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A couple months ago while we were in LA, I got to do this photo shoot for Maurices spring catalog, and it was so much fun. I’ll take any excuse I can get to go to warm weather, especially for an opportunity like this to showcase such cute pieces! It is literally ONE degree in NYC right now and warm weather sounds amazing. I wanted to share some behind the scenes photos from the shoot. I loved getting to have David and Atticus at the shoot with me. It’s always fun to have fun with my boys in between pics and to not have to feel like I am away from my baby boy. Just hope Atticus wasn’t too much of a distraction to the crew:) I’m so excited for the release of the line and catalogue! If you’re looking for these looks on the website, you won’t find them yet because they haven’t officially been released so it was fun to see everything before hand. The new spring line officially hits shelves and online stores March 8th. Hope you enjoy the pics!

We just got to San Francisco and are going to spend some time with some of David’s family for the weekend! I am super excited because we don’t get to see them often. Hope you all have an amazing weekend! Thanks so much for reading. xox

*Thank you to Maurices for sponsoring this post


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  1. that sounds like SO much fun, especially to have your boys there while you work! such a fun opportunity!

    xoxo hails.

  2. How fun! You always look SO gorgeous! I think that it is so great that you are a working mom that balances that time out to stay focused on your fam! Cant wait to start a lil fam of my own with my hubby. Hope you have a bomb VayK


  3. Wow, my heart dropped when i read your comment. As members of the church we shouldn’t put eachother down, which you are clearly doing. The topic of your post is personal to each individual. If Amber offends you so much…stop following her blog. Most importantly, stop pointing the finger.

    1. Oh my goodness! It’s 2015!! Unshelter yourself and stop putting others down! If you think Amber isn’t classy then you have so much more to see in this world. I usually don’t make my opinions so public but since you did, I figured why not. If you’re not comfortable reading her post than go back to your comfort zone elsewhere.

    2. Leave her alone! She is one of the most classiest woman ever to hit social media, frankly you look like a judgmental b word. You do you honey. The only person who can judge us is the lord, stop worrying about others worry about yourself and stop following her. She sets an amazing example to females everywhere. I never write on blogs or anything but this really ticked me off. You practice how you wish and she can practice how she wishes. You are not the lord so stop making judgments. She is never exposed and always looks like a class act. Stop being jealous and get a life.

  4. I’m pretty sure ANY crew would be ecstatic to have your beautiful little boy on set! What a cutie.

  5. Girl you look STUNNING! What a dream to have an opportunity like that! I especially love that you bring your hubby and baby with you. I would totally do the same thing! Isnt having a little fam to share life with just the most incredible thing?!!! I have a 5 month old daughter and my hub and I are just over the moon in love 🙂 ah! So excited for you.


    1. Aw thank you!!! And congrats on your 5 month old! Our littles are so close in age! It is so fun being a mom 🙂 you seem so sweet! xxo

      1. Amber! I love your blog, and your one the most beautiful women ever! You’re such a huge inspiration to me. I love watching your videos and they make me smile at Atticus! I have a photography blog if you would like to check it out

  6. Love these behind the scenes pics. They are making me so jealous for the warmer weather – why did I ever move away from California!?

    Lauren | Disco Daydream

  7. LOL- I don´t know if you know the movie “La Boom”- probably not cause you are too young- but the name Maurice always reminds me on a certain scene in that movie! Sorry- had to laugh about this!

  8. For a second, I thought these photos were from your stay in NYFW, and then I thought it would be impossible to wear a dress on the streets on NY right now. Duh! I love how they styled your hair in a braid, and the pattern on that first red dress is gorgeous.
    Can’t wait to see the line on march 8th! 🙂

    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

    1. Haha oh goodness!! No definitely not from NYFW! I would have frostbite! And thanks girl!! xo