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SWIMSUIT: ASOS / TOP: Lovers + Friends / HAT: Eugenia Kim

These are some pictures from the other day! Amber Mozo snapped them while we were on the beach with her. This was a week after I had a chemical peel done so I wore my big hat! It is VERY big and I love it because it is a shade machine. I have been so so careful with the sun while we have been here. I am doing a post soon on some of my favorite sunscreens for myself because I am pretty particular and found some over the years that I use regularly. And I am still using my favorite tanning towelettes that I have talked about on here for almost 2 years now!

Here are some things I love about life lately….

  1. Painting with the kiddos. I got them a few of these giant coloring rolls and we tape them to the table or floor and paint or color them – or both! We leave them taped there for a week or so or until they are done. It is so fun.
  2. Driving through Hawaii and just thinking how God must feel pretty good about his work. So. Beautiful.
  3. Working out. I have really been loving working out lately. Sometimes I have to talk myself into it but lately I crave going.
  4. Rosie’s pats on the back. Whenever I pick her up she wraps her arm around me and pats my back – it is her little sign of endearment and its so sweet!
  5. Seeing readers here in Hawaii. Everyone who has come to say hi has been so unbelievably sweet.
  6. Planning fun theme days for the kiddos! David and I went through and planned a bunch of fun days we can do with them like “wind day” “rock day” etc. and we planned fun crafts and activities and a letter each day. Thank you pinterest and fun moms who post their cool ideas on the internet. I will share any that are a big hit.
  7. Trying new deep conditioners. Got a few new ones and now I just need to get my roots done!! Thank you for your suggestions, I think I am going to try out J Salon since a lot of you said you liked it.
  8. The color of the waves at Pipeline and Sunset Beach! The aqua blue color in the huge waves is sooo pretty. And the waves are so relaxing!

I am also thrilled that we are getting SO close to Chauncey getting here. We are less than a week away. It feels like Christmas and it makes me so anxious (in the best way)!!! Ahhhhh. Worth every hoop we have had to jump through. Hawaii doesn’t make it easy for these pups to get here! But we had to drive to the quarantine area to get notarized documents signed for when he comes and I am SO happy we chose not to have him in quarantine. It is so sad seeing those cages and Chauncey would not have been happy there at all. It is really hard to see those.. 🙁 Our friend who has been watching Chauncey has a dog walker who is an avid hiker and takes Chauncey and 3 other pups on a three mile hike – 5 days a week!!! He has lost so much weight! We get pictures all the time and the kids flip out when they see the pictures. I seriously can’t wait to see the look on the kids faces! Gives me happy tears thinking about it. xoxoxo

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  1. very beautiful pictures!
    i also have two kids 3 years old boy and 1 ears old girl 🙂
    i with i have body like yours 😛
    you giving some inspiration to move on and keep working on myself!

    p.s. can you tell me please what camera do you use? its canon mark 3?
    stay pretty

  2. these pictures are beauuuutiful! I’d love some sun skincare advice. I live the island life in okinawa japan, and I wasn’t careful enough my first year or so here and blah, i’ve got sun spots and wrinkles now I swear! I’d love to hear how you have tried to combat any of that stuff. like what does a chemical peel actually do?? Also, i’ve tried those towellettes a couple times, and i always miss spots!! any tricks??

  3. Love reading all your posts!! Your pictures are always so pretty!😍✨ I finally got some Kate Somerville tanning towelettes ! Excited/nervous !! Curious how long one tan last?

  4. Soooo loving your Hawaii pictures! Oahu is by far my favorite island, and seeing it through your blog takes me back. Yay for Chauncey being back with his family! 😊😊

  5. ….super random, and probably weird, but what do you do for your bikini line??

    1. I honestly don’t do anything special, just shaving but I really want to try laser hair removal–it’s hard while nursing or pregnant so who knows when that will be 😉

      1. No way! Yeah id like to try that too but I havent done it yet. What do you use when you shave so that you don’t get any irritation?

  6. You are hands down the sweetest mama ever. If I’m ever feeling down I come look at your blog for a pick me up and remember that there is good and happiness in the world. Your family is a good representation of a happy, healthy and beautiful family. I hope to see you blogging ten years from now because I’ve been a follower since the beginning!

  7. These pictures are insane. You seriously look like a beautiful movie star from the 50s and your family is so adorable. I think this is my favorite post of yours ever!

