what is tonight? GREYS ANATOMY!!!! ahhhh.
to celebrate here are some delish pics from the burberry show. im slightly obsessed with the color combos. (scroll down if you would like to hear my nonsense thoughts for the day)

leaving for vegas in one hour! excited because:
i get to see my baby jamie
homecooked meals
buffets on the strip
window shopping
fambam time
and.. GREYS gahhhh!
i only have school on tuesdays and wednesdays.. which doesnt sound bad. HOWEVER.. all my classes are 2.5 hours long which is maybe fine for some people but not for an expert daydreamer/non concentrator.
and you know wednesdays begin fine.. i start at 2:30.. go to bio.. then american heritage.. then the dreaded 7:30 comes along when i go to my sociology class. sounds interesting right? NO.
yesterday 9:30pm rolls around.. he looks at the clock and says “oh shoot time is rapidly flying we need to hurry!!”
and im thinking in my head: “RAPIDLY flying????? you had the nerve to just use the word rapidly to describe how time has passed????”
k bye.

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