I finally have the tutorial.
It was a complete nightmare getting it to upload, it kept saying it was in the wrong format which it has never done before and I used the same as always, so I changed it a million times and it still wouldn’t work. I had to make a whole new tutorial. That is how much I love you all.
So the tutorial is how to get these curls:
pink robe: gift from Vicorias Secret
Is three pictures enough or do you want me to keep going?
Just kidding.
But these are the curls I am doing for my wedding and also the curls in majority of my posts. They are super easy and they also look so good the next day when they are just loose waves!
So, watch this and go curl your hair pronto.
{I used a 1 inch Wigo curling iron. I got it in high school so that particular one is not available anymore. I have had it for 5 years and it still works perfectly, so I would definitely recommend the Wigo brand.}

pink robe: gift from Vicorias Secret / eye mask: target
Go to sleep and wake up to amazing curls. K bye!


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  1. I love eyemasks! I’m a sleep talker apparently but eyemasks keep it to a minimum – always looking for cute ones!

    1. I love having a cute eye mask for traveling too!! It’s definitely a must 🙂

  2. Hey girl! I love your blog! You are gorgeous! I wanted to ask you; what do you do to keep your hair healthy? I find that my blonde hair gets super damaged when I use a lot of heat. (blow dryer, curling iron, straightener) Do you only use expensive ceramic tools? And moroccan oil? or deep condition it alot?? If so- what all do you use?? Thanks! Keep those tutorials comin!! – Tami