IMG_4796IMG_4809IMG_4761IMG_4799 SWEATER: ASOS

COAT: Sheinside

JEANS: Rag & Bone

BOOTIES: Joie c/o

SUNGLASSES: Nordstrom (old); almost identical: here


**Photos by Jessica Janae Photography

David and I just got done watching Killing Kennedy which just furthered my obsession with Jackie O. that much more…. I cannot get enough of that fabulous lady. I told David all I want for Christmas is vintage magazines with Jacqueline herself on the cover. As well as covers with all of my other girls, Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly, Twiggy, and Marilyn. I want to have a massive collection of them in my office one day!

Anyways.. about this post.. not sure if any of you have seen Mad Men but if you have then maybe you will get it when I say I feel very Betty Draper when I wear this coat 🙂 And I normally wouldn’t point this out and I would just hope that you guys don’t notice but since it is drivin me nuts I have to! On the right sleeve where the little cuff thing (no idea what to call it?) if you notice it is dangling.. and that is thanks to my cute little pup Chauncey. He is still a puppy and hasn’t out grown his love for chewing on things he shouldn’t which means I occasionally find him chewing on my dangling clothes hanging up thinking they are toys. I didn’t realize he had done any damage until we started shooting. Whoops, thanks Chaunce!

I have absolutely nothing to do in the morning and I am pretty excited about it. Hope you all have a good day! You all are so great.

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  1. Such a great, classic, look! I have been going back and forth on SheInside because I have heard so many mixed reviews, how was your experience with ordering and the quality?

    xx Cara

    1. I went back and forth too but ultimately decided to give it a try and I have only had good experiences since! I know people have had horrible experiences, so its totally up to you but I have made a few orders, love everything, and will continue to order from them! xx

  2. What a great outfit!! If you don’t mind me asking, what size sweater did you get? I’m loving it and would like to order it but never sure about ASOS sizes…

    1. Thanks girl! I got a size small – it runs a little baggy because it is meant to be oversized! xx

  3. You are totally rocking these winter looks, especially all the outfits you’ve done lately with these amazing coats! This is definitely your season xx

  4. Do you like SheInside? I’ve never ordered from them and wondered if they were a trustworthy site or not. Love this coat. Looks fabulous on you!

    1. I personally have had only fabulous experiences with them!! I have read some bad reviews but have not experienced anything like them thus far! I seriously love everything I have ordered although it is good to order a size up!

  5. What a great statement coat. Great purchase! You look stunning in your pictures.


    1. Thanks Bridget! And good glad you like it, I will try to always remember to post my lipstick! xx

  6. I LOVE those boots. The coat looks more Megan than Betty to me (I’ve been binging on Mad Men on Netflix, don’t tell anyone) ;). Very cute outfit.

    1. Thanks girl! And yeah you are probably right about it being more Megan – she is my fav too so lets go with that! And do you love the show?! I loved Mad Men – but I actually thought it was extremely dull but just loved the clothes and time period!

  7. I have been eyeballing this coat for days! So conflicted on what size to get! Fab outfit!

  8. So beautiful love the polka dots paired with the coat! And I agree I love Jacqueline as well!!! She is so beautiful! I have to go watch killing Kennedy now!