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We arrived in Banff yesterday and it is one of the prettiest places we have ever been! We spent the day yesterday hiking to waterfalls and exploring. Chauncey unfortunately couldn’t come.. there is weird regulation when flying to Canada apparently and the only flight we could do had a 5 hour layover and the lady working for the airline said she wouldn’t suggest it with a dog 🙁 we are pretty bummed because Banff is so dog friendly but luckily he is with his buddies and will have a fun week.

Atticus was killing me in his little outfit.. babies all bundled is just the cutest thing to me! Me on the other hand…. I have found that bundling while pregnant is HARD! Most things I wear I am like…. “okay I look like a tent” haha I swear bundling adds 20 pounds to a pregnant woman but thats okay 🙂

We are up super early today and we are headed to a pretty lookout hoping to beat the crowds! So we are off! Follow along on our insta if you wanna see more – bye!

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  1. Hi Amber! My husband and I are planning a trip to Banff and I was wondering if you thought a rental car was necessary?! I have a feeling it might be in order to get to all these beautiful views but just thought I would ask! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful adventures! <3

    1. It depends where you want to go. Currently, there are a ton of new busing options – free shuttles from Banff up to Lake Louise and a few other places. Check with Banff Tourism for all the details. There’s even a new busing option from Calgary out to Banff, $10 per person, each way. Once you get into Banff, there are multiple free shuttles running back and forth to the main touristy attractions. If you’re wanting to go further afield, and not wanting to deal with buses, then yes, rent your own vehicle.

  2. Love this post and every single one, such an inspirational guide. I will highly appreciate if you can please recommend where to stay(I’m planning to travel with my three kids), on other posts you have linked where you guys have stayed and that’s been absolutely helpful, also if you recommend to go late December or not. Many blessings to you and your beautiful family.

  3. Amber, I finally found this post again! Some friends and I are going to Banff this summer, and I would love to go hiking where you guys were! It looks so breathtaking! I have been following your blog for years and I when you posted this I remember saying how badly I wanted to go and now I actually am! Anyways, I would love to hear back from you:)

    1. Hi Katie!! I am sorry but I don’t remember what this hike was called 🙁 I know that is no help but have a great trip!! I hope you can find it online or something!

    2. The hike on the walkway is the Johnston Canyon hike. You can hike from the parking lot to the end of this walkway, and call it good, or go further up the trail to the Ink Pots. If you want a less crowded hike start, park at Moose Meadows, just beyond Johnston Canyon and hike to the Ink Pots first, then down to Johnston Canyon, and out to the parking lot – you’ll have to walk approx 1.4 km back along the Bow Valley Parkway to get back to the Moose Meadows parking lot but it’s often a better idea to do the hike “backwards” as it can be less crowded, especially for parking.

      For really good hike tips and information, check out the Hiking With Barry blog – he covers all the hikes really well.

  4. Love to see you guys came to Canada, Amber!! Please come back soon and bring baby Rosie! I love your blog… But You make it hard to wait for marriage and babies! 🙂 Take good care xo

    1. We had an amazing time there!! We seriously loved it 🙂 Thanks for the sweet comment!! xo

  5. Beautiful pictures. Your family is so lovely. I’m going back to Banff in March, could you please tell me where these were taken.. Which waterfall? Thanks x

    1. Thanks so much Gemma!! And I honestly don’t remember 🙁 So sorry about that!

  6. Bundling does look good on you Amber! The pregnancy really really suits you! I also love that you are wearing a shirt with a dog on it, as a little reminder for Chauncey!

    Bisous, Marye

    1. Ahh me either 🙂 I love seeing him all bundled up!! You are too sweet!! Thanks Molly!

  7. Your pictures are stunning! Nevermind the amazing subjects in the pictures 🙂 What camera are you using? I’m sure you get asked this question a million times!

    1. Thank you so much!! I appreciate the nice compliment 🙂 I use a canon 5d mark iii! xo

  8. What an absolutely gorgeous place!! I’ve never heard of Banff but after your posts it has been added to my bucket list!! I love following you on your many adventures! Little A is the absolute cutest!! His outfits are just too much 🙂
    I know everyone asks you what camera and equipment you use and you say you are going to do a post. I can’t wait for that one because you and David’s pictures are always so gorgeous! They make me feel like I’m on the trips with you. Safe travels tomorrow – I know Chauncey will be excited to see everyone!

