Barefoot Blonde HairBarefoot Blonde HairThis is our color called Brownstone! A really pretty medium brown. Shop this color HEREBarefoot Blonde HairThis is our color Autumn! Love this shade of red! Shop this color HEREBarefoot Blonde HairThis is our color Brown Sugar! This is a shade of brown with golden highlights. Shop this color HEREBarefoot Blonde HairOur color Black Licorice! This is our darkest color – a black shade with cooler undertones. Shop this color HEREBarefoot Blonde HairThis is our shade Peanut Butter and Jealous! It is one of our pretty ombre colors! Shop this color HERE

YAY! We restocked all colors and only an hour into the restock and things are going quick! I wanted to share some of my favorite before and afters from our shoots. I love doing the models hair and seeing their face when they see their new long locks, it is the best because they can’t stop smiling. And I don’t blame them, that is why I have been wearing mine 11 years lol. Once you start, you can’t stop 😉 it just feels good!

We added 7 new shades! Our 8th new shade we were having issues when uploading the images so we will add that one as soon as we can, it is a shade of red.. kind of a rose goldish color – its really pretty!!! We also have a Q&A video that I am uploading but it is LONG so it is taking forever!

If you order between Nov 25-27th you will receive a free Wet Brush with your order!! It is my favorite brush to use with extensions because it gentler on your hair and won’t break it.

I will be doing a Facebook Live on Saturday the 27th at 5pm EST to answer live questions and comments and show you guys different ways to use your extensions so tune in on Saturday! I truly wish I could come put in all of your extensions and braid your hair and show you personally how to use them but since I can’t I hope this helps a bit! I have been super busy working on lots of photo demonstrations and other helpful tools. I am hoping to get those up ASAP 🙂

Again thank you to all of you who have been so supportive of our new endeavor, Barefoot Blonde Hair! Even if you haven’t purchased, I appreciate even the comments and positivity. We have worked really hard on it and it makes me so emotional seeing orders come in and all of the nice comments, seriously!

HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND EVERYBODY!!!!!!!! Check back next week for a little announcement and below for BLACK FRIDAY SALES!!!

SHOPBOP– Up to 25% off. Code is GOBIG16

NORDSTROM – 40% off select styles / 20% additional off select items


ANTHROPOLOGIE– 30% off EVERYTHING! (love this sale!! Get all your Christmas decor!) Code is LETSGO

AMAZON– Here is their list of sales!

GAP– 50% off everything! Code is TGIF50

J. CREW– 40% off ENTIRE purchase! Code is HOLIDAY

Photos from Barefoot Blonde Hair Restock + Black Friday Sale!

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  1. I am in love with these. I am a broke college student (I know you have been there too, I have been following you for the longest time!) Will you be doing any giveaways soon? I hope so so much! These are amazing!

  2. These are so beautiful! When will the blackberry extensions be restocked? I’m hoping to get a set before New Years! ?

  3. So upset that I missed out on the Butterscotch extensions 🙁 Will you be restocking these soon? If not, is Sandy Blonde somewhat similar? I want to make sure I’m getting the right color 🙂

    P.S – ALLL of the colors are so beautiful! Can’t wait to get my hands on a set.


  4. Hey, just curious where all of the hair is coming from. Virgin hair Indians who then send their hair onto Chinese factories? Or not?

  5. These new reds are gorgeous! I can’t find a color to match mine though! And I’m really hoping that you will add a color that matches to mine… where do you want us to send pics of hair colors for extension ideas?!
    Thanks again Amber! and best of luck on your move! Arizona will be a great place for you all!

    xoxo- Abby

  6. i love this. You know what else I love? Keeping my kids busy. Ya’ll have to check out eflashapps. I got my daughter to speak spanish to our neighbor! she loved it, it was adorable. Haha! sorry, i thought of this because my sweet girl is constantly pulling on MY EXTENSIONS!

