This jumper is for sure my new airport/travel outfit because its soooo comfy. I love comfy jumpers because then I can be on the floor playing with the kids, snuggling on the couch with them, and then go out in public and look like I got ready. Win win. For the outfit posts this week I tried to use a lot of the same pieces different ways. This black, long sleeve, bodysuit is a must (also in yesterdays post) you’ll see me wear a lot. It can go under jumpsuits, as a layering pieces, under dresses, it just goes with everything and is a basic that you def need to have. This necklace and booties are also from yesterdays post! Black booties are so versatile for any outfit – casual or dressed up. And this necklace is just really fun so I have been wearing it with everything on accident. Or just on purpose 😉

K something totally random. What are you guys thoughts on texting and being a “bad texter”? I know a lot of people think the excuse “sorry I am a bad texter” is just rude or shows you don’t care. I keep thinking about this because I saw someone tweet about this today and I am possibly the worst texter but I do care about the people texting me. Throughout the day I let my texts pile up, only responding to my assistant or urgent texts.. pretty much. At the end of the day or when I get a sec in the parking lot or during Ro’s nap I respond to as many as I can. But sometimes it’s a few days before I respond haha. I think I just often realize that sometimes I don’t have time to have a meaningful conversation so I wait until I am sitting down and can have a back and forth conversation. I also think our kids are kids and can’t wait for our attention but our friends and family are adults and CAN wait. I feel like all of my friends, we all have the same policy though.. that we get when the other doesn’t answer not to take it personal. All of my friends are kinda the same way so it works. If it is important we follow up and when we can we have meaningful back and forth convo or facetime. What do you guys think? Are you guys bad texters or do you hate bad texters?!?

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  1. I like all your posts too but most of these things are simply things I could never afford! It would be great if you could provide links to things more affordable for the general population 🙂

  2. The older I get, the worse of a texter I become. Sometimes I feel guilty, but I try not to! Life’s meant to be lived, and often texts are either trivial or are fine answered after 3 hours or even a day. I used to feel like I owed it to people to text back immediately, but as I enter my late 20s I’ve realized I owe it to myself to stay true to my plan for the day!!

    LOVE this jumpsuit! It’s to die for and you make it look even more amazing than it already is! <3


  3. I really love reading your blog, and seeing everything you post here. As a college student, however, the prices on some of these things (like $500 shoes – holy cow) is so out of my reach it pains me. I was wondering if you could maybe wear or suggest alternative outfits that are more affordable for college kids like myself?

  4. I’m probably a even worse texter than you are! Thanks so much for being one of my role models! P.S. I’m African-American which means I can’t really ever wear your hair extensions. Will you ever come out with style more suitable e to us curly haired girls?? Xo!

  5. I am such a bad texter … even if i don’t have kids haha ! But I just don’t want to spend my time on my phone. When I was kids my parents were always on the phone. Even when we were in family diner or at the restaurant.. I guest I don’t responding on the phone when I m with other people cause I fee it s rude even if some of my friend don’t do the same ^^ also when I m travelling I want to be fully on the moment. But I take the time to answer them when I am alone or not bussy (especially on public transport!) . But I guest a lot of people do the same so don’t worry Amber 🙂 and thank you for your post !

  6. I`m such a bad texter and so many of my friends always complain about, but I just don`t want to spend my whole life only starring at my phone screen. I want to see the world with my own eyes and live in the here and now. I mean it`s important to stay in touch with friends, especially when you don`t live in the same city as them but how would our lives look like if we didn`t spend time with the people around us? So I say yes, texting is important , but more important is that we enjoy the moment.

  7. I am convinced! You can wear anything at all and look absolutely beautiful.
    I am a good fast texter (I don’t take days to reply, if I am busy it would take me a couple hours the most) since I hate talking on the phone but I do have friends who take time to reply and at first I got upset but now I understand that’s how they are. Everyone is different 🙂

  8. You just have priorities – better to be a bad texter than a bad mom! I feel that my phone becomes way too much of a distraction so I try to keep a distance from it during the day when my kids are up too

  9. You look so adorable in fall clothes! And I have been a terrible texter lately because I have been so busy with wedding planning, planning our trip to Scotland in two weeks, and my full time job (duh)! So I have been texting back days later, not because I don’t care about my friends, but because I don’t have time to myself… aah. Most of my friends have been understanding and we just pick back up on our conversation again! Some have not… which is kinda a bummer. Best of luck with your texting situation!


  10. Love this look – especially with your hair! Seriously just too perfect. I totally get being a ‘bad texter.’ Also, you’re a mom! I would almost feel worse if I knew that you spent all of your time responding to texts! I think it’s sweet that you really want to take the time to sit down and talk to people, Amber xx


  11. I haven’t gotten into jumpers yet, but you can totally pull it off! I love how cozy and “fallish” this outfit is! And yes, I can often be a bad texter. There is simply not enough time in the day for everything and its important to make priorities and to not feel and about them.