  8. Hi amber!! I have been a long time follower and absolutely love your blogs, vlogs, etc! As a girl in college who doesn’t really party, do you have any advice on where to find a good group of friends or any love interests?! I love crafts, blogging, and netflix binging (gosh I sound like such a loser hahah) but anyways thank you for all that you share <3

  9. Such beautiful photos of you all on the beach, I love seeing the happiness on your faces! 🙂 Sounds like your days in Hawaii are filled with lots of fun activities! Hope you’ll get Chauncey soon, I’m so excited for you! xo

    Sabina | I’ve Got Sunshine

    1. This is the sweetest comment!! Thank you so much! We absolutely love it here! And yes! Chauncey comes tomorrow yay 🙂

  10. Your babies are literally your mini me’s. Ugh my heart seriously bursts looking at these pics!


  11. haha…i laughed when you said “he’s lost so much weight”..hiking is incredible for both humans and our furry friends!!! i live up on the edge of the Canadian north atlantic in St John’s, Newfoundland… we have incredible hiking here.. however, your weather in haiwaii is far more tolerable than blizzards all winter!! xx

  12. Amber such great idea with coloring giant sheets 🙂 I already write this down for our next activities. Just need to find a good tape, that doesn’t leave any marks on the walls, otherwise our daddy will not be happy. I had a drawings gallery on our wall in old apartment, after we took them off, the wall looked so ugly. I think it’s so much easier to stay in shape in the summer or in the hot climate. You don’t want to eat as much when it’s cold and want to be outside and active most of the time. Thank u sweetheart for all your posts. You are like a compass to where I need to look 😘🤗

  13. Your photos are so infectious! And that hair tho … also your managing stress post was excellent and so true (no matter what situation we are in!) i’m a food blogger/mom/food stylist and am constantly leaving food on the floor (sometimes it goes two days) so I can 100 percent guarantee a successful vacuum (especially because my toddler likes to take control in that situation and boy better be able to suck up the food or else the vacuum is in big trouble!).

    1. You are so sweet! Thanks Alyssa! And yes! Definitely try the coloring roll 🙂

  14. Also…I know you’re not taking comments on your previous post anymore, but I just wanted to say I loved it and thank you for sharing 😊

  15. I’m excited for your Chauncey reunion!! I can’t wait to see his reaction when he is reunited with you guys. Hoping you guys will take pics/video so we can see!

  16. All of these photos are so precious! I love your list of things that are making you happy right now, it’s a good way to remind yourself of blessings and you can look back on it! I may incorporate that more into my posts 🙂 Also can’t wait to heat about Chauncey coming! You should post a video!!

    Lauren Lindmark

  17. Super adorable, as always!! I’d love to hear you talk about the benefits of a chemical peel. It sounds so damaging, and a little scary. What has your experience been and what do you use it for? Thanks so much for sharing your heart and your life with us! You are inspiring!! xo Holly Canon

  18. I am in love with your hat and these pictures are so gorgeous, Rosie’s swimsuit is so cute! I miss seeing Chauncey in your pictures, I’ve always wanted a dog and after hearing so many good things about Chauncey I am definitely considering a Golden Retriever!
    xxxxxx Isobel

  19. Do you get stuff sent to you for free or do you actually buy it? I’m genuinely curious bc I don’t know if I can trust what bloggers are trying to sell if they just get it for free. Thanks!

    1. Both actually! I do get gifted items but I also buy a lot on my own- clothes, accessories, beauty products, etc. I can’t say for other bloggers but I am sure it’s stuff they have purchased 🙂

  20. Hawaii is magical! I adore it and your beautiful pictures make me long for the warm beaches and beautiful scenery even more! It sounds like you and your family are loving it there and are getting settled. That’s so exciting 🙂 I would love to hear more about your workout plan and your diet (if you have a specific one you like).
    Thank you!
    Hannah Read
    Blissfully Brunette

  21. Love these pics and can I just say …OMG, your legs are amazing! I would love to know your workout routine and eating habits as swimsuit season gets closer 😬

  22. Your kiddos are getting big! I have loved getting to watch them grow and you are so sweet to keep us updated on your all’s life! I especially enjoyed your last post because it relates to literally everybody. I’ve always been curious on how you dealt with that because your life seems so surreal but of course, like everyone, it can be tough at times. Thank you for being inspiring and choosing to share so much with us! 🙂

  23. Amber!! You should do a chemical peel tutorial or atleast the products you recommend. I’ve always been iffy about doing one because of all the horror stories!!