    1. Thanks so much Hannah!! It was so beautiful, we loved it!! Definitely add it to your list 🙂 And oh my goodness you are too nice!! Thank you! And I had plans to do a post about it but I don’t think I will actually so I will just tell you. We use a Canon 5d Mark iii camera and these pictures were taken with a wide angle lens but we typically shoot with a 24-70 lens. I hope that helps!! xoxo

  9. Dear amber, my name is yasmine and I’m 13 years old . I love you and your cute boy Atticus you’re so cute ❤️ Wish to see you some day ????????❤️ By the way I love your videos and I watch them thousand times a day ❤️???? enjoy your vacation ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Lots of kisses from Iran

    1. Aww thank you so much Yasmine!! I am so glad you are following along 🙂 I hope to meet you someday too!! Love ya!! xoxo

  10. I am dying to go to Banff and this is making me want to go even more!

    1. It is breathtaking!!! Definitely add it to your must-see list!! 🙂 Thanks for reading!!

    1. Thanks so much Meg!! We were obsessed with all the beautiful views!! We loved it there 🙂

  11. Your lil man is too adorable and looks just like you! So funny to see him walking now! Cutie pie!

    1. Thanks so much beautiful!! And aww thank you! I was definitely slow but I did it haha!

  12. Hello. I’m amazed with your photos. Could you tell me if it’s a matter of camera/lens and if so, which ones are you using? Or you’re editing them in a specific way (also wondering how). I love the colours and how natural they look. Please give me the answer so I could go into that direction in my photography cause it’s really amazing.

    1. Thank you so much!! 🙂 We use a canon 5d mark iii and these were taken with a wide angle lens, but we typically shoot with a 24-70 lens. And we use a program called Lightroom to edit the photos. xo

  13. Seriously a stunning location and I loveddddddd seeing your snaps! Atticus is so mischievous. I also can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m excited that I finally get to see the t-shirt “with the doggie” haha <3 xx


    1. Thank you!! It was so amazing there!! I am missing it already!! And haha he is totally mischievous!! So funny!

  14. That’s so cool that you’re in banff! I live close (about 1.5hrs) and often take the mountains and nature’s beauty for granted! Can’t wait to see some more of your adventures!
    P.s. in the town of Banff there’s a flower garden area that would be pretty for taking pictures if they’re still in bloom:)

    1. It was so amazing!! We loved it there 🙂 The mountains were breathtaking!! And thanks for the recommendation!! xo

  15. This is making me excited for the fall! Banff looks like such a relaxing destination. And I can’t get over how cute of a hiker Atticus is. It’s crazy how he doesn’t look like a baby anymore, more like a little man! And don’t worry, you don’t look like a tent!

    1. I know!!! I am so excited for layers and all things winter clothes!! And I agree!! He is such a big boy now, it is crazy!!

  16. Little Atticus all bundled up and in that cute hat is just about the most adorable thing I have ever seen. And what a beautiful place! I’ve seen pictures of Banff during the winter, but never at this time of year. Another place I’ll have to add to my Someday List! Also, love your fall looks. You definitely found a way to bundle up without adding 20lbs. You can’t even tell you’re pregnant in half of the pictures! Safe travels and enjoy the rest of the vacation!! Can’t wait to see more pics. xoxo

    1. Oh my goodness you are too sweet!! And yes!! Add it to your list!! It is amazing!!! I couldn’t believe the views. And oh stop!! You just made my day 🙂 Love ya!! xo

  17. I love ur site. I just have question. When you travel, how and what do u pack for ur son to eat? Cuz my son is 14 months and it’s always so diffecult to think of something. Thanks

