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You would think I would be looking at these pics of me on the beach wishing I was back on the beach BUT it was actually SO sweaty and hot that day — I am thinking I would rather be in this 72 degree Arizona weather 😉 ah the weather really is just sooo good. I have been a little MIA on Insta and stuff lately – I don’t know I sometimes just don’t feel like posting and its nice to take a little break! But I am going to post a little hair tutorial teaser on Insta today because I just posted a hair tutorial on my youtube! Watch it here.

My sister started having contractions so I think any day now my 9th niece will be here! I am really so excited for her because she is going to be the cutest mama. She got really sick last month and was in the hospital for over a week. It was really scary because she had Valley Fever but because the symptoms are so close to the symptoms that come with Lymphoma and Leukemia they were at first thinking it was one of those two. And those days were really really scary for her. But much later they got blood tests back and she had Valley Fever.. which is really really bad in pregnant women, specifically women in their 3rd trimester which she was! But she is better now and baby is safe and healthy. My other sister Ashley is due in about a month and so we are having her baby shower soon and I can’t wait! They have been going to birthing classes and nursing classes together 🙂 they are the cutest.

Someone suggested we do a book club/podcast club on here on here and I thought that was a REALLY good idea because I have been listening to audiobooks and podcasts like crazy and always want to talk about them with people! So I am going to put together a fun calendar and we can start that with the new year! I am so excited about it. Some things I am going to add to it I have already read or listened to but I want to re-listen because they are so good! I listened to a podcast today and in it she said that if she had spent all the time she spent thinking about boys or break ups or wanting to find a husband she could have learned Mandarin Chinese in the same amount of time. I was laughing because the same probably goes for me back in the day haha! I spent way too much time in high school and early college thinking about break ups or boys or a friend who said something bad about me and it was all time wasted where I could have just been like, screw it! I am taking a pottery class instead lol. The reason I met David wasn’t because of time spent thinking about wanting to meet my perfect man but it was because I decided to hit the gym and grow strong and healthy that I met him (we met at the gym lol so romantic). So ya never know if you’ll meet the man of your dreams at the book store or at a play or in Mandarin class 😉 The same applies for me today except now its not boys and instead its more like, I know there are people out there who make nasty comments or waste their time talking bad about me and making silly assumptions to help them feel better — but what good is sitting around and me thinking about that gonna do?! Nothin. Might as well let them do their thing and spend my time with my kids and husband, learning new things, taking cooking classes, building my business, reading books, whatever it is! So just a reminder to focus on you and living in the moment, not thinking about things you can’t control. Don’t dwell on what so and so is saying or boys or whatever it is in your stage of life. Always try to be a better you. Never too late to pick up new hobbies or learn new skills. The skill I have been wanting to learn lately is wanting to know how to write a full business plan or marketing plan. I never took business classes so I never learned how to make a legit  business plan instead of my little makeshift ones ha and I want to know how. So that is what me and one of my employees are learning 🙂

Tell me in the comments if you would want to join the book/podcast club?! I think it would be so fun!


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  1. Love the idea! I would totally be in to do the bookclub/podcast club. This post was so true and so motivating to focus on the more important and better things in life!! Needed to hear that advice!

  2. Oh yeah that would be soooo fun! I always think hearingyou on a podcast would be so cool! Maybe just a few interviews about how you got started and what you’re doing to grow! That’d be so interesting! But yes let’s al share our fave podcasts! Love that idea!
    xo Holly

  3. I’m in!!

    Also what are you reading, listening to or studying for learning business plans?

  4. Ooh I would love to hear about the podcasts you listen to! Sometimes it gets really quiet at my work and I just want to listen to something that will make me smarter haha!


  5. I want to join the book/podcast club! I love what you said in this blogpost. Specifically about how much time is wasted thinking about boys and breakups. I’ve been helping my sister with this recently. She thinks to much and I don’ we balance each other out. I’m going to send her the link to this one.

  6. Yes that book club would be so fun! I also love how open you are on here! It’s why you are one of my fave bloggers to follow. You aren’t scared of what people are saying or thinking and just do your own thing!

