way back when :
after seeing matilda i tried moving things with my mind or my finger for so long. i was so sad when it didnt work..
and after seeing toy story i would sneak around the corner of my room and try to catch my toys moving around and in conversation. and every time i see a toy story i feel so bad for all the toys i gave away thinking that they are probably so sad haha

this was my favorite new character from toy story 3! BUTTERCUP! shes adorable. and of course the spanish speaking buzz lightyear was so funny.

me and sadie felt like horrible toy owners after seeing toy story 3. it was a real tear jerker. jk. i didnt cry but it was very good and slightly sad.

Photos from back in the day

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  1. Mal!! Hahaha yesss ah so funny! And sitting on rugs hoping they would fly and I always hoped my baby kellys (the baby barbies) would come to life like in indian in the cubbard!! I miss you and love you so much!

  2. Ahh Amber me too! And I would open every candy bar hoping for a golden ticket! And I would run away from dragons across pillows because the carpet was hot lava. I love love love reading your blog.

  3. hahaha okay I died too because duh I tried to open doors, close doors, get myself cereal, everything with my eyes/mind and just couldn’t understand why on earth it wouldn’t work? And I tried to catch my toys talking, walking, etc. too. I may or may not have tried to convince my toys that it was okay to talk back to me, I wouldn’t be scared. hahaha ohhhh the good ol’ days!!!

  4. Oh my yes of course hahah I think every girl tried to after that movie! So funny. I loved your blogs about the walk and your mom jules, you are such a good writer you should write a book I was seriously crying! Xoxo

  5. k i think i just died of laughter i was OBSESSED with matilda. i totally tried moving things around with my fingers, BLAKE JUST DIDNT GET IT. so glad you do. loves.