August Favorites : 4 Hair Products I am Loving

I always love trying out and testing new hair products. So, I wanted to share some I have purchased recently and some products that I am just really loving right now! What products have you been loving? Leave your recommendations in the comments.


Alterna Caviar


I did a sponsored post with them forever ago and before I did that they had sent me their shampoo and conditioner to try out and I fell in love. Since that day I have always kept it stocked in my shower, always! I have also gotten my mom and friends hooked on it
too. I purchase mine from Nordstrom but the shampoo is currently sold out so here it is at Sephora.

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Alterna Caviar


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IGK Beach Club Texture Spray

I got this from Sephora a couple months ago and love it! It gives really good texture without weighing my hair down or making it feel too gritty. I hate gritty texture sprays because I instantly want to wash my hair.

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Unite Detangling Leave In Conditioner

This is another one I have used for quite a while and have loved and repeat purchased! It gets tangles out instantly, smells amazing and makes your hair feel super soft. I also LOVE using it on Rosie’s hair because her hair can turn into the biggest rats nest after a day of swimming – yikes. This works ammmazing for that. It’s at most high end salons here in Arizona, but I just did a search and apparently it’s at Walmart too.

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Amber Fillerup wearing a Hailey Baldwin 90s Hair Accessories inspired hair clip look. Barefoot Blonde / Amber Fillerup

Bringing Back the Barrettes

'90s Hair Accessories

I wanted to share this hair look and the clips I bought! I have always loved the creative hairstyles from the runway and really loved this one as seen on Hailey Baldwin. I tried to find similar clips and have them linked below! I feel like this is such a fun ’90s inspired look and so so easy to do – it is all about the placement of the clips.

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  1. I swear by Monat!! I use the children’s line on my daughter, who has hair that tangles like crazy.

  2. You should try out the L’oreal professional Mythic Oil! Its the one item i always re-buy when i run out- it makes a huge difference in my very straight and fine hair. Just a couple of drops after you are done with shampoo and conditioner- and it makes de-tangling a breeze plus it doesn’t get static at all. The smell is super nice too! i used it on my son’s hair too when he had his hair longer- works wonders. 🙂

  3. Hi Amber – this is completely unrelated to your post, but I really had no idea how to contact you, so please accept my apologies for writing this here!

    My girlfriend has followed you for quite some time and is a huge fan of yours. I’m planning on proposing to her, and would love to make it as memorable as possible for her. I was hoping to get a better sense of what your schedule looks like as far as your meet ups go, as I know she would be thrilled to come meet you (again). I figure it would be extra special for her if I could somehow work in the proposal into one of your public meetups. If this hits your radar and piques your interest at all, I’d love to talk more about it – my email should be attached to the comment.

    Kind regards,