  24. Such beautiful photos!! I love how happy you all look in Hawaii – makes me want to travel there myself! This post also made me think about some things I love about life these days as well, which was much needed 🙂 Thanks girl!

  25. Great, emotional post! 😍 and how adorable are the tan lines in rosies little leg rolls!! We’re on our third (and last baby) he just turned one, I’m going to miss those leg rolls and lil chubby hands in a couple of years. Anyways, i lookforward to chaunceys return!! Post lots of pics, I’ve missed that gorgeous fur baby!!

  26. Omigosh!! Really sending prayers out there that Chauncey makes it to you guys safe + sound with no bumps in the road! How exciting to be getting him back! I’m not sure if I could’ve lasted that long without my dogs. After a couple of weeks, I miss them terribly! Also, tell Rosie and Atticus to stop growing up! They’re too cute!!

    xo, Sofia

  27. These photos are so beautiful! Rosie and Atticus look so so happy! You guys are amazing parents. Like always thank you for the inspiration.

    And I love the vintage vibe lately… That outfit and the hat.. so cute! Amber you’re like the modern Brigitte Bardot. <3

    Sending love from wintery Chicago!

  28. So exciting that Chauncey is almost there! LOVE Rosie’s sweet little hat. Just adorable.

  29. So happy you are getting your sweet pup back!! As a military family moving to Hawaii or Europe is a fear of ours because of our two dogs. My heart might break without then that long!! And I know my little boys would. His boxer is his best friend. Cannon is about a month older than Rosie, and he pats my back when he hugs me too. It truly is the best feeling!! Enjoy your weekend and your beautiful family!!

  30. Yay! Chauncey is gonna be there soon! I’d love to hear what you guys had to do to get him there, what the process was like, etc. and if you flew him on a commercial flight down in the cargo. So happy for you guys!

  31. These photographs are gorgeous!! What a great idea to have themed days for the kids!! I’m curious as to how they work for your family and am looking forward to archiving any ideas you end up sharing! How exciting about Chauncey!! The kids are going to be thrilled <3

    oh, she’s lovely

  32. These pictures are beautiful!! I love your outfit and Rosie’s swimsuit!! So pretty! 😍

  33. Not usually a commenter, but I LOVE reading your blog Amber! Life has ups and downs and no one can say that everything is great all the time. We all do what is best for our families and sometimes people hide behind the computer to say things intended to hurt. I applaud you for staying strong and being as authentic as you can. You are generous to share your life with us and it’s definitely motivation to get out there and enjoy life! Just wanted to say thank you. I have no blog or business to promote… I just wanted to say that. 🙂

  34. OMG how great are these pictures? I love the atmosphere and every thing about them! Btw you look pretty as well 😉

    XoXo from Germany

    Neele vom Fashionblog

  35. These pictures make me so happy! The move to Hawaii seems like an absolute dream 🙂 Can you do a post about the deep hair conditioners you’re using? I’m in need! So exciting about your puppy coming too!


  36. How is Rosie so big already! And she looks so much like Atticus, super cute 🙂 My boy and girl don’t look like one another at all, I wonder how it will be once they’re bigger. Beautiful pics, I really like the ones in black and white as well.

  37. Amber this is BEYOND adorable! I love these photos. Just beautiful and amazing how your photographer captured those priceless moments. I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of black and white photography….so I’m dying over these!!! So pretty. You have such a cute little family. And yay for Chauncey coming!!

    I love working out too, but man I bet I would love it more in Hawaii! 😉
    So you like the tanning towelettes? I might have to try those!

    Love this post. Happy Friday girl!

    Kelly Hoover

  38. Loooovve these photos, So beautiful! Can’t wait for Chauncey to be there with you!!!! X

  39. These photos are absolutely stunning! Great job Amber Mozo! Aw, loved reading your things you’re loving lately. I had a hard day yesterday and woke up hoping for a refresh and some positive outlook. Your post was the first thing I read and glad I did <3 PLEASE snap/story the reuniting of Chauney and the kids! I would love that!

  40. Oh yes, spending creative time with the little ones is so inspiring and rewarding! Also, gotta love it when your need for working out is totally natural and you crave for it!