Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde DRESS: A.L.C. // LOAFERS: Chanel (similar, here and obsessed with these ) // SUNGLASSES: Valentino // NECKLACE: Chanel via Fashionphile // STROLLER: Quinny

I know NYC was a couple weeks ago but I still want to share these pics because this dress has got to be a new favorite of mine. I know I say this quite a bit but long dresses with sleeves are hard for me to find since I am so tall and I am always soo excited when I find one. I loved the print and soft flowiness of this dress and had to have it.

You’ve probably seen me in my posts with this stroller A LOT! I love the Quinny Buzz Xtra for traveling because it folds up nice and small and it is so easy to unfold as well since you just lift the clip and it pops up on its own. For me its the easiest stroller to get in and out of taxis and so its definitely my must have for travels. It also is so easy to push and it turns so so easy which makes it easy for turning around in tight areas or just pushing it in stores and whatnot – especially when they are not set up baby friendly! What is up with store’s BABY sections not being stroller friendly? I will never understand!

I also got this B.I.G. onesie for Atticus a little bit ago and was waiting for this trip to Brooklyn for him to wear it 🙂 I kind of love Biggie.

Atticus and I have been in Paris and it has been such a blast. I am learning a LOT about traveling with a baby and while it isn’t easy it is so worth it. It is seriously so fun having him with me as we explore new cities. I just really really wish David could have come because we miss him lots. The other night Atticus was being fussy and we went to go Facetime David and the second he saw David and heard his voice it was instant giggles. Love seeing those two 🙂



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  1. hi!
    loving your post!
    You should add your baby outfit.
    I have a 3 month baby and Im loving your baby clothes.


    Dominican Republic

  2. Amber, you are beautiful, and so is your baby boy. I hope and pray you do not let these small, immature comments, bring you down, and enjoy your beautiful trip with your little man

  3. Such beautiful photos and such a beautiful baby boy and mama! I am also a huge Biggie fan! Where did you find that perfect onesie?

  4. I am a mother of two and I see that amber is the one of the best mothers ever. I read her schedule and i saw how brilliant she is.. how a good mother she is. I get really emotional. I dont know why i am writing these under an evil comment. Just because I really love this girl and her beautiful baby, even if we have a few common points. God mercy you, your beautiful cute little baby and all your family..

  5. OMG… people like you should be blocked immediately. Stop bothering people and go back into hiding…

  6. This comment literally made me lol. aside from it being just down right mean, it is pretty ridiculous. A baby not being cute because “he is basically bald…with really pale skin”?? lol. Don’t know what world you live in but pretty sure a good chunk of babies are bald and ALL babies are born with pale skin. pretty sure that this is even an indication that she is a good mother because she is keeping him out of the sun.

    Also pretty sure that God isn’t concerned about mothers caring about their babies being attractive. Pretty sure he cares about them being loving and nurturing which it seems to me Amber definitely is.

    I probably shouldnt even respond because I’m giving you the attention you want.

  7. You must be so jealous of Amber. Baby is of course soo cute and he will be more beautiful and also handsome as he grows up he is justt soo small. There are bad people in the world as you this is inevitable.. I dont have any words for you, desperate..

  8. You are the worst person ever. How can you say that ones baby is not cute and count his features. You cannot be a human being. Her baby is just one of the most beautiful babies of the world. I cannot find a word to describe you. You are so ugly..

  9. love love this airy dress! I’m so excited for dark florals because they are so feminine and whimsical, while still following the shadowed autumn color scheme!

    xoxo hails.

  10. love love this pretty dress! I’m so excited for dark fall florals because they’re so feminine and whimsical, but still following the dark shadowed theme of autumn!

    xoxo hails.

  11. Cindy – I feel really sorry for you that you have to hide behind your computer screen and troll others. Go back under your bridge!