First let me say that this is NOT a sponsored post in any way shape or form. I heard about BB Creams a while ago, started researching them like crazy and reading reviews on every site for every brand and watching demos etc. trying to figure out what all the rage was about and what kind I should buy.
BB = beauty balm.
To make a long story short, it originated in Asia and became super popular and now it is storming in the US.
We all know foundation isnt ‘good’ for our skin.. unless it mineral based it could be good for your skin, but more likely than not,  your foundation does nothing for your skin. Which is where BB creams come in. They have tons of anti-oxidants and anti aging ingredients and offer SPF so while its on your face, it is nourishing and protecting. Not only that but it covers up your blemishes and acts as a foundation.
I thought it was too good to be true.. so after I did all my research I went and bought the Garnier BB Cream and turns out it actually is what it is talked up to be.
I am a foundation girl. I like coverage and I like an even face and I was nervous this would be too light weight. I would say it is in between a tinted moisturizer and a foundation but more on the foundation side. This stuff has all the coverage you need but the best part is that it makes your skin look so dewy and fresh after, which is my favorite thing. I have only tried the one kind, Garnier, but if I wasn’t going to buy Garnier I would have bought Smashbox or Dr. Jart as I heard great things about both and read all their reviews which all raved how great it was, but I just thought the price was too much.. so I went with the cheaper one.
I have posted 6 BB creams that I found got the best reviews and had the best ingredients, etc. So hopefully you guys will give it a try!
If you are skeptical like me, I am going to do a demo on my youtube channel showing how I put it on, and explain more about it next week, so watch that and you can decide if you want to purchase or not!
Smashbox: here
Dr. Jart: here
Loreal: here
Garnier: here
Too Faced: here
Maybelline: here
Please email me within 30 days to claim your $100 to!
Thanks SO much to everyone who entered! I love all my readers 🙂

Photos from BB Creams

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  1. Amber,
    Do you still use BB creams? I know this post is three years old, so I was just wondering if you still used it once in awhile? I’ve wanted to try the BB creams & probably will after reading this post. At least worth the try …thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi love!! Yes! I don’t use it everyday but I love bringing it on vacations and things when I want a lighter foundation. I love Avon’s BB cream 🙂

      1. Hi 🙂 Okay, so after work yesterday I was so tempted to buy a BB cream. After reading some of the comments on here from other people who have used them & I also searched some videos up on YouTube I went with the Loreal brand. The store I went to actually didn’t even have the Garnier brand because I was going to buy that one too, but will later on. The lady I watched on a video said she favored Loreal as well as someone else on there said the same. I have to say that the BB cream really is amazing in ways. It gives great coverage & totally evens out my skin tone leaving a close to flawless look. The only negative thing I will say is I bought the wrong shade. I have fair skin & I bought “light” when I should have bought “fair” but that’s okay because I will & now I know. The light tone for me is just too dark. I am very tempted now to purchase a more expensive one online such as the Smashbox or Dr. Jart brand. Thank you for the reply! You’re so sweet! 🙂

  2. you should really check out the Marcelle BB cream skin enhenser it is just wonderfull it really blends in easily and it feels like a second skin really worth the try!

  3. I have used diorsnow bb cream . Gives glowing n radiant skin:)!!!!

  4. I have used diorsnow bb cream . It seems to be the best!!! Gives one glowing n radiant skin:)

  5. I use the Smashbox one and I am totally hooked. I like it because there were different shades to choose from as opposed to the DR. Jart. My skin is completely flawless. Great post, Amber! For some reason when I would prime my skin and then use my concealer, I felt like it broke me out. Maybe I had too many layers? I have no idea. Anyway, I love it. -Taylor

  6. You should really try some of the Asian brands, they are by FAR better than any of ours, even the Sephora one. The Korean ones are my favorite, I use Etude House and absolutely love it and have tried Holika Holika, Skin79, Missha and Skinfood and they are all fabulous. From what I’ve tried and heard ours are still closer to a tinted moisturizer than a real BB cream.

  7. SO do I have to use it under my make up or instead of make up? I was at the store today and was thinking about buying the Garnier one (I guess thats the only one we have in Germany) but I wasn´t so sure if it works with my skin and if I have to use with make up or instead. Thanks a lot 🙂 Love ur blog hugs

  8. I have the mabyelline BB Cream and it is great!I got a Sephota card for christmas and plan on getting the Two Faced one to try it out!But I just wanted to say I am obsessed with your blog! I just recently found it and I think you are such a great influence on girls! I was reading some of your older posts and I loved the one on how you try to wear one peices as much as you can! I live how you include your faith as a part of your blog, but you don’t shove it in others faces. As a fellow Christian, I find that many people either focus on that aspect of their lives or just ignore it in the blogs. I think you are a perfect medium. Thanks for he great blog, and congratulations on your marriage!


  9. Is this what you wore while you were on your honeymoon? I’m heading to hawaii for a week next month and I want to keep my skin fresh and even without worrying about sweating it off… would love a recommendation! Thanks 🙂

  10. so far i haven’t bought a real bottle of BB cream, but if i see a sample when i order from sephora, i’ll usually get one. lately i’ve been using dr. brandt’s flexitone BB cream, but it goes on a little thick so i’ve been mixing it with my moisturizer, which has worked really well… i used it today and i actually didn’t put any other makeup on and felt good =]

  11. Oh, I’ll have to try the Garnier one! I use the Smashbox BB cream and I love it, but it is pricey. Thanks for posting more options! 🙂

  12. I have the Maybelline one and it just made my skin oily by the end of the day. I would say it gives medium coverage between a tined moisturizer and a foundation. I will have to try the Garnier one, but I would love to see your video first before purchasing.


  13. I’ve tried the garnier, loreal, and maybeline, and the loreal takes first place.

    I can use anything on my skin and have never had a reaction but for some reason broke out really bad with the heavy coverage.

    The Maybeline darkened as my skin got oily throughout the day. No bueno!

  14. Excited for the video!! I love all your how tos and have followed for a very long time, but just officially started my second blog, so I can subscribe now!

    I’m also a Utah blogger, like I said, just starting up my second one, and I was wondering if you know of any Utah blogging groups that get together every so often to hang out and feed off of each other creatively? Thanks!!


  15. I used Garnier at first but then invested in Dr. Jart and it is 100x better! I have been usin the same bottle since September and will still get a couple more months. Seriously Jart is the best!