Hello Amsterdam!

These are some pics from our first day in Amsterdam! We rode bikes around the city and tried not to get run over, ate stroop waffles, and just explored the city. All the girls got their hair braided in the morning with Barefoot Blonde Hair and it was so fun.

Two more days left and let me tell you I am sooo ready to see my family. I miss David and the kids sooooooo insanely much. I saw kids the other day that kind of looked like mine and just started sobbing. But having so much fun at the same time.





SPF is your BFF with Olay

The other day I was at the dermatologist and she said “SPF is your BFF” and I thought it was catchy and it has stuck in my brain. I grew up in Arizona basically lounging by the pool with zero sunscreen my whole life. I was trying to get as tan as I could and now my skin is definitely paying for that. BUT never too late to start caring about SPF and taking care of your skin!


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  1. Where did y’all get those stroop waffles?!? They look amazing!!! Also, what camera do you shoot with?? I LOVE these photos!

  2. Love love Amsterdam! Your jumpsuit with the sneakers is cute. Not many can pull that look off.
    I’m coming to Phoenix next week with an 18 month old boy for a few days. Any recommendations On some places to go to get his energy out? He’s very active and loves water/splash pads.

    1. The splash pad a Mesa Riverview is really good! Also there is a new indoor play place in Chandler called Giggles (I think Amber has taken her kiddos there) and it’s awesome. The Odysea aquarium is cool also but a bit pricey.

  3. Stroop wafels!!!! When I went to Amsterdam my friend and I ate them constantly. We also almost got run over by bikes quite a bit. I love your floral jumpsuit here and all the colorful pictures!

  4. Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities in the world! I never got to rent a bike (it was the thick of winter when I visited) but your photos make me want to go back ASAP!


  5. You fit right in with the Dutch- tall and blonde haired. The Netherlands is such a wonderful country. Hope you enjoyed the tulips!!!

  6. Amsterdam is gorgeous and I love keeping up on instastories because it’s almost like I’m touring the place a little, too! Plus, then I know where I want to go in the future while seeing it in “real time” 🙂

    xo, Sofia