    Hugs from Las Vegas,
    Ashley Diana

  12. Luv this look, esp good for fall when it’s not chilly yet, and the boots go with so many outfits, a modern classic and a good investment. That hat is soo cute too.
    Re txting… I like it best for quick necessary communication…. sorry I’m running a bit late c u in 15 min kinda thing…. and for conveying reference info quickly, like addresses etc.. but I’d rather have a call if I really want to chat… is more immediate and you feel more emotionally connected….so if I can’t respond right away… I’ll usually say “cant txt now, let’s catch up tomorrow.” or “working today” let’s chat later. Then I can either call or txt then. And sometimes I do just wait until I can give it more thought…. like a day or so … is that so bad ? …for work yes it can mean missed opportunities…… even if I’m on set I’ll try to txt something back… but our friends need to understand we all have a lot of demands on our time.

  13. Haha! You are not a bad texter at all! You are a successful business woman and have two under two so you have a life outside of your phone!

  14. Amber!!!! Your photos never fail to amaze me. Wow girl. Just wow.

    I am probably the worst texter ever. I always think I respond to texts when I actually haven’t, then two days later I’ll realize and it’s too late. Most of my friends know to just wait for me to answer and not to take it personally. I think I just have so much on my mind all the time that I don’t want to have a conversation until my mind is clear, and then I just completely forget to answer later. My boyfriend is probably the most patient person ever (we’re long distance so texting is the basis of our relationship ATM) and always jokes how I forget to answer. But I usually end up calling him once a day anyways!!!
    Sorry that was long but I’m so glad I can relate to you on this because I thought I was just a stinky friend 🙁

    Again, love your photos so much!! I check your blog every day to see if you’ve posted 🙂


  15. I need that jumper 😍 I try not to be a bad texter but I am totally like you. I text when I can have a convo
    Have a great day babe!!

  16. Love that you mentioned family and friends are adults and can wait! What a great reminder. I am also sometimes a bad texter and I feel guilty! But I shouldn’t have to! I think with texting and instant messaging people want instant responses and answers and we’ve lost not only patience but meaningful face to face or voice to voice convo’s! I appreciate this post so much!

  17. Sometimes I just quickly look at the text while I’m super busy and then COMPLETELY forget to respond, and then I don’t think about it again until I’m trying to fall asleep that night (or a few nights later…..). All of my friends, thankfully, just know that I do this sometimes, and just understand.

  18. Same! I always think I am a bad texter – but I just prefer a quick phone call! More personal and efficient! I try to get back to people as soon as possible, but I will admit sometimes it is the next day!


  19. First of all, awesome outfit! Second, I totally get that not texting back thing. haha I’m the same way. I actually think that deep down it means that we really care. Weird right? But you wouldn’t want to half ass a text back to people you care about. So you wait for the right time where you can give them the attention and devotion to the conversation that they deserve. Great post Amber!!
    xo Ash


  20. So cute!! Does it fit true to size? I’m 5’71/2
    124 lbs. Love the color! Looks a zing and so comfy looking tpp❤😁

  21. I don’t think that makes you a “bad texter”, I would say it’s called staying present in your life! I personally DESPISE texting. Unless it’s my husband telling me really quick to pick up something at the grocery store on the way home, I pretty much ignore all text messages. It’s not because I’m mean or act like I’m so busy that I can’t respond, it’s just that I like to be fully present in my life (especially after having cancer) and fully present when I’m with other people. They deserve the respect and attention and I am suited to give it. I actually get sad when I am at my son’s games and see every parent on their phone. I think, you are missing life! Or if we are at dinner and see other tables of people looking down at their phones. Those are missed opportunities. My theory is, if you have something to say that is lengthy or has lots of details, send it in an email! I can read it when I get the time or save it and then take the time to write a thoughtful response. If it’s something important and immediate, JUST CALL ME. The phone conversation will take WAY less time that typing everything out and waiting for responses. Kudos to you for living hands free! Don’t feel bad about it!

  22. 100% relate to what you said about being a “bad texter” and my reasoning is the same: that I don’t want to write back until I can do so in a meaningful way and really get into the conversation. The people in my life mean too much to me for me to give them a cursory response. I really want to be able to give them my time, even if that isn’t until 2 or 3 days later.

    xo Mary-Katherine

  23. I love that jumpsuit! The color is so pretty and I love the unique details! And I’m totally on the same page as you when it comes to texting. It can be overwhelming to have so many people try to reach you at all times, and you really don’t always have time to have a meaningful conversation.


  24. I am loving this jumper! Def looks so comfy, free people have it down for making comfy cute things!

    and you sound just like my husband with texts haha. I think I have OCD. I cannot handle seeing the little bubble of texts piled up like he has.


  25. NEEDED this reminder Amber!! Nowadays it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the fact that someone could be ignoring you or doesn’t want to talk to you when they don’t reply right away. But quite often, it’s the opposite! That person is just waiting for the right time to respond to having a more meaningful response. I would much rather have 1 really great thought out message sent to me rather than 10 meaningless texts. XOXO.

