Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup wearing Elie TahariBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup wearing Elie TahariBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup wearing Elie TahariBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup wearing Elie TahariBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup wearing Elie Tahari

BLACK LACE DRESS: Elie Tahari  (on major sale) / HEELS: Valentino / LIPS: wearing only lipliner by MAC ‘Stripdown’ / GOLD CROSSBODY: N. 21 (on sale!) / SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker

This dress I wore a couple weeks ago and its so similar to the dress I wore in this post, here, and I didn’t even realize until making this post! I must have a thing for lace dresses. Anyways, David and I tried to get a nanny so I could get some work done a few times a week but I think Rosie is WAY too big of a mommy’s girl. We interviewed so many people and found someone I totally clicked with and loved but she was absolutely hysterical when I would leave her. I have never heard her cry like that! We tried for a solid week but by the end of the week she was still just so sad when I would leave. Then if I picked her up – INSTANT smiles. But during one of those days we did get to do a couple outfit shoots which was nice and this was one of them. I had worn this dress a couple times and really wanted to post it on here! Little black dresses are so great to have because they work with so many occasions. Lots of other black dresses I love above!

We are headed home to NYC today. We have had a very relaxing and fun two weeks with family in Arizona and Utah. We have lots of news to catch you guys up on over the next couple weeks! So stay tuned 🙂

Have a good day!

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  1. I absolutely love your hair with bangs in these old photos! I love the color of your hair here too!! Oldy, but goodie photo!! =)

  2. I really love your hair in these photos! The dress is pretty too …love the black!

  3. Looks amazing! I love how classy your style always is. When you do shoots, do you bring multiple outfits so you can get several shots done in one area? Or would you just do a few different shoots a week, with one outfit at a time? Either way you look fabulous as always!

  4. That would have been really difficult. Sorry to hear that! It can be really tricky not having family near by who can step in as baby sitters.

  5. My littlest one is the same age and she is a mommy’s girl, too! Take heart in knowing she won’t always be so demanding, this is just a season of motherhood that we will look back on as having gone too quickly. Soak up those Rosie snuggles and kisses. Blessings to you and your gorgeous fam!!!

  6. Great pictures! Obsessed with the whole outfit but especially those shoes! Wish I could nanny Atticus & Rosie, they are seriously the cutest kids I’ve ever seen. Hopefully it is just a phase and you will be able to try again for a nanny in a few months!

  7. Hey girl! I don’t want to sound too “professional” but I just had to let you know that the thing you’re doing with the nanny is okay!! My Master’s degree is in Infant Mental Health (which is basically early intervention and working with little ones birth to 6 years) and crying when separated from a primary caregiver (such as yourself) is totally normal! It shows that you two have a strong, secure relationship and she is confident in your ability to take care of her. Her crying can be hard to handle emotionally. or maybe even make you feel like you’re doing something wrong, but just acknowledging that she’s sad that you’re leaving, but that you will come back, will help her understand/work through it! And then when you come back she’ll see you were exactly right! That she was sad, but then you came home and you’re together again! AND it’ll help her with future relationships when she’s older cause she’ll be able to have a healthy trust in others cause you taught her that! Keep doin’ your thing!! 🙂

  8. You look so pretty, Amber!! If you guys ever move to AZ and need a nanny when the kids are older, let me know!! haha 🙂 I’ve nannied for so many families and the one I’ve been with the longest, their son was JUST like Rosie! He would cry and be so attached to his mama but after a while and some distraction, we always had a good time. He was a little older though, like 2-3 at the time (he’s 6 now, so crazy!) But anyways, have a safe trip home and I am so glad I got to actually meet you in AZ!!! It was awesome!


  9. What a lovely dress! 🙂
    Maybe Rosie needs just a little bit mote time to feel comfortable with a nanny. Good luck with that xx

  10. I love your hair long and straight like this! It always looks gorgeous but I don’t think I have seen it so simple and I love how stunning it looks! Also major accessory envy for this post…. <3


  11. I’m nanny and I’ve had that experience with babies too. I know the moms feel guilty but you know they are absolutely fine when you pick them up after your work is done 🙂

  12. Aww, so sweet that Rosie just wants to be near you! Beautiful dress 🙂

  13. I love the photos but I have to admit I scrolled through to see what Rosie was wearing to match and then read the blog post haha! I always like the posts with the kids 😉 Fashion or not!

