Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBIORE STRIPS // GOLD SIDE TABLE // QUILTED PILLOWS // DUVET // VELVET PILLOWS // HEADBOARD/BED // FAUX PEONIES IN VASE // GOLD LAMP // MIRROR // JFK PHOTO // LEOPARD BLANKET // A’S WHITE ONESIE

Whenever I wake up, I always need a good thirty minutes just to lay there and fully wake up and accept that it’s morning haha I don’t understand how people just wake up and go! I cannot. And neither can Atticus so we usually lay in bed together for a while and then go out in the family room and join David. David always makes us breakfast and then heads out for the day which is when I put A down for his nap and get ready! I always like to start by clearing my pores – I have talked a ton on this blog about different ways I do this, but as you know one of my favorite ways (and easiest, quickest way) is Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. I love that I can just put one on, go about my day answering emails or folding laundry and then take it off once it’s dry. It clears out my pores and gives my face that extra added smoothness that I love to have before applying any make up. And then I can start my day and have fun with my little man!

Hope you all are having a good week! xox


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  1. I truly believe in the sayings “Timing is everything”; “Pay attention to the signs”; “It’s not what you know but who you know” and “Good things happen to good people”. With that said, I loved reading your thoughts on personal branding. I am an extremely expressive person and I adore all people but am very shy when it comes to letting others see the personal side of the real me but after reading your blog, I realize it’s time to jump out of hiding and start utilizing all the social media available to share all the changes that has happened in my life…..first and foremost the first and only business that I myself started 6 months ago that definitely defines the person who has always lived within but haas been fearful to let that side of me show. As I said before, “Timing is everything” and your article written on Personal Branding couldn’t have come at a better time as I am approaching that phase in business where it’s time to ” S..t or get off the pot.” I have been hesitant to tell my story and why I left the world of Dentistry and venture in to owning and operating my little business known as Rusted Heart Designs as it all about the love I have for my big, beautiful Standard Poodle named “George.” Someone told me people don’t want to read long stories but to truly describe “me” and my own unique self, my story needs to be more than a paragraph. It took 56 years to get to this wonderful period in my life….breast cancer, the death of my beloved mother, a divorce that forced me to leave a job of 24 years that left me empty inside ( my exhusband and I worked together in HIS dental practice) and realizing I had no security in the form of money because of my own stupidity to protect myself financially in the 24 years spent with a man who I thought loved me unconditionally. Al these things that may sound debilitating have instead been liberating. All these things I have viewed as “signs” not ever falling into the “victim” role. I am proud of myself and have peeled off many, many layers of protection mechanisms that surround the true “me” and now want to raise my arms and wiggle out of the remaining chains but still feel a little resistance in saying “Hey World…look at me and see who I am and what I know how to do, which is create beauty through garden art. Thank you for branding yourself and placing yourself out for all too see. If you can do it than so can I!!!! Watch out world… I come! LOL

  2. How often do you use pore cleansing strips?

    I am thinking about adding them to my face care routine…


  3. I love your blog. I have been following you for a couple years. I’m just wondering if you work at all besides this blog? You seem to have a lot of money and time to play with make up and buy expensive clothes. I’m guessing you and your husband must be rich, or you come from a rich family? Not that its any of my business! I’ve just been curious because a lot of the products you recommend are out of a normal persons budget! I wish I got to buy thousands of dollars of makeup and clothes and shoes every couple months or weeks like you. I admit I’m human and I’m very jealous of that fact. The reason I ask this is because you mention needing a half hour in the morning to wake up and that people that jump out of bed are crazy. Most people don’t do it by choice! They have to get up and go to work and don’t have the luxury of time to relax all morning. You are so blessed to have the life you have. So I will not comment any further. Anyways again I like the hair and makeup tutorials glad that its something you enjoy and you are good at it.

  4. Hi Amber! I’ve been looking for the perfect gold frame for a photograph of this size – can you share where it’s from? I don’t see it listed in the links. Thank you!

  5. Hi there,

    I see a link for the mirror on the side table. where is the mirror in the reflection from looking for a gold full length?

  6. Your bedroom looks like a wonderful escape! Atticus is just an adorable nugget! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Just bought the JFK print. Love it! Hoping to buy the peonies too. Please share more of your home with links to buy! Thanks!

    1. Where did you buy he JFK print from? Please share.
      Along with the gold frame.

      1. I got it from (it is linked in the description box above) 🙂

  8. Oh my goodness! He is precious! Where did you get your bed/headboard/bedding?!

  9. Atticus is just so stinkin’ cute! I can’t even get over it. And agree with the home tour requests! That room looks lovely!

  10. Hey!! Your bedroom is adorable! I was wondering your thoughts on your bed? How is the fabric and durability?



  11. Hi barefoot blonde! I love the fur throw you are showcasing on your bed! I have been searching high and low for a good one, where did you get yours?

  12. What MacBook do you have? I am getting a new one and I’m both sure what one to get.

  13. Aren’t you republican? You do realize that JFK was a democrat and that his family hated republicans, especially his father. Just a little history for you. Maybe you’re confused 🙂 cute home tho!

  14. The picture of Atticus propped up on the pillow with his feet straight out in front KILLS me!! He is adorable! Photos are amaze too. I have to take indoor shots for my Etsy shop and always struggle with it. Indoor photography is hard : / Major props!!

  15. I”m in love with the setup of your room! so modern and chic! don’t worry girl, i’m the same way after I wake up I need to fully understand that it’s morning and that I can’t sleep anymore!

    xoxo hails.

  16. Hi Amber!
    Congratulations for your blog! It’s very interesting and the photos are so cute.. Atticus is a lovely baby.
    I’m brazilian and always follow your blog.. so I have a question to you: which model of camera do you use? because the photos have an incredible quality ..


  17. i love biore cleansing strips! And I’m with ya on needing thirty minutes to wake up in the morning.


  18. Yes! I need a good hour to accept that it’s morning (so bad…yet so true!). Atticus is the most darling baby boy! Your bedroom space is so bright and refreshing…such lovely home decor style. Happy Thursday, Amber! Have an awesome day 🙂