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 Since the weather is warming up we put away winter stuff and brought out summer stuff and I realized I hardly have any spring/summer accessories because I did a huge purge when we moved to NYC! So I got a few new things online from Nordstrom Rack including these Wildfox sunglasses and baseball tee! I love a good baseball tee – always have! They are the best for relaxed days. I was so excited when Nordstrom Rack launched their online store because as you guys know I love shopping at Nordstrom and love checking to see what is at the Rack for a cheaper price! They have so many cute accessories for summer and they have a lot of my favorite brands – WildfoxStella McCartneyKate Spade and obviously a lot more. I listed a bunch below that I have been looking at! Hope you guys have a good day!


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    1. Thanks so much!! I am planning on doing a tutorial for this soon, so stay tuned!! xo

    1. It’s such a fun color!! Glad you like it 🙂 Thanks for reading!! xo

  1. Amber you are seriously so pretty! Whenever I read your blog I just can’t believe how gorgeous you are and such a good mom! I know I just went on this long shpiel last week about how I look up to you so much, but I just thought I’d tell you again!

    Anyways. even though I live in LA and it is starting to get hot I feel like this baseball tee could still work with shorts!

    P.S. I know he’s not in this post, but I love that you take Chauncey to the park so much. Is it a requirement at NY parks to have the muzzle on? Or is that just so he won’t bark?

  2. hey amber quick question for ya!! I have fairly thick long hair it is pretty curly, think of beachy waves but most the time i straighten it. It goes about a few inches farther than the middle of my back if that makes any sense haha!! I am getting my hair done soon and trying to decide if i should cut it, while I LOVE my long hair I would also like to change it up to maybe a lob. What do you think? Ive asked my friends and they say I should try something different but I’m not sure. I will of course ask my stylist but wanted to see what you had to say!! sorry for the long comment

    1. Hey Sara!! It all depends on what you want. I totally think it is fun to change up your hair here and there!! You can cut a few inches off first and then see if you want even more off.. I know personally I love having long hair because there are many more options are far as styling it. But some people look better with short hair! Luckily, hair will always grow back! Let me know what you end up deciding 🙂 xo

  3. I love this, Amber! And I wanted to thank you for being so cool and always responding almost EVERY one of my comments even if you have like 100 per post. You’re a lovely person and I really appreciate you and the effort you put in your blog!
    I truly hope to be as good of a blogger, wife and mom as you are someday 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration! <3


    1. Thank you so much Pam!! You’re too kind!! You truly made my day!! I love reading amazing comments like this! It makes me so happy 🙂 Thanks again for being so thoughtful and sweet! You’re an amazing person!! XO

  4. You are such an inspiration!! My little one is going to be one this month and we’re taking our first trip to Europe this summer. I looked up your tips for traveling with a baby, thanks so much! Love your outfit and of course the hair 🙂

    1. Thank you Liz!! That means the world to me 🙂 And oh my goodness how exciting for you!! That will be such a fun adventure! I am so happy you found the tips helpful!! Thanks again love! xo

  5. Love a good casual look! I am excited to try some of these sunnies maybe one of these will fit my tiny face…. cross your fingers for me LOL You look lovely as ever, have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you Jenessa!! I do too! And ahh I hope a pair works for you too!! Thanks again for your sweet compliment 🙂 Have an amazing week!! xo

  6. I agree with you I was so happy that Nordstrom Rack launched their website -SCORE! I feel so late to the game because I didn’t know about it until I was invited to a Orange County Bloggers dinner event on Monday. Whoops! Anyways, you look amaz! Have a great weekend.

    stay styled,
    Instagram: stay_styled

    1. I know it!! SO excited! The important thing is that you know now 😉 Thanks again for being so sweet!! Have an amazing week Lindsey!! xo

  7. I am loving this look Amber, but really like this baseball tee because they are just my favorites and so stinking comfortable… I have enjoyed all your posts lately and just haven’t been able to take time to comment in the last few, but I am still checking your blog out because lets be honest, your my Favorite Blogger!!!! Have a fabulous weekend girl!!!! xo

    1. Thank you Michelle!! They really are so comfy, and I love the relaxed look 🙂 And oh my goodness thanks so much!! I appreciate the positive feedback!!! You always make me feel so special, you are seriously amazing!! I love reading your comments!! Have a wonderful week yourself!! Love ya lots!! xo

    1. Aww thank you!! I was loving that pic too! David always captures the best moments 🙂 Thanks for your love and support!! XO

    1. I agree!! I always love a relaxed look 🙂 And aww thanks for sweet compliment!! Love ya! xo

    1. Thank you Angela!! It’s fun to try something new!! And I KNOW!! The best thing ever! Thanks for your comment! xo

  8. AHH!! I was hoping someone would bring the topsy tail back! I can’t wait to try this. So adorable. Your posts are always my favorite. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. I know it!! It’s so fun and different, I love it! I will have a tutorial for it soon 🙂 Thanks for following along Danielle!!! XO

  9. Loving the outfit! I know you’ve mentioned you got Laced Hair Extentions before, do you still use them or do you use a different brand? They are all sold out at the moment:(

  10. Great pictures! That park area looks gorgeous! Not sure if that is central park or not! I am sure all you New Yorkers are loving the spring weather. It was a brutal winter! Love those jeans Xo

    1. Thanks so much Caitlin!! It is so beautiful at Central Park!! We are totally loving the warm weather 🙂 And I am glad you like the jeans!! Thank you!! XO

    1. Thank you love!! I agree, I love to have a couple cute baseball tees in my wardrobe! Glad you like the shoes too!! 🙂

  11. You’re wearing sandals in New York! Yay! I’m so happy the weather is finally warming up for you guys! Love the hair, Ugh I don’t understand how you do your hair and it always looks amazing! I wish I had that talent! Looking as great as always – such a cute and relaxed look! Have a great day!!

    Xo, Kalyn Goff

    1. I know it!! Never been so happy for warm weather!! YAY! And aww thank you girl!! I am going to be doing a tutorial on it soon 😉 Thanks for your kind words!! Have a wonderful day!! XOXO

    1. Thank you Kristina!! I am happy you like the outfit 🙂 I appreciate it!! xo

    1. Thank you Carly!! Glad you like it! And I agree, love a good baseball tee!! xo

    1. I know it!! It’s so nice to have an online option now! And aww thank you!! Glad you like it!! xo

  12. Looooove baseball tees! Something about them that pretty much never go “out of style.” Have an awesome day! Love, Beth XO

    1. Totally!! They are so casual and cute, I love them!! I hope you have an amazing day!! Love ya! xo

  13. Yes, that yellow bag is super cute and looks so happy- but OMG those sandals! A dream! Are they sold out? I must have them! Looks nice like spring in NY! Kisses, darling! xoxo, Sissi

  14. I am in love with that bag–so sad it’s sold out! You look so casual chic. Have a good weekend! xx

    1. Ahh darn it!! I hope they get more of them!! And aww thank you!! Glad you like the look 🙂 Have an amazing day!! xo

  15. Your hairstyle is absolutely wonderful! Please please please do a tutorial! You are big inspiration for me!

    such a beautiful weather! in Poland is still cold:(

    1. Thank you love!! So sweet of you! I will have a hair tutorial on this hairstyle soon 🙂 Stay tuned!! And darn, I hope it warms up in Poland for you!! xo

    1. Me too!! Anything Wildfox and I am SOLD haha 🙂 And thank you!! That is so very sweet of you! xo

    1. I am too!! Such awesome stuff for a great price! Thanks for reading!! xo

    1. Awesome!! I am so happy you like it 🙂 And aww thank you!! You’re the best!! xo