Barefoot Blonde Sydney Australia with kids

We had a really fun time in Australia!! I was really impressed by how kid friendly it was! I thought I would write up some of our favorites as well as the recommendations we got from local readers. Here they are:


  • Northern beaches in Manly: Manly Beach, South Curl Curl Beach (good ocean pools for kids) and Shelly Beach (you can walk along the coast).
  • Bondi Beach: we really enjoyed our time here. there is a little ocean pool for kids to play and swim in off to the side of the beach. Look for the Bondi mural.
  • Other beaches: Bronte, Clovelly, Tamarama are all closeby to each other and all kid friendly. Some have little tidal pools for kids to swim in.
  • South Coast beaches (hour from Sydney- drive along the Sea Cliff Bridge)– Kiama blowhole, Wollongong City Beach, North Wollongong Beach (ideal for families), Coalcliff Beach


  • Restaurants in Manly: Bare Naked Bowls (we loved this place!), Hugos Manly (pizza), Chica Bonita Manly (mexican), & the Bower Restaurant
  • Coogee Pavilion (near Bondi): this place is great for kids. They take your order and then you can go sit near a huge play area for kids and they bring you your food. Definitely recommend.
  • Pancakes on the Rocks. Really fun spot – its open all day and its very kid friendly. I liked the pancakes best plain with just butter and syrup – best pancakes I have ever had! The crazy toppings took away from how good the pancakes were. Take home some of their mixes!
  • Mr. Wong: make a reservation a few weeks before you go, its always full.
  • Criniti’s Italian (in Darling Harbour- breakfast/brunch)
  • Gelato Messina (near Bondi)
  • Rooftop restaurant at The Glenmore Hotel
  • Cafe Sydney
  • Aqua Dining


  • Luna Park (amusement park- great for kids)
  • Taronga Zoo: the zoo was so fun for the kids. They have a little gondola ride to take you across the zoo and I recommend doing that. It was super fun for them to see animals from above!
  • Bondi Icebergs Club: Anyone can go – you just pay a small entrance fee! It was SO fun. The kids loved to swim and watch the waves crash into the pool.
  • Manly Sea Life Sanctuary or Sea Life Sydney Aquarium
  • See a show at the Sydney Opera House! We went to a little children’s play and the kids thought it was really fun.
  • Outdoor Movie!! Depending when you go, you can go see a movie at the Moonlight Cinema. Atticus loved this. We saw Sing! The sun was setting and there were bats flying overhead – really fun night 🙂 bring a blanket if your hotel has one!
  • Scenic Walks – there are quite a few scenic walks in Sydney! Our favorite was the walk from Bondi to Coogee. Its absolutely gorgeous! There are some stairs but otherwise stroller friendly.
  • Pirate Ship – this was my favorite activity! Such a fun way to see the city. We did ours through Sydney Harbour Tall Ships and we did the Twilight Dinner Cruise. You can pay extra to do the mast climb! David did it and thought it was really fun 🙂
  • Chinese Garden of Friendship

Activities without kids (if you have a sitter! most hotels offer babysitting services)

  • Ax Throwing: you can go take an ax throwing class! We went to go do this and got completely lost – lol. So we never ended up getting there but I was excited for it.
  • Sydney Bridge Climb: you can climb across the bridge which I have heard is really fun to do at sunset.
  • Cooking class: lots of fun cooking classes in Sydney! Book in advance because they fill up quickly.


  • Milsons Point
  • Wendy’s Secret Garden (in Lavender Bay)
  • Sydney Tower
  • Take the ferry from the harbor to Manly Beach (great views of the opera house and bridge)
  • Piper’s Lookout or Snapper Point Lookout

Areas to hang out

  • Grounds of Alexandria (gardens, cafes): This place was fun for kids because they have a little petting zoo area that the kids really liked.
  • The Rocks
  • Westfield Bondi Junction (shopping center)
  • Hyde Park

Photos from Australia Travel Guide


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  1. I enjoy your photos a lot! What camera do you usually use? I am looking to invest in a camera myself and I would like something basic that can take good pictures. Your kids are extremely adorable and seem so well behaved. I am jealous of how much you are able to see the world at such a young age. It is imperative to see the world to understand more about other cultures and compare them to our own culture and society. As I travel, I realize how fortunate I am to be live in a country where I have security and freedom.

