this weekend i realized how truly blessed i am.
i got sick with these really bad stomach pains and of course my best friend/cousin/roommate (Lauren) drops everything and takes me to the e.r.
her, my brother, and sister emily stayed there all night with me and then lauren woke me up every hour that night to make sure i was okay. the next day they took me to two different hospitals and took such good care of me.
my mom flew in from Arizona to take care of me as well. i feel so so so blessed to have such wonderful family who care so much about me. they brought me flowers, my stuffed animal unicorn, and anything else i needed, and most importantly just sat and watched me sleep for hours on end just to be there for me.
they also listened to me talk about my dreams while i was on my pain meds.. which were about rainbows and making milkshakes with a magic bullet in the clouds (this doesn’t surprise me)
my mama cleaned my apartment for me and snuggled and watched movies with me last night.
lauren always makes sure im okay and that im taking my medicine and tickles my back and cooks for me. i seriously have the best family.

Photos from blessings.

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  1. i love you and i love this!!! we have the best family and i have the best best friend anyone could ask for