  14. Aww cute pics as always! Re: nanny situation, you could try having the nanny come over for play dates for a week or two then start popping out for a coffee (for an hour or so) then fingers crossed she’ll be happy enough to be left? Tough situation! 🙁 so hard being a mama sometimes but theres also a sneaky part thats pleased she only wants you! (Haha, yep i’ve been there!) Xx

  15. Amber, don’t give up so fast on the nanny idea? one week is just way to little for the baby and the nanny to get used to each other. Just let the nanny hang out with you for a couple of weeks, so Rosie gets to know her while you are around. Our baby started to stay at the daycare since she was 6 months and it took 6 weeks till she was there full-time. Though our baby is pretty easy-going, the daycare workers wanted to make the adjustment period really smooth, so started with one hour stay with a parent up to 6 hours with a parent and than step by step staying alone.
    Anzway, good luck and really looking forward to the news from you, my favourite blogger! 😉
    xoxo Katia

  16. I am sorry to hear that about Ro. Maybe she is not quite ready to give you up yet. Hang un there!!

    Love the dress!!. I am also obsessed with lace right now! The red one from Rachel Parcell was stunning too!!
    Hope you can get some work done today 🙂

  17. I’ve always questioned wearing print with lace, but seeing it in your post makes me absolutely LOVE the look!

  18. Gorgeous. Total inspo. Cannot get over your hair. WOW! Poor little Rosie! She’ll adjust sooner than you think!

  19. Ah I love this dress! Something about black & lace 😉 also, aw Rosie! My baby girl had a phase like that too and it would break my heart to leave her! Now she’s a complete daddy’s girl ever since my baby boy was born last month 😛 Any sat, beautiful look, Amber! <3

  20. That’s so sweet that Rosie is attached to you…but it must be difficult to get things accomplished.

  21. Such a beautiful dress! I too have a huge thing for anything lace ha ha;) I totally hear you on the nanny thing, my son was/is the same way. It’s the worst to hear them cry like that ???? Hopefully she’ll be happier in a few months, and as always, beautiful photos ! ❤️

  22. Aw poor Rosie! She’s not ready to be away from you yet. Enjoy it, soon enough she’ll be running away from you!

  23. Beautiful look I love it! It seems like it would be perfect for fall too!
    I bet your news are about moving pretty soon like you hinted in a post not too long ago! So sad because I am weeks from moving up to NYC and I totally was hoping I could meet you at one of your events/meet ups!!!

    Y’all are the cutest, all the best and can’t wait to hear the news!

  24. You look stunning! I love it. And, my daughter Scottie was the same way!! Maybe its just a thing with little girls and their mommy’s. <3

  25. I love lace dresses too! Who can blame you? 😉 You look gorgeous in this black one – I still love black for summer. Aw, your Rosie sounds just too sweet! She loves her momma 🙂 Safe travels home, Amber!


  26. Amber this may be one of my favorite looks you’ve done recently! I love the shoes with the dress! And I’m loving your hair right now…it’s so bardot!! Also can’t wait to hear what’s new with you and your family. <3

  27. Oh my gosh I can’t wait to hear your news!! This is silly to say, especially on your blog of all places…but you were in my dream last night! I was just so excited to meet you and told you how you were my biggest inspiration. Haha! I’m sorry. But I literally woke up not too long ago, grabbed my tea, and checked your blog for any new posts. So the dream is still fresh on my mind, and it was very sweet and fun. Great way to start a good day. Sorry so random. And I’m obviously super excited about the chance to meet you one day. I appreciate your words on the nanny situation too! I am dealing with the same thing over here with my baby. It’s stressful but sweet, and no where else we would really rather be, right mama? Love you so much Amber and your whole family! ❤️ Safe travels home. And you look so beautiful in that dress! I love the variation of the LBD – so girly and sweet.

  28. This post is gorgeous! I was wondering if maybe you could do a how to video on braids with bangs. I need ideas! Sending Love from Canada.

  29. Can’t wait to hear your updates! You look great in both lace dresses – you can never have enough!! Xo

  30. Poor Rosie … Maybe she was anxious cause you weren’t in NYC, at home, in a more familiar environment. And you need to find the right nanny, the person she will trust and who will make her laugh so much that she won’t even notice when you pass the door to leave 🙂
    It happened to me once when I was babysitting a one year old boy. We were playing and laughing and when the mum said bye he just waved. The mum was heartbroken, I felt so bad. In the end she still thanked me because it was way easier than to hear him crying behind the door 🙂
    Wish you all the luck !
    Have a nice trip back to NYC,
    All the love

    Swann xx

  31. Loving your shoes babe! <3 You look gorgeous like always. I have lost inspiration and have stopped blogging. It is hard when live gets in the way. I don't know how you balance being a mom and a blogger! I'm just a college student but having two jobs makes it really hard to get the motivation and energy to go out and take cute photos. Do you have any advice?
    Love always,