  7. Hi Amber! I would love to join the book/podcast group.

    Also, are you able to do a blog post on how you and David plan a holiday and what’s your top 10 holiday destinations.
    Hopefully one day you can visit New Zealand (where I am from) it’s beautiful.

    Anyway loved this blog post as always! x

  8. Oh this is so cool! Yeah It would be fun to join the podcast club, and I laughed too about how we waist our time thinking and focusing on negative thoughts or aspects of our lives, I agree, I could have learned mandarin too a few years ago due to some time waisted haha. But It´s interesting because I´m focusing too on my life now and the good things around me, I´m learning to bake gluten free breads and everything gluten free, kinda fun. 🙂

  9. I have subscribed to you website when you announced that the audiobook newsletter to be issued shortly. Sadly, this has never been issued. Hopefully this time, it will happen.

    1. That newsletter went out already! Did you not receive it? I can maybe directly email it to you if not!

      1. Thank you for your reply. I have not received it. Would appreciate if you could resend it. Many thanks. Appreciated.

  10. I would love to join, I started listening to How I Built That podcasts this summer after you recommended them and I love them so I would love to hear what else you suggest!
    I´m also a young-mom-entrepeneur so I really enjoy hearing others stories / suggestions / experiences 🙂

  11. I moved to Europa 10 years ago. First i was thinking to much about the things which meant very little. Than i learned a new language and i got one more diploma:)))
    Now 8 months pregnant and craving for another skill. I guess i wait a month or two:))))

  12. I think a book/Podcast club would be great! Did I miss a story about how you book cheap airfare? 🙂

  13. WOW that is such a good way to look at spending your time to actually live rather than waste it on things you can’t control!!! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    xo, jordan

  14. Yes!! Would love to join the book/podcast club! I spend a lot of time in the car and sometimes get tired of listening to music. I also love your thought in this post:). I needed to hear it!!

  15. First time commenter here and have to say a podcast/audiobook club would be so fun! I love Oprah’s supersoul conversations!

  16. I met my husband at a gymnastivs class for adults! And yes to the book club 🙂

    Gabrielle xx

  17. Um. YES. Always looking for good suggestions of books to read, and love knowing that there are people or friends reading the same thing at the same time!! Gives me a little push to pull out a book at the end of the day instead of turning to Netflix. And with a long train commute every day, podcasts are the best!

  18. Would love a podcast club!! I never comment here but have to this time because I admire you a lot for thinking the positives! I care too much about how others think of me. So thanks for your thought. Love it!

  19. I would love to do a book/podcast club! I am sooo into them right now and would love to have people to talk to them with! Also love what you wrote about not dwelling on things we can’t control. Mine as well focus on the things we can! So here’s to taking that pottery class 😋

  20. I think that is an awesome idea!!! I would totally be in! Love all these pictures, they look so summery and warm! Also, that is so true- you can’t dwell on what people think- it will just hold you back and everyone is not going to like you, so instead, go and live YOUR life for YOU and your family! I have found so much joy in my life by living this way! Life can really be so, so amazing when you have that mindset! xoxo
    Hannah |

  21. I’m so excited your going to a reading/podcast group! I literally can’t wait!

  22. Oh my gosh, your hair is SUCH a dream. And what’s funny is I’ve literally been reading your blog since you and David first met at the gym (actually before that)! I swear since almost the beginning. Haha it’s so cute to see how things have worked out perfectly!! XO

    Mackenzie |

  23. Imagine how much we could all accomplish if we focused on being the best versions of ourselves and helping others versus spending time on the things that people say/have said/think about us. You are so spot on with this post!
    Love the book club podcast idea too!

  24. I would love to join a the book club!!! Thank you for that reminder to live in the moment, I read your blog first thing in the morning and it is always add light to my day 🙂

  25. So, so true!! Such great advice – things start getting amazing when we just ignore what other people think and start living! Also, these pictures are gorgeous!! I love the pink sky pictures 🙂 Also, where are your pink glasses from??


  26. I would love to be part of a podcast/book club, I listen while at work and on my commute. I have a pretty isolated job that doesn’t involve a lot of interaction with people, it’s a great way for me to feel like I’m learning and keeping up on current events and topics, and not be bored out of my mind at work!

