BFB Two Piece in Belgium

We are here in Belgium and these are all from a day in Brugge! I am here for our #BFBHairEverywhere trip and we are getting tons of amazing content for the website and social (and mostly having lots of fun)! We brought two hair stylists and three photographers — all 5 of which I just like to hang with so its been really fun. These pics were shot by Jessica and Tessa – two of the raddest chicks out there! Also read below for some exciting news!




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BFB Two Piece

We are launching our BFB Fill-ins today at 11am EST! I know I have explained it before but I wanted to just do it once more in case you missed it! Our BFB Fill-ins are a set of two pieces/wefts for lengths as long as a lob and as short as a bob! They are seamless wefts that lay SO flat to your head, are so comfortable, and feel practically weightless. They add the perfect amount of thickness to your natural length and instantly you have volume that lasts all day. I can’t even tell you how amazing they are!!! They are priced at $59.99 and we have them in our 7 most popular colors but will be launching the rest of our colors throughout the year (Update : all colors are now available). You can check out before and afters and see more on our website HERE!

We also launched our revamped website today!!! I am super excited about it because we have been working on the new site for a really long time and its so exciting to see it finally come to life! We can now display a lot more of our content and you can find more of our educational content easier. Go check out our new site and tell me what you think. We will be working out any bugs throughout the week so if you notice anything just let me know and we will get on it! Thank you so much for all of your endless support, it really means the world to me! Sending all my love.



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  1. Hi! I’m super excited about having options for volume instead of length. How many sets of the BFB Fill-Ins do you recommend buying?

  2. I just ordered a bunch of blonde samples and I’ll be ready to pull the trigger when the 2-piece sets are back in stock!

  3. You look so beautiful! I love the coat! I wish I would’ve been in Bruges (I live in Belgium) so I could meet you. Enjoy the rest of your trip xo

    Ps. Fun fact; saw the color of your sweater is the name of my daughter 😀

  4. So cute!! My color is sold out! Is there any way to sign up for an email list for when it is back in stock?

  5. Hi Amber,

    In these blog posts, especially for advertising your hairline, it would be really nice to see more diversity in the women you choose to represent your brand. All but one woman in your campaign is white. If you are aiming to reach diverse women, I think that it would be really nice for your site to seem inclusive of more women of color. I don’t feel represented by your brand, so even though I’ve been following your blog, it makes me feel like these extensions were not created for me, or my community.
    I think it would be really great to see your photoshoots and site include different races/sizes/sexualities of women (and men!) represented equally.

    1. Yes! I live in Botswana and a bunch of women at the hair salon were asking about my clip ins. They love the quality and said the price was great. After they visited your site, some of them told me that they didn’t think you had the right hair colors for them. I think it’s because mostly blonde white women are featured. Keep expanding! You have an amazing product and you’ll continue to gain customers when they can see themselves in your marketing.

    2. Hi! I totally understand and I am sorry you don’t feel represented. We only have two darker colors out of twenty, so the ratio is always going to be off because of that. I know a LOT about extensions with European hair which is what we have but I know nothing about ethnic hair extensions, it is a whole different product so that also makes it difficult. We do our best.

      1. But that’s the crux of the problem right there, isn’t it! My hair is no different than your hair. Many women of many nationalities have hair that is made of the same keratinized cells, and has the same texture as yours. But how are we only represented by two hair colors? If your line was really meant for beautiful curious women, did you mean only beautiful curious white women? Your response doesn’t really answer my question. When you say you only have two dark hair colors, do you mean you have no plans to change or expand the range to be more inclusive? Why are there 18 shades of blonde/bronde, and only two for people with darker hair? And even of the darker shades, most of your models who wear “licorice” are also white.
        If you don’t feel like you know a lot about darker hair colors, go ask! Be the curious bold woman you are, and expand that horizon.

        1. When it comes to shades with blondes and brunettes.. you can have ashy, warm, more yellow, with low lights, without low lights, brassy, etc but black hair is either cool or warm and we have both of those. Our manufacturer has no other variations of the color black because there aren’t any. We want everyone to feel represented and hope that you find that within our brunette and black shades. Thank you for your feedback and hope to make strides towards all women feeling represented!

          1. Hi Amber,

            I wanted to voice agreement with Shweta and Rachel. Obviously I don’t know either of these ladies, but as a woman with darker hair too, I think it isn’t just about the black hair shades, but maybe just more shades towards the darker range in general?
            Like additional smaller intervals from the light brown to dark continuum would be great. And yeah! seeing some of these shades on women of color would also be really great so we can see how it looks on different people.


          2. I understand why these opinions are important. I also want to say that until I saw Amber wearing extensions and then selling them, I had only ever seen extensions or wigs for women of color unless used for cancer patients. Maybe I need to get out a bit more 🙈! I always wondered if white people used those kinds of hair products as well but didn’t want to appropriate culture in any way. Maybe BFB is helping to bridge a gap and more high quality options will be available in the future?

  6. Why are you so cute! This outfit is so simple but you make it look SO trendy

  7. This trip looks amazing. Your photos are gorgeous, and all the okaces you’ve stayed and showed us on insta are so cute! I’m excited about the extension – I just cut my hair and always feel like extra volume would be nice. Have a amazing rest of your trip! xAllie