  18. Hi Amber! I’m so happy that you are enjoying my backyard! I live in Calgary and my husband, dog and I spend nearly every weekend in Kananaskis and Banff area. You have our mountain style down to a tee! Although, you need a Camp Brand Goods sweatshirt…they are all the rage now! http://campbrandgoods.com/ There is a gorgeous (kid friendkly) hike just outside of Banff called Grassy Lakes Trail – make sure you check that one out. I’m assuming you will also go to Lake Louise lookout – I can’t wait to see the photos there! My favourite restaurants are Maple Leaf, Bison, and The Park (it’s new!). Also if you get a chance, there are a lot of great restaurants in Canmore that is only 30 minutes away (Craxy Weeed and The Trough). Enjoy your stay! xoxo

    1. Hi Lisa!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! We LOVED Banff!! It was so so beautiful! I would love to go to Calgary someday too! What a great place to live 🙂 And ooo I will check out the sweatshirts!! Can’t go wrong with a good sweatshirt! Thanks for the geat suggestions as well!! I appreciated them big time! xoxo

  19. B E A U I T F U L ! ! ! And Atticus is sooooo sticken CUTE !! Btw random thought …. I’m waiting for the day you hit 1 million followers on Instagram !!! Crazy !

    1. Thank you so much!! You are too sweet!! And omg I can’t wait until that happens ahh! Thanks for the support love!! xo

  20. Banff is GORGEOUS!! I’ve only ever seen pictures of it but everyone I know who’s gone has raved about it. It’s funny, a good ten guys I know from high school all moved out to Banff from Ontario and took jobs at the Fairmount hotel out there doing various things. I’m always super jealous when they post their pics on Facebook. This time of the year must be amazing to go too. And yes, you’re absolutely right…babies all bundled up are the CUTEST!! Sorry about Chauncey though! That is such a bummer. Hope you guys have a fabulous trip! xo Carly http://www.frecklesandcheeks.com

    1. It really is amazing!! One of our favorite places for sure 🙂 And no way?! That is so cool and adventurous!! How fun for them! And aw thank you!! We had a great time!! xo

  21. Banff looks even more beautiful than I imagined! We were going to go there on our honeymoon but decided not to at the last minute! And your little boys hiking outfit is way too cute! Enjoy your time surrounded by Gods country!!

    1. Thank you!! We loved it! It really was a dream!! So so beautiful!! You will have to go sometime 🙂 Thanks for reading Rose! xo

  22. Nice photos Amber’! Can you please make a post about skin products that you regularly use or write it on a comment? Thanks! =)

  23. Ohhhhh you are so close to where I live in Calgary!! I wish you were doing a meet up here!! Enjoy Banff, it’s a beautiful place! xoxo

    1. No way?! What a beautiful place to live!! It was so gorgeous!! We had a blast 🙂

  24. Atticus seriously looks like a mini David! So sweet! That scenery looks absolutely beautiful. How nice to experience some weather that isn’t insanely humid as NYC right now! Haha I know what you mean—I’m quite happy most of my pregnancy is during the summer because it’s so must easier (and flattering) to throw on a little sundress over my bump! I love your layering here, though. Gorgeous as always!

  25. This looks gorgeous!! Oh my goodness. I’m adding it to my bucket list. And Atticus is the cutest in that little beanie!!!

  26. This is just beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing. I can’t wait to see more. You and your family are just adorable. And those outfits! Thanks for the inspiration!

  27. I seriously can’t take how cute little A looks in that outfit oh my gosh! And I absolutely love your outfit, I think your layering is perfect 🙂

  28. Love these photos! Banff is so beautiful! I think you look perfect with your layers!!! Atticus is so cute with his hat! Love it! Too bad about the layover! Chauncey would have loved it! Have a great time adventuring!


  29. Banff looks like an amazing place! I would love to go hiking theren.
    Atticus looks so cute in his outfit and is matching with dad.

    I really love your blog (the pictures are amazing) and I hope the subscribe problem is fixed soon.

  30. Love this. So looking forward to fall! And expanding our wardrobe!! Just wondering where A’s jeans are from? and the shoes!! 🙂 You are all soooo cute.

  31. Yay! You’re in canada. Hope you love it here. Banff is one of my favourites. Grew up snowboarding on those mountains. If you’re into that you should def try it in the winter

  32. So beautiful!!! My husband is from Canada not anywhere near Banff so we havent been there yet but we are planning on it soon!!! Its so pretty thanks for sharing babe!!