  27. A book club sounds like a great idea!! I would love some good podcasts to listen to!!

  28. Count me in on the book/podcast club!

    So scary to hear that happened to your sister but also so happy to hear all is well now! I agree with all you just said, especially when we are young we tend to dwell on such silly things. Its not until we grow up and see things differently that we realize it was such a waste of time! I am sad that there are people out there who are so unhappy with their own lives that they need to bring down others. I have seen some comments made towards bloggers I follow that are just so hurtful and mean. I am glad you have a lot of other things to focus on to keep your mind off of the negative people out there, keep on truckin lady!


  29. This post is awesome and so what I needed to hear today! I would love to join a bookclub/podcast club!!!!

  30. Absolutely love the idea of a book/podcast club! I am soo in! 🙂 and you’re absolutely right about thinking about mundane or insignificant things. The best thing is to keep your mind on what’s most important in your life and what brings you joy. The rest doesn’t matter and will only bring you stress. Wonderful post and I am really looking forward to the book/podcast club! 🙂 xoxox

  31. I absolutely love the book clup idea! I’m always looking for new books that people are loving! Xx

  32. Funny! I actually met my husband when I had all but given up on men and had no desire to date anymore. I went on a church camp out which I hate camping and so does my husband, but we both felt we needed to go. Anyway, I have been actually shocked when I find these blog post or read peoples comments on other blogs and how nasty they can be. It is something I would never do. I think they must be just miserable people and unhappy. Jealous for your sucess! Instead of wasting their time making stupid comments they should go out there and create something better for themselves. You have gotten where you are at from hard work.

  33. I would join your podcst! Have you heard of Marie Forleo? She is insanely creative, business savvy, enganging, and authentic. I really like how she engages her audience at the end of her MarieTV segments. I can see your club being similarly as engaging as her segments 😉

  34. Definitely want to join! Always looking for something good to listen to 🙂 It’s also kind of nice to see an ‘influencer’ type taking time off from that social circle, a good example that life doesn’t actually revolve around insta.

  35. i am sooo sorry for your sister’s health scare!! omg! and crazy because i had never heard of valley fever until last week… that is scary! but i am glad it’s something more treatable than those other scary alternatives!! and you are so smart to think to do a book/podcast club!!! i need to take way… waaaay more time for those things, myself!! xoxoxo
    brittany |

  36. I love love LOVE your last paragraph about just focusing on yourself!!! I think that’s soooo so important!! Also I’m so down for a book club/podcast club!!

  37. gooorgeous pictures! i simply love what you fo with your hair! <3


  38. love this post! AND I would love it if you did a book/podcast club! I listen to so many podcasts and feel like I’m the only one!

  39. I love this! Have you looked at any specific business classes? I’ve been trying to find one that is sort of self paced and online. If anyone has suggestions….

    Also podcast/ book club sounds fabulous!

  40. yes!! this is such a great idea and i can’t wait to follow along!!
    you’re so right about everything else too! we should focus on bettering/expanding ourselves rather than what other people think.

  41. awww. love these cute pics amber everything you wear matches to were you take the pics sooo cute! those braids look…fabulous! and also good luck, Jamie! I know she is going to be a great mama! and this podcast idea is such a good one! would love it!!

  42. Yes to the podcast/book club. And hell yes to living your life and pursuing happiness!

  43. YESSS!!!!! Love this idea so much. I work at a breakfast restaurant and we open really early, like we gotta be there at 5 am. I always listen to podcasts during this time when we’re setting everything up and getting ready for business.

  44. Yes, please would love to be a part of your book club and podcast listening club. Thank you for the sweet reminder of maybe meeting someone when you least expect it. Hope your having a fabulous day gorgeous sweet women. xoxo Tiffany

  45. I definitely needed to read this today! 🙂 Everything you said at the end of the post was so true! You and your family are so awesome! Sending prayers for your sisters for amazing births and healthy babies! And I definitely would love a book/podcast club. Have a great day and week (almost Friday…insert praise hands) xoxo