, this post was actually very helpful! Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned from your 7 years! I hope we all reach your level of success someday. Somehow, you make it all look so effortless, although I’m sure it’s hard work!

    Kim | Simply Lovebirds

  17. Great tips. Honestly, Pinterest is something I struggle with continually. I think I just need to practice and get trying at it.

  18. Great post. I am always looking for good tips to help boost my Pinterest! Thanks!

    -Ashton (www.ourendlessjourney.com)

  19. Hey Amber,

    when I saw that you had a new blogpost of your blogging series I got super exited. Even if I was really in love with the one from yesterday with your Ab workout too!
    Now I know that I really need to use Pinterest for my blog! I’ve heard that from a lot of bloggers, but I didn’t started yet… but I really should! Need to do that this weekend for sure 😀

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3


  20. These are all really great tips! What I really like about your blog is that “Pin Gallery” you have for every post! I haven’t figured out how to add that widget to my site yet, but I think it’s ridiculously helpful! Also, http://www.canva.com is another great place to create Pinterest images if you don’t have Adobe Illustrator. It’s 100% free and you have quite a bit of wiggle room with it.

    xo, Sofia

  21. Thanks for these tips! Pinterest has been great for me too…I’m going to follow you on there right now – I’m sure your Pinterest account is perfection! 🙂


  22. recently started following another blogger who suggests using pinterest, it’s like google, only prettier! i’m still struggling with trying to get repins but not giving up. thanks for sharing the secrets of your success 🙂

  23. Love these tips! Going to work on all of them. Thank you for sharing so much good information!

  24. Thank you for this! I need to up my Pinterest game.

    Briana | youngsophisticate.com

  25. Love these tips, Amber! I don’t know virtually anything about Pinterest – I’ve only been using it for wedding planning and my mom has been using it more than I have, LOL. I learned so much!

    xx http://www.qustomquinns.com/blog

  26. Hello beautiful! I love all your tips Amber! And to me, you and David are such pros I take your tips super seriously’;-)! I absolutely love pinterest as a source of inspiration for anything: from projectss for my photography course to things to do with the little ones when it’s rainy to recipe ideas to finding my own style fashion wise. It does not bring much traffic to my blog as this point but I guess I am very small and it’s all about being consistent and producing nice content/images. It’s frustrating at times when growth is so slow and you think you are doing a good job but I am determined to make it work and I am, grateful for posts like yours to keep me motivated so THANK YOU! Much love from London, Julie xxx


  27. So true! I found your blog years ago because of Pinterest. I believe it was either a braid tutorial or searching for Estee Lauder Doubleware foundation. I’m really enjoying these post Amber, thank you!

  28. fab tips, I think Pinterest has huge potential for bloggers 🙂

    Mel x