  26. This outfit I should so cute! I am the same way with texting- I wait until I can have a meaningful back and forth conversation! Some people wait like weeks to respond tho and that’s annoying and it just kinda shows u that ur a low priority. Tho I’m guilty of doing that to others too. I need to work on this haha!
    Courtney || https://courtneylivin.com

  27. I totally get why people don’t respond like in your case. I wouldn’t say I’m a “bad texter” but then I also don’t get that many texts in a day haha so I can usually respond to the few that I get when I get them. Of course sometimes I am out and about or just busy. Then they can wait!


  28. i think we should be allowed to be “bad texters!” i mean. is it fair that sometime shoves a message into our lives and we are completely expected to stop and respond?! i mean it used to be one phone line in one house and if you couldn’t get to it, you couldn’t get to it! now we are so bombarded and the guilt is overwhelming. email, snapchat, instagram messages, facebook messages, text messaging, and phonecalls AND voicemail is even still around haha!! so. i try to keep up with my texts, too, but i think a lot about how bombarded we are, and it’s just a lot to take on, i think!!! not how it used to be at all!!


  29. I totally agree about the “bad texter” thing. I just want to make sure I’m having quality responses and at the same time I don’t want to be glued to my phone and miss the people around me. Thank you for putting all my feelings into words haha.

  30. I’m definitely a bad texter haha! But it’s because when I’m with my kids I keep my phone on the kitchen counter. I figure if anything is urgent then they can call me. People survived without eating immediate answers before texting was a thing, so I figure they can survive now. 😉

    Karin | truncationblog.com

  31. I’m a bad texter too! I agree with waiting till you can respond thoughtfully and that usually means waiting and responding to all when you have a free minute in the day!
    Xo, Lauren

  32. This look is seriously so adorable! And I wish I was a bad texter over having my phone on me every second of the day and responding to everything in 2 seconds! Wish I could put it down more and enjoy what I’m doing!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  33. I’m loving this hat with the braids on you! I need to get me a black long-sleeved bodysuit for sure this fall… I am an awful texter, actually. I am surprised I even have friends. I only respond to texts during the day (8-5) when I’m at work (I have an office job so luckily it is possible), and after five, I clock out completely just to focus 100% on my daughter. Is that bad??? I know most people are the opposite (=free time is for catching up with friends). But my free time is my most valuable time at the moment. They grow so fast! I don’t want to miss anything while texting :-D… xoxo

  34. When I first read “bad texter” in my BB email update, I thought you meant people who abbreviate every single word… like my dad haha. He abbreviates so much of it that I sometimes don’t know what he is talking about! Anyways, I’m definitely guilty of delayed texting. I used to think it was because of my busy schedule and I always thought it was rude to text when you are with other people in person. However, others have brought it to my attention that I’m bad at texting back even on days when I was at home hanging out alone. I have a suspicion that I’m a bad texter because I’m naturally introverted. I like my times alone when I’m reading or cleaning the house or doing my own thing, those are the times that I re-energize myself. As soon as I get home, I put my phone down and forget about it. Luckily my closest friends are like me and don’t mind that we text each other back hours and hours later 🙂

  35. I am DEFINITELY a bad texter, I also have kids so I feel the same way. I think that sometimes its frustrating when people get upset about not getting a text back right away because for me that defeats the whole point of texting, its so that someone can write you and then you can reply when you have time or time to talk. Otherwise if its urgent I think it is better to call! I do the same as you, pretty much only respond to work texts during the day and then try to get back to everyone else during nap times or in the evening. Its also for me a way of not being so tied to my phone because I often think what kind of impact it has on children to see their parents with their phones in their hand literally 98% of the time. So I totally support your ¨bad texter policy ;).

  36. It’s so funny you say that because I feel the same way! Texting is very shallow to me and that’s not the space I try to put effort into my relationships in. I’d so much rather have an hour long phone call with someone than a few texts back and forth. Sometimes I’ll go days without texting someone back, but it’s not at all because I don’t care about them. I just hate texting. Lol. Thankfully, all of my good friends understand that and aren’t offended or hurt with my late responses 🙂


  37. I don’t think responding to them at the end of the day is rude, I do that myself when I don’t have time immediately and the text isn’t urgent. However, I do hate when people only text back days later. To me, that is rude because everyone does look at their phone at some point during the day and a quick “I’m sorry, don’t have time right now!” is better than radio silence.

  38. If it’s important, I call and my friends know it’s important if it’s a call. I don’t understand the “bad texter” phrase either to be honest… especially when they post on social media and don’t respond back haha

    chevrons & éclairs – http://bit.ly/2yo266H

  39. Hi Amber,
    I think we all should be bad texters! I am just turning 21, but we lose so much time, staring on our phones and checking mails or random stuff.
    We should concentrate more on what actually happens around us & enjoy the moment, we can taxt back when we have time for it. And if something is really important than you could just call someone.

    xo Charlotte