Barefoot Blonde in Brussels

Here are a few pics from Brussels! We went into the main square and got waffles! We went to one of the most popular/highest rated spots (can’t remember the name now) but don’t hate me – it wasn’t my favorite!! I kind wished the strawberries were fresh because I am picky when it comes to fruit so maybe that is why. Before we left I was looking at one of my favorite blogs to read (NYC Bambi) and she wore an outfit like this and I lovvvved it so I totally got a look similar. Her style is honestly so chic and incredible – I think that is what I WISH my style could be buuut as much as I try to keep my closet to neutrals I still just want color! Remember that was one of my goals for this year? To get more neutrals. I think I have gotten a lot more but geez I love a printed jumpsuit and colorful brights so its been wayyy harder than I thought. I guess my thought was if I get neutrals I can A. wear them more frequently styled differently with other pieces and B. they will be classics I won’t get sick of. But at the end of the day you should also be wearing what you love sooo ?! who knows guys, who knows.

My sisters and I are headed to the TAYLOR SWIFT concert tonight ahhhh!!!!! I got us tickets a while ago as a bday gift to myself since my birthday is tomorrow! I am so so so stoked for it especially since this is her first concert of the tour. It is weird seeing her post pics of her in AZ and knowing she is in the same state as me ah .. fan girling haha.

BOOTS | DRESS (Similar here, here & here)

Having Fun in Haarlem

While we were in Holland (or Netherlands? interested which one locals call it?! I got corrected to both a few times on my insta so now I am left confused which one to call it ha!) we went to Haarlem! It was my first time there and wow it was amazing! It is the most charming little town and sooo quiet…..

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  1. Wow this makes me want to go to Brussels! And sometime the best desserts are at the random hole in the wall places! So jealous you got to see Taylor! I am so hoping she’ll come to China!
    Courtney ||

  2. these pictures are amazing! do you a go-to lens to travel?

  3. Beautiful pictures! And Brussels looks like a very charming city. Those boots and coat look like they were made for you. You look gorgeous in this outfit! I understand about the neutral colors. I’ve been trying to add neutral colors, tank tops and basics into my wardrobe because a lot of the time I’ll buy really cute and unique clothes but I don’t have the basics to wear with them. And I’ll often get into the “I don’t have anything to wear mood” even though I do. Accessories like purses, shoes, scarves, jewelry are pretty much no brainers I usually buy too much of that anyway. But I have to make sure to buy my jeans, tank tops, blouses, tops in different colors and neutrals and so on just to widen my wardrobe choices.

  4. Every picture is perfect, and the boots are a great pairing! This trip looked amazing 🙂

  5. Love your style! I’m a huge fan and have turned a bunch of friends on to your blog. I love that you’re a dedicated wife and mom who embraces her feminity and personal goals. You’re an example of how women can still be beautiful and healthy without compromising their values and priorities.

  6. I love the thigh high boots but how does a short legged girls wear them? So far no success. 😞

  7. Legs looking sooooo long! Uh I was the same! I didn’t really like the touristy hotspots for sweet treats. Have all the fun at the concert and happy birthday! Mine is next week 🙂 x

    chevrons & éclairs

  8. Great to hear you loved Brussels! I love this city too and I drive up here at least once a year. It’s such a nice city and every season has its charm. Lovely dreamy pictures! And isn’t the last picture of the buildings taken Brugge? 🙂 hihi

  9. The Taylor Swift concert?! I’m a total fan girl too. I hope you have a blast. A;so, I feel like the same way about neutrals, I want to like them more than I do. I like dressing for where I am in life, and right now I’m in a place where I like bright pink shirt dresses, so I’ve decided to just go with it. We’ll see what next year brings haha.
    Have fun!