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Not click bait. Not pregnant. Will say more in the last paragraph ๐Ÿ˜‰ …… Onto the airstream. We woke up at the butt crack of dawn and ate yogurt and fruit in bed. We all laid around lazily for a while and I tried catching a few zzz but it didn’t work. Sometimes its nice to even just close your eyes for an extra 10 min though right? And can I just say that the best part about where that airstream is situated is that you can walk around in your underwear and braless? I just love anywhere you can be topless outside and no one can see you. Writing this is also reminding me of lots of other memories of me and some girlfriends skinny dipping at night in the ocean in Fiji! (don’t worry no one saw ha) What is so fun about skinny dipping?! I think it is so exhilarating. Anyways, eventually we got dressed and had pillow fights and the kids just explored and played.

We drove home and listened to audio books and tried out a podcast for kids. I can’t tell if they were listening or cared — well mostly Rosie but I could tell Atticus was enjoying a lot of it — but I still like the idea of listening together in the car. Do you guys have any podcasts you and your kids listen to? The only one I know about is the Wow in the World podcast.

I had the worst migraine today and it is just finally going away. The worst thing about migraines when you have kids is that you can’t just shut off. You are constantly go go go and have to just plug away despite your head pounding and twirling.

Both my sisters are pregnant!!!!! With baby girls!!!! My youngest sister, Jamie, is due beginning of December and my sister Ashley is due beginning of January! A while ago I had told you guys I was trying to get pregnant. Us three sisters had always wanted to have babies the same age so when I found out they were both pregnant I was like I have to get pregnant, NOW! We were already kind of wanting to anyways. After not too long, just a few months, I wasn’t getting pregnant and kind of had an epiphany that I needed to wait. I think I felt a lot of excitement with my sisters and really wanting this baby #3 to have two built in bestie cousins that would be in the same school grade etc. and just wanting another in general .. but I do think it is best if we wait until later this year or early next year to try. We just have a lot going on. All really good and extremely exciting things but a lot of it and I think I just need a little more time! I just wanted to give you guys an update since I know I had said we were trying ๐Ÿ™‚ but I am so so so so so so so excited for my sissy bears!!!!! I can’t believe that they are going to have babies ah!!!!


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  1. We love Brains On, it is a fun podcast for the kiddos. We also listen to Sparkle Stories. I’ll turn on an episode during clean up time. It helps! Wow in the World is a big favorite these days as well.

    Love your perspective, Amber. You little ones are so lucky and when the time is right baby #3 will join the gang.


  2. Girl I love your perspective. It must be so exciting for your sisters to be having babies! You are your family are already soooooo adorable. God’s timing is ALWAYS perfect.

    Lovely outfit too babe!


    Kelly Hoover | http://www.theglamorousteacher.com

  3. Ahhhh yes!!! Have another one!!!! Would love to know how you stayed fit and healthy during pregnancy! What you ate, how you worked out, if you had food aversions, etc. All the details!!!


  4. LOVE this! This is one of my favorite posts you’ve done. The airstream is so cool and the photos you took on this mini trip are so dreamy. I grew up with 2 girl cousins my age and it was so fun to have 2 built in best friends. I can see why you would want that but I’m sure whenever it happens it will be perfect.

  5. LOVE this. One of my favorite posts of yours. This airstream is amazing and the photos you captured on this mini trip are so dreamy. I grew up with 2 girl cousins my age and we were all very close, it was fun having 2 built in best friends. I see why you would want that but I’m sure the right time will come and it will be perfect.

  6. Congrats on becoming an auntie! And I have to say, these pictures are beyond stunning, You def have the best pictures out there, the light, and you all seem to have so much fun. Bummer about the migraine though!!


  7. Ahhh, I missed the message that you guys were trying! How fun, that is so exciting, even if you do wait a bit longer! How sweet that both sisters are pregnant!

    Much love!

  8. This dress is too gorgeous, and ah I was so sure that this was a pregnancy announcement! It’s really cool that you took more time to think about it though, 3 kids makes you outnumbered and idk about you but that idea freaks me out lol

    ~Jessica Linn


  9. This post is so sweet! When I was a kid I loved to listen to Adventures in Odyssey in the car!

    1. I forgot all about adventures in Odessey! But we LIVED on those as kids! How fun!

  10. Ahhhhh, I got so excited! I hope it happens soon though because your kids are just the cutest! Good luck and congrats to your sissies!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  11. Aw how cute!! You are such a good sister too!! The love and excitement you speak of for them being pregnant feels so genuine!! Love it girl!!

    xo, jess


  12. Its all good to wait until you are ready to have another baby, sometimes we feel pressure from other people (I get it all the time).
    Also growing up as kids we always listened to Adventures in Odyssey, you can look them up on oaclub.org
    It is probably still to old for them, but as they grow older it is amazing!

  13. I’m glad you decided to wait until you feel you’re ready and not just forcing a baby because your sisters are pregnant (even though I know you said you already wanted it before) lol can’t wait to see you experience life with three gorgeous kidsโ™ฅ
    It’s going to be SO fun!


  14. Congrats to your sisters, that’s so exciting! And good for you for taking a step back and realizing you may need a little more time, it’ll all happen when it’s supposed to :o)

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  15. hi, Amber! sorry that I’m asking so personal question… what kind of contraception do you use?…
    I’m waiting for my daughter this month… I already have a son and my kids will have the same age difference as your kids)

  16. In love with the pictures! They are so beautiful!
    Check out my blog where I talk about fashion, lifestyle and some times about food or DIY!
    Hope you like it!