  7. OMG I just ordered my BFB hair in Sweet Cola! I’m SOOOO excited! And also can’t wait to see what my husband says when he sees the order through his Amazon account that we share (pay through Amazon is amazing btw, thank you!) I’ve never used extensions – I’ve watched your tutorials and can’t wait for more! xo – Charlie,

  8. Hi Amber! Just ordered mine and I’m so excited! By chance does it come with a “how to” hair extensions for dummies? Never worn them before, I purchased the barefoot blonde color. Was reading other comments about washing, what do you recommend is best to use? Sorry for all the questions. ?

  9. LOVE this! Do you think they’ll even work on shorter hair? I have an at the shoulder lob cut and not sure if that’s long enough.

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  10. Hi Amber 🙂
    I live in Germany and I ordered extensions last Saturday . I’m so excidet !! I love your hair and it was a dream to have hair like you 🙂
    Cannot wait !
    Wish you wonderful Christmas days with your family and friends !

  11. Hi Amber! I would love to order the butterscotch color! Do you know when you will restock it again?

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  12. Amber!

    I am SO EXCITED! Just ordered my first set of extensions and cannot wait to get them! Thank you!

  13. Ah so exciting Amber! I think it’s awesome hat you are making this dream come true for yourself! Love your extensions 🙂 Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!\

    Lauren Emily Lindmark

    1. Thank you so much Lauren!! That means the world to me! I really appreciate it 🙂 xo

  14. I ordered mine (Brown Sugar) during the pre-sale and absolutely LOVE them! Could you let me know which ‘Wet Brush” you’re including in the new orders? My sister just ordered her own Brown Sugar pack yesterday but I need a brush too! I’ve been using my fingers so far. You’ve done AMAZING with the BFB extensions, love them SOOOO much!

  15. I REALLY WOULD LOVE TO ORDER SOME! I cannot wait until I turn 15 so that I can wear them!! Do you ship to New Zealand? Also do you wash them just like your normal hair and can you curl them? Love you x

    1. Yes, you can wash and style them just like normal hair, they are so fun!! And we could ship there! Love you too!! xo

  16. I used to hate extensions but you made me love them again! And you have so many great colors I never thought I would find the perfect fit but I did! Continue what you’re doing x

  17. I love all the colors. Didn’t get the hair extensions yet but I wait for my blond hair to come out for me to buy and put in on my natural hair color..congrats dear.. hard work pays you back ?

    1. Thanks so much love!! That is so nice of you! I really appreciate your sweet words. xo

  18. Just ordered mine and I CANNOT WAIT for them to come in!! When do you think they should start to ship out? Also, should these be washed often if curled often? How would you recommend they should be washed?

    1. Woohoo!! So happy! You will love them! They will ship within 2 business days. And I honestly don’t wash mine very often, maybe a few times a month because they aren’t attached to your head so they won’t get greasy like your normal hair. I will link my ‘Extension 101’ post below if you ave anymore questions. Hope that helps! xo

  19. I am so excited to try these extensions in the future! Would love to see a picture of the clips and inner workings.

    1. Yes me too please. I am really bad with styling my hair and worried I’ll make a flop of the extensions. Hopefully they are already styled! ? Really I’m that bad…

  20. I am so happy you added more colors! Before, there wasn’t a color that matched my hair. Now, I can use Chesnut or Autumn! Thank you so much!

  21. Amber, these transformations are amazing. I’ve watched every one of your Facebook lives so far, even though I’ve used extensions for forever haha. I just think what you’ve done all on your own is incredible, and I am so happy for you! Good work hot mama.

    1. Ahh thank you Annie!! Best compliment coming from you!!! I appreciate that!! xo

  22. Oh my gosh! I love the new colours! Is there any chance you can do a nice “mousey” ash blonde colour with cool tones? I know that sounds gross but it would be so nice for someone who doesn’t dye their hair but still wants length! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks so much Lindsay!! And that sounds so pretty! I love the suggestion, thank you!! We can’t wait to add even more colors as we go along!

    1. Thank you SO much!! That means the world!! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving too! xoxo

  23. I wish you a journey full of illusions and satisfaction. Congratulations on everything you have achieved !!! You’re adorable!!
    Kisses from Spain

    1. Thank you so much!! That is so incredibly sweet of you! Thanks for the support!! xo

  24. Love this! What is the name of the color in that top color with the braid? (Model is wearing the red lace top). It’s so pretty!