So in case you missed the Daily Dish segment on CW30 that I did, here is a tutorial!
The segment didn’t go as I had planned because there was no outlet so my curling iron was only still warm from having it plugged in the corner before I had to go up so I didn’t get to demonstrate all the curls! I was kind of freaking out because I didn’t have anything planned other than showing how to do the curls but luckily the hosts were so so great and thought of good questions to ask and gave me things to talk about so I didn’t look like a total awkward idiot! (I hope) So, so happy and thankful they had me on the show! It was so much fun and if you haven’t seen the Daily Dish you guys should all watch on CW30! Its so great, they give lots of hair and beauty tips as well as lots of other great stuff!
disclaimer: the bottom (first) layer I do looks flat, but only because I like my bottom layer to be really loose and then I make the curls/waves tighter as work my way up by holding the iron on longer and not spacing out the waves so much!
p.s. look how cute this thumbnail pic is… haha… oh wait.

Photos from Beachy Hair Tutorial

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  1. What’s with her mouth and lips. I can’t watch the video becuase of that duck weirdness.

  2. ok just discovered your blog recently (very lovely) and i was trying out your tutorial here and I need serious help. When i’m doing the “wave” part, my hair kinks from the top part of the curling iron if that makes sense. It is not pretty. Do you have any ideas how to keep that from happening? my hair is on the thinner side, so that may be my problem?? and thanks for posting this!

  3. Hav- errr I wish I was famous! haha maybe one day? nah probably not. But Im missing you and Hayes!

    Share bear! Your hair would be stunning like this!!! try it and send me a pic! love love love you!!!!!

    Lisa! You need to try it in your hair and post a pic on your blog!!! 🙂

    Emily- How sweet are you?! Seriously thanks so much!! and glad you didnt think I looked like an idiot in the tutorial haha love you!!!! 🙂

    Rio! Ah you are the best for sharing it! seriously thanks girl!!! You’re so sweet! And just try doing it when its a little dirty with lots of hair spray! And dont worry mine only holds curl because its thin and fried!!! xox

    Joni- I just use Hot Tools 1 inch and sometimes !.5 inch! I kinda mix it up but in the tutorial I am using a one inch!!! Hope that helps! xox

  4. Thanks so much, I love this. Question though: Is that a one and a half inch curling iron? I’m getting a new one. My 1 1/2 inch just blew it. Do you have a curling iron I just have to have?

  5. Amber Amber Amber!!!Thanks a million! I can’t wait to try it, when I do I’ll post it. :)You are the best! You didn’t look dumb at all. Obviously this tutorial does wonders, as far as explaining! Proud of you!

    I sincerely LOVE that you aren’t on the why aren’t I married wagon! ANYONE, can just get married, just by batting their eyes at the RMs;) It’s rare for girls to seek there dreams and dream big, and while on the adventure of finding themselves and seeing the world…you never who you might bump into… Pierre from France, or maybe an old study partner from 8th grade…(wow he has gotten taller,and funny, ohh…that smile.). So excited for you!Yay Amber!

  6. Im pretty much obsessed with you! My bestest is just wayyy too beautiful & I’m so excited I finally know how to do your curls! Trying this out ASAP!