Barefoot Blonde - black and camelBarefoot Blonde - pony tailBarefoot Blonde - black and camelBarefoot Blonde - black and camelBarefoot Blonde - black and camelBarefoot Blonde - black and camelBarefoot Blonde - black and camelBarefoot Blonde - black and camelBarefoot Blonde - black and camelDRESS: Helmut Lang // COAT: SheInside // BOOTS: Steve Madden // BAG: Chanel via Fashionphile c/o // LIPSTICK: NARS ‘Heat Wave’ // NECKLACE: Scrabble c/o (the letter is black diamonds – love!)

Photos by Jessica Janae Photography

I am so so happy to be back home with my dog and husband! I felt so bad leaving my dog because David works all day so I hate knowing he is just at home alone while I am gone – usually we are cuddling and playing all day! So my first day back I felt way too bad leaving him for a shoot and brought him along 🙂 would have brought David too if he wasn’t working!

Thigh high boots and booties have been my go-to so when I went to go grab some knee highs I realized I didn’t have any besides some old ones that are literally years old and super worn out so I got these Steve Madden ones, they looked like the Isabel Marant knee high boots only with a MUCH better price tag and I absolutely love them.

I seem to not wear ponies that much unless my hair is dirty because they just are so blah to me, so this was a fun way to spice up my pony and make it fun. This is day seven for me in using the TRESemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth System as part of my hair diary during NYFW, my hair was manageable for yesterdays style but is due for a wash now and it was perfect timing for a pony.

P.S. dont forget to check out yesterday’s post, I was super late in posting it so in case you missed it, its down below!

Barefoot Blonde

Barefoot Blonde1. Pull hair into a high pony tail. Spritz the crown with TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Hold Hairspray and then brush out all the bumps making the pony as sleek as possible.

2. After securing the ponytail with a ponytail holder, take a small section from the bottom of the pony and wrap around the rubber band and secure with a bobby pin.

3. Take a small, clear rubber band and secure the ponytail about two inches from the base and pull hair to create a nice lift in that section.

4. Mist pony with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Illuminating Shine Spray for added shine throughout the whole hair.


This post is sponsored by TRESemmé, a product by Unilever.


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  1. Love this coat! Not sure if someone’s already asked, but could you share which coat it is? TY!

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  10. This look is Perfection! Quick ? How is the quality of the coat? I have never ordered from sheinside. Btw, you wear pregnant so well.

    1. Thanks Michelle! The quality of the coat is equal to Forever 21 in my opinion! Sometimes you find a great piece from F21 and sometimes it falls apart or gets a hole or whatever within a few weeks. Just hit or miss in my opinion but I have had only great experiences personally! I know its not that way for everyone though! xx

  11. Love this! One question – do you like the quality of items you order from sheinside? It just seems too cheap to be true…


    1. Thanks! I totally thought that too and was not expecting much but I have honestly loved everything I have ordered from there! I have some friends who weren’t please so I guess it is a gamble.. it is no better than Forever 21 quality but that is to be expected with those prices in my opinion! xo

  12. Love love this look and your cute pup! Quick question – you have mentioned you like to wear clip in extensions…are you wearing them here and if so, how do you style a high pony without the clips showing?

    1. Thanks so much girl!!! And so for my extensions I part my hair basically across the crown and then clip them upside down! I usually only clip 2 rows! xx

    1. Haha I know huh?! He actually usually poses for pics its so funny but this time he was just wantin to jump and play!

  13. Yayy! So glad you made it home safe to your pup and husband! I love your ponie and those boots are too cool! Your entire outfit is just perfection! I hope you enjoy your time home and get some rest sweetie : ))

  14. love this look… especially the hair! thanks for posting your lipsticks too! so helpful to see how they look and what outfits you pair the colors with

    xx B

  15. Beautiful look and ponytail on you. Love a ponytail when they have waves in it.


  16. You are gorgeous! And I love your blog! Can you do a post on your hair care? They are so thick and shiny!!

    1. Thanks girl!! And yes I can definitely do that! I have all my links for the hair products I use under my SHOP tab!! xx

    1. Ahh yes lets hang out soon!!! When can you guys!? We should go try a new restaurant or something! xx

  17. Does it drive you nuts though when “over the knee” or “thigh high” boots hit just below your kneecap?? I’m 5’11” and I was looking for a good and cheaper alternative to the SW 5050 boot and everything hit below my kneecap. Those boots def look great on you I’m just frustrated by the shaft heights 🙁

    1. Haha yes I totally know what you are talking about and it totally does bug!! Hate my big knee cap stickin out! Tall girl probz

  18. These are some of my absolute favorites ever. So chic and classic, and the addition of your pup just makes them better!