  33. Lake Louise is a must…..you have to go see it while you are there. You will not be disappointed. The castle, the lake, the glacier. Oh my! My favorite place is Banff.

  34. LOVE your photos! Where exactly in Banff did you hike? I was there years ago near Lake Louise. Is this for fun or work?

  35. From Canada 🙂 Banff is so beautiful! Atticus’ outfit is the cutest thing ever!! Beautiful as always xo

    1. We had an amazing time!! I miss it 🙁 And thank you so much!! You are too nice!

  36. We jwent to Banff in July and it was amazing. We stayed at the fairmont Banff springs and one of our favorite things was to eat out on the back terrace… Views for days! Also go to Moraine Lake- seriously breath taking! We rented canoes and had fun on the lake. Lake Louise is also beautiful. We also found the cutest moose Pjs (ldon’t moose with me” on the bum) for our boys at a store in town called duck duck moose. ???? have so much fun! So wish we were back there !

    1. It was amazing!!! One of the prettiest places I have been to! And haha he totally is!! 🙂 Thanks love! We had a great time! xo

  37. Ahh, how stunning is that!! I mean, the view is speachless and you look like a teenager!! I like your style in this photos and, also, David and Atticus’ outfits!!! I think you have one of the most wonderful family in the whole world! I can’t wait for more photos! Love you!! xoxo :*:*

    1. Thank you so much!! It was so beautiful, we loved it!! And aww that is so nice of you!! I appreciate the love and support!! 🙂 xo

  38. These photos are gorgeous! I was in Banff when I was much younger (I used to live in Calgary, actually) and it was such a gorgeous place to visit on the weekends. I miss it!

    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

  39. If you have time, be sure to check out Emerald Lake in Field, BC. It’s about an hour outside of Banff and is Unbelievable!!

    1. I second this especially as it’s barely even an hour west – an easy day trip from Banff, and you can fit a lot in. Plus, not so far away (like just down the road from the Emerald Lake Road on the Yoho Valley Road) is the road up to Takakkaw Falls, the 2nd highest waterfalls in Canada. Worth the drive up, as long as the road is open. Spectacular waterfalls and an easy hike, especially for little ones, as the path is paved. You can even climb up the shale a ways, depending on what part of the season you are up there – if it’s spring run-off time, I wouldn’t recommend it, as the danger is too high, with the high water volume – late August would be best. The road to the falls is only open from mid June to mid October.

      On the way back down the road from Emerald Lake, be sure to stop at the Natural Bridge; it’s another nice sight, and it’s easier to access when coming back down the road from Emerald, as it’s just a quick right turn off the road into the parking lot.

      I love exploring in my back yard. The itinerary I could give you, hahahaha. You’d be here for weeks.

  40. OMG little A looks sooooo CUTE! I can’t even deal with his outfit – adorbs. Looks like you’re already having a great time on your Vacay 🙂 enjoy!

    stay styled,

    Insta: stay_styled
    blog: http://staystyledblog.com/

  41. OMG yay!! I smiled when I opened this post to see you guys in Banff bc I’m from Canada! Not that I’m anywhere NEAR Banff, but still 😛

    OMG Atticus looks unreal adorable–that beanie?! Amber!! SO CUTE!

    Also, you could never look like a tent, you gorgeous thing, you!


    1. It was seriously one of the most breathtaking places I have been!! Wow!! And aww thank you so much!! You are too kind!! xo

  42. I really love your family. I hope someday to have a family like you. Thank you for updating every day. And not forget those who are on the other side. I can not wait to see Aticus aka crazy boy with the baby girl.

  43. Beautiful picture! I was born and raised in Banff. You should head to Vermilion Lakes, you can get some gorgeous pictures, especially today. . It is so clear out!