  2. Hi Amber! I’m heading to Hawaii in June for a graduation trip with my mom and would love love something like this for Hawaii! Always envious of your pictures and travels would love some tips if you have them! Love your blog!

  3. Saving this post for later! I’ve known so many Americans who have upped and moved to Australian because they think it’s so great! Not sure if I could ever do that, but visiting is definitely a must!

    xo, Sofia

  4. Thanks Amber for your lovely post about Australia. We do indeed have beautiful beaches here – and we’re spoilt for choice but just a word of caution to those travelling from overseas, that whilst Australian beaches are gorgeous they can also be dangerous due to rips. A lot of Sydney beaches in particular have rips and they can’t be seen. So please just be super careful, and always, always swim between the flags where the surf lifesavers are watching.

    Also other fun things to do in Sydney –
    – the Botanic Gardens is a great place for the kids – awesome climbing trees.
    – the bird show at Taronga Zoo is a must-see. My family has been several times and love it every time.
    – the Spit to Manly walk is stunning – although best suited for older kids.

  5. This is so great! Have you talked about dealing with JetLag with the kiddos? When we travel, it becomes such a big deal and I dread it. Do you have tips to deal with it? Are your kids just always happy and never cranky even when they don’t get enough sleep?! 😫

  6. Got back from Sydney a week ago! We did a lot of things on this list. Loved the restaurant at Icebergs as well. We went to Mr. Wongs and got a table without a reservation but only bc we showed up at 5pm lol 🙂 Hamilton Island was also a dream! So glad I saw your post about it while we were planning our trip.

  7. Australia is definitely on my bucket list! I loved all your photos from this trip 🙂 Bookmarking this post for when I go!

    Lauren Lindmark

  8. I’m so glad you enjoyed it here in Sydney, I wish you’d done a meetup I know so many of us who would have loved to see you guys! These activities are great, and I’m 15 and still love going to the zoo and Luna Park – it just never gets old! Definitely come again, and do a meetup!
    xxxxxx Isobel

    1. Yes! We loved it there 🙂 And I know it!! 🙁 I wish we could have too! It hard to coordinate but hopefully we will be out again!! xo

  9. I lived in Sydney and actually met my hubby there too! I love that you got to go and experience some of our favorite spots! Our first date was a beach hike and dinner at Darling Harbour. 🙂 The Grounds of Alexandria is one of my favorite places ever! Glad you had fun! <3

    1. Wow really?! I love hearing that! We loved visiting so much! I hope we can make it back 🙂

  10. Thank you so much! Can you do a travel guide for Hawaii? Loving all your road side stops and daily adventures. Wishing you and your family love and happiness. As a teacher I can’t stress enough the importance of travelling the world with your children; so much learning happens and a completely different perspective of the world. You are amazing parents!

    1. I love the idea of a Hawaii guide! Thanks so much for the suggestion 🙂 And aww that is so sweet of you! Thank you! I really appreciate that. xo

  11. Aww! You all look so cute and happy! I’d definitely love to visit Australia one day soon and I am sure I’ll need a travel guide for it, therefore I’m saving this post! 🙂 xo

    Sabina | I’ve Got Sunshine

  12. i just went to australia myself and loved the taronga zoo and aquarium too!! also ate at the revolving sydney tower restaurant and loved it!!

  13. Love the pictures and the recommendations! I haven’t made it to Australia yet but these recommendations are definitely going on my list!


  14. I love Sydney! I went there for music competitions and fell in love! I adored Manly Beach, the seagulls were a bit intense haha but the whole place had such a nice feel to it! I can’t wait to go back and explore more of New South Wales!! Em xx