  17. Hi Amber!
    For audio books, my family has always been OBSESSED with listening to Harry Potter. Your kids may be too young now to get it, but my goodness the narrator is soooo good, the story itself is of course engrossing, and it’s a great book to listen to and discuss while on long car trips due to the many plot points. Plus knowing you and David are in to Game of Thrones, I think you’ll enjoy being put into a new kind of world again that feels so real in your imagination ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I’m interested in the airstream but it said in the house rules no photo shoots? Did you get permission from the owner?! I’d love to have a shoot with my kiddos! Love these pics!

  19. Exciting!!! Well… you can watch the nieces when your sisters want to have a night out with their hubbies. It will be so much fun when your kids grow up together with the cousins!!! I loved having cousins!!!

  20. Didn’t even slow down enough to look at the pics in this post, I just scrolled all the way until I found you talking about babies haha! So happy for your sisters and can’t wait until you and David decide to start trying again. I’m excited to see all the new and fun things you guys have coming up!

  21. I don’t have any podcast recs, but my almost 3 yr old boy loves audiobooks!! Curious George, Frog and Toad, Mercy Watson, and Nate the Great. He gets so sucked in and would probably listen for hours if I let him. We get them for free through our library app!

  22. What an exciting time for your sisters and your family! This airstream is amazing! No joke, my husband came home the other day and said, babe, I want to get an airstream and explore everything with our little family. At first I was like no way, it’s just another one of your crazy plans, but then oddly enough you posted your first airstream post that night and I was like wait a minute maybe this could be fun. My brother in-law has one out in San Diego that he Airbnb’s and funny enough it was an airstream that was in one of Beyonce’s music videos. I think I’m totally convinced on getting one now ๐Ÿ™‚ Beautifully Candid

  23. your dress is BEAUTIFUL!! and this seriously looks like the best time with your fam!!! and haha, love the title!!! i am so there on figuring out baby #3!!! there’s a lot to think about!! congrats to your sissies, though!!! xoxo, brittany | http://www.lifeofcharmings.com

  24. You dress is absolutely gorgeous and so romantic! I love it! Also this looks like such a fun place to stay ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lauren Lindmark | dailydoseofcharm.com

  25. I love how you share so much personal details about your life with your readers! It makes people relate to you in many different aspects of life. Love to read about you and your little family โค๏ธ

  26. I grew up listening to Adventures in Odyssey. It’s a Christian radio series and so so good; entertaining and moral. I would recommend it for your fam!


  27. These photos are so so breathtaking! What a cool experience. As weird as it sounds the less clothes the better is always more comfortable! Also, congrats to your sisters! Such an exciting time ๐Ÿ™‚ Baby #3 will happen at the right time. Wishing you all the best! xx


  28. Aw that is so exciting about your sisters!!! And I’m sure even if you wait a few months to get preggers the three of them will still all be best friends ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to see what exciting stuff you have coming up!
    Courtney || https://courtneylivin.com

  29. Beautiful pictures!! Making me want to rent this airbnb for my hubby and I. That’s so exciting that both of your sisters are pregnant! How fun. I don’t remember you saying you and David were trying but that’s exciting that there will be another Clark baby ๐Ÿ™‚


  30. Wow, this airstream is incredible! I love the glass on the sides.

    Briana | youngsophisticate.com

  31. Even if the cousins are born within the same year or 18 months. They will be close enough to have similar interest and be best friends ๐Ÿ’• You are wonderful parents, can’t wait to see raise another little bear when the time is right!

  32. Hi Amber! Congrats to your sisters, they’ll be the most amazing mums! We are three sisters as well (no kids yet though!) and we have such a great time together!
    We love your pics, such a beautiful and peaceful place! Atticus and Rosie seem to have a great time playing around!
    m., s. & a.

  33. Congratulations to your family, two baby girl cousins the exact same age, how wonderful! I definitely look forward to following your next pregnancy too ๐Ÿ˜‰ when it happens. Absolutely LOVE these photos of you and the kiddos at the airstream. After your last post I definitely checked it out on Airbnb… what an amazing place! Also, you and Rosie could not be cuter in your dresses. Love everything about this entire post!

  34. Loved the first few sentences of this post! Made me laugh ๐Ÿ™‚

    Airstreams look like so much fun. I think if I ever owned a tiny house, this would be the kind I would get. And congratulations to your sisters! That’s going to be so exciting!


  35. Hey Amber!
    I love love love to hear what is going on with getting pregnant and I think, sometimes when you want to get pregnant too hard, it doesn’t work. You need to be more relaxed and feel ready and then it will work ๐Ÿ™‚ I am so so exited about you being pregnant again! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I seems like you really enjoyed your little trip a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ Must be super dreamy and perfect this place and I totally understand you with the “nobody is watching” or caring thing ๐Ÿ˜€

    Love from germany
    Xx Paulie <3


  36. AH NOOOO! I was so excited about the idea of another Baby BB, but still excited about your sisters’ good news! I absolutely adore these photos and how gorgeous is this airbnb?!

    chevrons & รฉclairs – http://bit.ly/2flAmqS

  37. Am I the first to comment?! ๐Ÿ˜˜ Love you girl!!! Both sisters – yay. So happy for them. PS: these pics are so dreamy. Hugs those kiddos for me!