    1. It is such an amazing place, we loved it!! And aww thank you so much!! You are too nice!!! 🙂

  44. Cute photos! Banff is my favourite place ever! I’m sure you already have plans but if you have time you should visit Moraine Lake. It is absolutely stunning! And Emerald Lake (in Yoho National Park. Not far) is a must seen. It is the prettiest colour of bright turquoise. Enjoy Canada 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Sarah!! It was one of our favorites too 🙂 I can’t get over how beautiful it is!! Thanks for the recommendations!! xo

  45. Atticus is seriously the cutest and that outfit…im dying right now!!!! omgoodness! love it!!!

  46. As a Canadian, and an Albertan I LOVE Banff! If you like Fondue, check out the Grizzly House and talk to the staff about the history of the restaurant! It is pretty intriguing! As well, if you want truly Canadian fare, Toque is an excellent restaurant. The duck poutine is a-ma-zing! They are both family friendly, so you and your family can enjoy the amazing food at both places! Don’t forget to have a Beaver Tail! Enjoy one of the most amazing places in Alberta!

    1. I see why!! We LOVED it 🙂 It was so amazing!! Thanks for the recommendations!! We had a great time!! xo

  47. If you look like a tent, it’s the prettiest and most stylish tent around! Looks gorgeous. Hopefully you’ll get some ????!

  48. Wow that place is stunning. And if I have a boy I’m buying this outfit!! A is so stinkin cute!!

    1. It was one of the most breathtaking places I have been!! So amazing! And aww thank you!!

  49. Atticus is just so cute!! and omg no way!!! you look so in shape and your literally gorgeous!!! all your layers are so cute!!

    1. Thank you so much Sara!! And oh my gosh what?! Thank you for making my day!! You could not be any sweeter!! xoxo

    1. It was so breathtaking!! I miss it!! And oh I know!! He would have LOVED it 🙁

    1. It was amazing!! One of our favorite places yet! And thanks so much!! So nice of you Carly! xo

    1. It is one of those hidden gems 🙂 You need to add it to your must-see list!! And wow you are too sweet!! Thanks for nice compliment!! xo

    1. It really is!! I miss it already!! And aww thank you!! It’s so fun seeing him in winter clothes again 🙂

  50. Oh wow! I’ve been following you for three years now (legit the first thing I look at every single morning is BFB) and am so stoked because you’re in Banff! I live in Calgary 🙂
    Banff is the prettiest! I was there last weekend, enjoy 🙂 And let us know if you come to Calgary!

    1. First of all, I want to say thank you SO much for following over the years, that means the world to me!!! 🙂 And we LOVED Banff, it was so gorgeous!! I would love to go to Calgary someday too!! xo

  51. Atticus is so cute with his red beanie! That place is so beautiful. I hope you have a relaxing time there with your family. I still am in awe of your flying with a baby so much. I did it one time as a nanny and well… Never again.

    1. Aww thank you so much!! And yes! It was breathtaking!! Traveling is much tiring now being pregnant but we make it work 😉

  52. Well, now I need to plan a trip there. Holy cow, it looks incredible. And seriously, don’t dress A in anything BUT this outfit!! He’s just the cutest!

    1. You definitely do!! It is so amazing!! We loved it 🙂 And aww you are too sweet!! I love seeing him all bundled ahh!!

  53. amazing photos! that place is breathtaking. atticus is the cutest is his outfit.

  54. I love Banff! I live in Alberta and love how so many people around the world come to visit the Rockies. Beautiful photos and I love your blog! Enjoy Canada 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Rita!! You live in a beautiful place, we sure loved it 🙂 xo

  55. I love banff! I grew up in Southern Alberta and I may be biased, but its the most beautiful place on earth! I’m glad you are enjoying it. Also, you have a BEAUTIFUL family!

    1. It is amazing huh?! We loved it so much!! What a great place to live 🙂 And aww thank you so much!

  56. You must go to Tooloulou for breakfast and Saltlik for dinner. Love those two places in Banff!

    1. Darn!! I am just seeing this! We will have to go next time 🙂 Thanks for the suggestions!! xo

  57. I love how A looks like a little mini hipster with a dash of prep (hahaha! not sure else how to describe that look!)…seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  58. Oh my gosh Atticus’ giant hat is SO adorable!!! Banff looks completely amazing, I hope you guys enjoy your time there! 🙂